Thursday, May 28, 2015

I need answers and I need them NOW

Yesterday Natalie asked a question that got me to thinking about some things. She asked how often you're supposed to clean your toilet. I think this is a great question that doesn't have one right answer. I'm willing to bet NONE OF YOU clean your toilets as often as you probably should. And if you do, well maybe you have too much time on your hands and you should probably start wasting more of your life on Netflix.

Anyway, her question reminded me that I've got a lot of questions that I just don't know the answers to, and since it's your lucky day I'm going to ask my questions and give you all a chance to answer them, because whenever I try to answer them myself I feel like Joey from Friends:

~What am I supposed to do with the toilet brush after I clean the crusty toilet? Like, how do I rinse it off? Do I do it in the sink or in the bathtub? Because that seems disgusting. And do I just put it back in the holder while it's wet? That seems disgusting but like what other choice is there???

~At what age am I supposed to start using fancy face creams? Most things I read online say 25, and I'm past that line and I still wash my face and moisturize with Up & Up products from Target. I just don't want to spend $30 on face cream. I don't really want to spend $30 on anything really, unless it's dinner, and really only if it's dinner, drinks, AND dessert. And what kind of fancy face cream should I use? What about under eye cream? (This is where you offer me your suggestions)

~If you use that Biotin stuff to make your hair and nails grow, what else grows? I'm assuming that when it says it "makes hair grow" it can't only be referring to the hair on your head, right? Like, if I start using that stuff will it make my beard thicker? And my mustache? And what about the four little hairs on my big toes? Will I get SIX little hairs on my big toes??? THE HORROR.

~Where should I keep my toothbrush? I keep reading articles talking about all the nasty particles that get on your toothbrush if you leave it on the sink (FECES! EW!), but if you close it in a drawer or a medicine cabinet then it can get bacteria on it that way, too. Storing it in a little container seems worse and like it will get covered in mildew. What is the cleanest way to store a toothbrush??

~How does the iCloud work? I honestly have no idea but I'm pretty sure I have two iCloud accounts and no idea how to access them. 

~What's the best way to freeze meat? I'm mostly asking about chicken boobs and ground beef. If I find a good deal on meat, I want to buy it, but I don't necessarily want to eat it right away. One time I loosely wrapped a hunk of meat in some aluminum foil but that sucker got horrible freezer burn. The same thing happened when I put it in a Ziplock bag. WHAT DO I DO?

~How much damage am I really doing do my hair by trimming it myself? More damage than I'd be doing by letting the split ends hang out and get comfy? Because I trimmed it last night and I don't feel like apologizing for it.
~What's the difference between a vase and a vahz? Also how do you spell vahz? Do you just say "vahz" when you want to be pretentious? Are you only allowed to say "vahz" when you're drinking tea while having your pinkie up in the air?
Also, all these questions make me feel like Joey. ALL OF THEM.


  1. I'm 29 and just started fancy face cream last year ... but my definition of fancy can still be found at Target. I love the Garnier Fructose miracle sleeping cream anti age anti fatigue. Love. Under eye cream, I'm trying the Garnier version of that currently but I'm not sure if i'm sold on it yet. I have the WORST black circles under my eyes - all the time. It's genetics, cursed. Sleepy (hungover) or not, they are always there. I haven't found a great eye cream. Still on the far as freezing meat, use BRAND NAME FREEZER BAGS. I'm so not a brand name girl, but this is one instance, IT MATTERS (also, matters? brand name trash bags). Like, ziplock freezer bags. and only put like 2-3 chicken breasts in one bag. For some reason this helps!?

  2. (1) I started using face creams last year. I'm 28 now and I use Sephora Instant Moisturizer at night ($22 and lasts a long time) and recently added OleHenriksen Truth Serum under my makeup/moisturizer during the day ($48 and lasts like 6-9 months). I don't use anything specifically for under eyes.

    (2) I have an electronic toothbrush that has a little plastic cap/hood so I figure that is good enough.

    (3) Freezing Meat (specifically chicken breast) - I put it in a layer of saran wrap, then foil, then in a gallon size Ziploc (name brand!) freezer bag. I usually pack about a pound together and have never had a problem with freezer burn. Do eat them within 6 months, though, as they aren't supposed to be frozen longer than that.

  3. You win blog of the day for multiple FRIENDS references/pics.

  4. Oh and I clean my toilet brush in the clean toilet bowl water.

  5. I use Steripods for my toothbrush and love them. I have been using them for about 2 years now. You have to switch them out but it's so worth it

  6. Yeah sometimes I ask really insightful questions that inspire other people.

    I don't brush my teeth so I can't help you there. The cloud? What? No. Also my mind is truly blown when I meet someone my age (or younger...WHAT) who uses department store counter face stuff. Like what the actual.

  7. I have been using this Neutrogena moisturizer for daytime. Its not too oily. I have oily/acne prone skin.

    I use a basic Olay under eye cream. I have dry under eyes so this has helped a lot with my makeup not getting flaky around my eyes as the day wears on.

  8. I use the Sephora Instant moisturizer that someone else mentioned during the day and I actually use coconut oil at night. Granted, it makes my face look really greasy, but who cares I'm just going to bed. Plus, the entire container was like $6 and I've been using it for almost a year and I still have a shit ton left. I do have to find a good eye cream, though. I have big puffy undereyes, no matter what. I did try an origin cream, but it was like $30 and I hate spending that much money on something SO TINY, but again ... that did last a long time.

  9. Oh my gosh. I really thought I would answer some of these but the more I thought about it, the more I became perplexed myself! Going back and reading all the comments now so I can hopefully answer these questions for myself, haha! Love this post!!!

  10. I’ll tell you what I told Natalie: I only clean my toilets when there are guests coming over. And, uh, yeah, I guess I just put the brush right back into the holder while it’s still wet? It sure as hell isn’t getting washed out in the sink where I wash my hands and occasionally (fine, frequently) shave my legs. I really feel like this is the kind of thing that should be disposable. Can we get on that, please, science? Oh, and go to the dollar store and get knockoff face cream for cheaper. I put it down my neck and chest, too.

  11. I'm gonna go buy a new toothbrush now. Thanks for that...hahaha

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