Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: It was supposed to be a simple wedding

Have you seen the Sex and the City movie? If you haven't and you don't want to know anything that happens in it, stop reading. Do you remember how Carrie and Big (dumbest nickname ever, I think)  were originally planning to have a simple wedding at City Hall with only their closest friends in attendance? But then all of a sudden Big opens the paper and their engagement announcement is plastered all over Page Six (I think it's an important page which is why it gets capital letters), they've invited like, 300 people, they're having the wedding at the New York City Library (is that what it's called?), and Carrie is going to wear a huge poofy ball gown made by THE Vivienne Westwood herself. Big is like, " did this happen???" And Carrie is like, "IDK man but Imma put an entire bird on my head now."

I feel like that's what's happening with our wedding. I was truly planning on having a simple wedding. I was going to wear an inexpensive white bridesmaid dress, I was going to do all the flowers myself (baby's breath and pink roses or something), I was going to make our cutting cake myself and let everyone else eat Costco sheet cake, there would be a maximum of 100 people... it was going to be simple and small.

Then I got the ring and the universe was all...

And like tbh I don't even know how it happened. IT JUST DID. I tried to buy an inexpensive white bridesmaid dress but then I went dress shopping and this other dress LITERALLY jumped off the hanger and onto my body and forced me to buy it. And then my dad and I met with a florist who has done the flowers for my parents' church for like, ever, and she showed me dahlias and I didn't know what dahlias looked like but now that I do I'm like... whoa, BEAUTIFUL. And she showed me "stock" which is a really pretty filler flower that now I love more than baby's breath. And like one minute we were talking about corsages for the grandmas and then she was like "Oh and obviously you'll need to have giant pillars and vases up by the gazebo with you two, otherwise it will be way too blah," and I was just like... "Uh huh yes you're so right."

Our honeymoon was going to be pretty simple too, like we were going to spend 7-10 days in one place probably, and just relax, but THEN Keith started googling. And NOW our honeymoon is turning into possibly being a 2 week long romp to like, Greece, Istanbul, Ephesus, and Stockholm, and there might be a hot air balloon ride thrown in there somewhere because WHY NOT?

And let's not even get started on how I really need to lose three fifteen pounds but I've been doing a LOT of stress eating and I can't get enough ice cream or Cheez Its and it's beginning to be a problem.

Also I've been having trouble sleeping because I've been finding one giant wolf spider a night roaming about my home. Yeah you heard me: a WOLF SPIDER. Don't google that. Just DON'T do it. I warned you.

So that's what I have for you today. We're almost at the 3 month mark and I've started to freak out, and I know that because I have pimples on my forehead, and for me forehead pimples = stress pimples.

My questions for YOU are:

What are some good stress relievers?
Have you ever planned something (a wedding or anything else) that ended up being way bigger/more elaborate than you originally intended?
Where can I buy the wine that is calorie free?
Why do I have a receding hair line?
I bet you think that one ^^^ is a joke but it's not.


  1. Hi:) I am a long time reader of your blog but have never commented. So here I am unlurking. I have to say I love your wedding posts. I just got married in March and had a super small, intimate ceremony at the Inn at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. It was perfect. Even with only 6 guests there was a lot of stress. My only advice- do what YOU want. Don't listen to anyone else, if you change your mind it's fine. I had to really stick to my ideas, because everyone was trying to tell me something different to do! Good Luck with your planning:)

  2. Stress relievers? Wine. Or, if you wanted something more constructive, I took a kickboxing class once a week leading up to my wedding. Exercise, AND anger release? YES. Look into the Skinny girl wine :)

  3. I have no clue about stress relievers, because I'm in pretty much the same boat. Although I knew "simple" and "small" were never anything achievable for my wedding, I'm trying to set some sort of limits, but those keep getting diminished by either my parents or my fiance's parents. Why can't a wedding just be simple and easy?! Oh and I've totally been hitting the cheese it box hard lately!!

  4. Wine is a great stress reliever! Or a little more productive...a hike? The scenery just makes me forget all my troubles in the moment. At the end of the day do what you want and everything else really does fall into place!! And you have your whole lives to enjoy each other. The wedding is one day.

  5. One of my biggest stress relievers is blasting Disney music and singing at the top of my lungs. Sadly I have no advice on the wedding stuff, because again sadly I have no boyfriend and no prospects and will probably never even get the chance to plan a wedding. But yeah....Disney music. Do it. It works. You'll feel better. Promise! :)

    Also I love your Wedding Wednesday posts. Your wedding is going to be beautiful no matter what! Oh and one last thing my best friend said when she was planning her wedding she cared about 3 things: the food, the music, and the photography. That was it. And her wedding was a BLAST!! :) Hopefully that helps just a little.

  6. I've definitely had small and simple plans turn into huge ordeals. I'm sure it'll be that way when I get married too.

    But the important thing is to only say yes to the things you actually WANT to say yes to. Don't let people pressure you!

  7. No, no, no... DO not stress. It'll be okay, I promise. I will come over and steal your Cheez Its and put you on a red wine diet because I hear that helps you lose weight.

  8. Walk to Vancouver and come live with me. This will help, I promise.
    A. you'll burn a lot of calories by walking here, therefore you'll lose the 15lbs that you THINK you need to lose.
    B. you'll be with me, and we BOTH know how good I am at making you laugh and destress
    C. because why not

  9. Running is my favourite stress reliever and it comes with the additional benefit of losing weight - It's a win-win! Also, if you find the magical calorie free wine you better share your source!

  10. Unfortunately my favorite stress reliever is wine, which in no way helps in the losing weight department. Apparently.

  11. Stress reliever: wine. But I don't know about that calorie free thing.
    Another stress reliever can be FaceTiming me and Jaxon!!

  12. i wish for you to start making wedding decisions by picking options out of hat.
    like some are legit and some are outrageous. think about how your wedding will turn out then!