Monday, March 16, 2015


*Insert obligatory "I hate Mondays" sentence here*

I used to really like Mondays and Wednesdays because I didn't have to go to work until noon, but on Friday my schedule got changed and now I have to be at work at 9 Monday through Thursdays so my partying Sunday and Tuesday night are over. But on the plus side I get every Friday off so I can't complain. And also at my last job I had to be at work at 7am five days a week so compared to that I really have nothing to complain about. Also at that job I could drink wine at 10am and nobody cared. But anyway.

If you don't mind I'm just going to catch you all up on my life lately because I know everybody is probably like, "That Juliette hasn't posted in a week or so and I feel so left out on her life so I'd really appreciate some pictures and bullet points of how she's been doing." Well you're lucky I'm a mind reader because pictures and bullet points are what I'm bringing to the table today you're welcome.

- I can now officially take shots of brandy without throwing up. Keith decided to buy some fancy flavored brandy and then he was like, "Let's do a shot for fun!" and I was like, "How bad can it be?" And you guys brandy is disgusting. Like, it tastes and smells like rubbing alcohol (not that I've ever tasted rubbing alcohol I mean, what kind of person do you think I am?) and I wouldn't mind never taking a shot of brandy ever again. But like an hour after we did the first shot I was like, "Let's do another!" so I guess I'm hardcore.

- For a while I was doing like, REALLY well at eating healthy, but lately that has gone out the window. Like, two weeks ago I went to Target on an empty stomach and I bought so much food and I'm not going to tell you how much of it I ate but you should know that none of this food is in the cupboard or the fridge anymore. I'm seriously considering doing some kind of week long challenge of only eating "clean" and documenting the results. Because it would be nice to wear my pants without having to have them unbuttoned all day.

- No job has ever stressed me out as much as the job I have now. Not even the job where I had to walk a $3.6 million dollar check a few blocks down to the bank and make sure I didn't drop it or lose it. And not even the job I had where I had to pour beer out of a tap but I'd never done that before so I was just giving people glasses of beer foam and then all judged me.

- One of my friends came down to stay with me for the weekend and I realized that I'm a horrible hostess. I provided her with a lovely assortment of chips, cereal, soda, wine, and chocolate and we watched Survivor for most of the weekend and I mean, I loved it but I know not everybody enjoys that level of sloth and gluttony so, sorry Jennie.

- I painted my nails and I'm proud of the result. You guys, did you know you can do french tips with just using the nail polish, remover, and Q-tips? Maybe one day I'll make Keith take pictures of the process and I'll teach you all how to do this. Maybe. I don't want to make you an empty promise.

- Does anybody know of ways to make a lot of money really fast? And please don't suggest the lottery or selling my organs on the black market because I've looked into those and they don't seem promising.

- That's all. What have you been up to? How do you convince yourself to stop eating junk food and try to be a little healthier? Is there any kind of alcohol more disgusting than brandy?


  1. Get a FitBit or Jawbone 24! I swear it helps you be a little more active which helps with weight loss. It yells at me when I don't make my goal during the day. It's fun. (lol)


  2. I just decided it was getting way to close to summer an I needed to make a change!

  3. I remember you demolishing that box of taquitos in one sitting - and I don't judge you at all for it.

  4. Ok, the thought of brandy shots has me gagging. You are so very hardcore.
    And I would very much appreciate that nail tutorial please and thank you!

  5. If you figure out how to make money fast, please blog about it. I've got some big bills to pay.

  6. BRANDY SHOTS? Girl, please. And yes, please blog about those gorgeous French tips!!

  7. I agree with the FitBit comment - having one has made me SO much more active!

    One of my March Goals was to find a way to make an extra $300/month (haven't figured out how yet...) - I wish money would fall from the sky :(

    AND 3.6 MILLION?! I would have had sooo much anxiety having that thing in my hands!

  8. Ummmm so let’s talk about how I read this yesterday, wrote a comment in my Word doc (so people wouldn’t walk past my cube and see me commenting on blogs at work), and then FORGOT TO POST IT. I’m so smart sometimes. Anyway, here’s what I SHOULD have said yesterday.

    How do your nails look so perfect?! Please come make mine look like that. Also idk about brandy but kudos to you for doing it. I’m more of a whiskey girl, but…wait. Are they the same? No I’m thinking of bourbon. Maybe? I don’t know anymore, I need a cocktail.

  9. Having Fridays off is THE BEST. You get to feel like your weekend is ALMOST as long as your work week!!! :)

  10. I have never tried brandy and I really do not think I want to, it sounds awful. That is awesome that you have Fridays off though! I have been eating way too much junk food lately and I need to hop on the healthy train again with summer coming up before I know it.

  11. Basically we are the same person; except I have an 8-5 job and I don't do shot of Brandy. But yeah.

  12. Those DIY nails look amazing! I have tried the tape method, but it didn't work out for me too well. What a bummer! P.S. if I go to the grocery store without eating, it's bad news on our pantry - I buy the most unhealthy things ever!

  13. I have a truly awful brandy story that I won't gross you out with (Just know that it involves me, one of my best friends, her cousin, his brand new car, and our senior year of high school. Oh, and morning.). That grocery list of yours looks amazing! It's just not fair that we want to eat more when we're severely stressed out! Jennie probably enjoyed relaxing as much as you, so no worries.

  14. I really cannot judge you for your food choices because looking at that picture I want all of it. Right now. And your weekend with your friend sounds amazing so don't judge yourself. As far as the brandy, you are hard-core and disgusting but I still love you

  15. PS I feel we need to vent to each other because I too have never had a more stressful job. Something about the nonprofit world goodness gracious