Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Somebody is getting married

Part of me feels a little bad for bragging about what an awesome weekend I had at Lisa's bachelorette party and bridal shower, but the other part needs you to know that there are places where you can drink wine and look at white tigers and restaurants where you can get free champagne. There was glitter and pink everywhere and everything was planned perfectly and I just can't even tell you how much fun it was.

Did you know there's this place in Southern California called Rancho Las Lomas, and it's a winery and a zoo????? We got to sip wine while we took pictures with an emu and looked at antisocial alpacas and saw a tired white Bengal tiger and there were zebras and macaws and holy beautiful it was amazing.

The bride is one of my closest friends, Lisa. We met in college when she sold me Mary Kay products and was the least annoying Mary Kay salesperson EVER and she convinced me to buy the scent "Bella" which I've since run out of (I think this was like 6 years ago) and that reminds me, I need more.

After Lisa sold me the Mary Kay, we became roommates and she got me a job at a bridal salon where we got to sell and model the wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Don't believe me? Here's proof. Headless MANnequins were totes mah jam. (MANnequins... GEDDIT???)

When we weren't busy at the bridal boutique ((I'm pretty into alliteration these days) we were busy binge-watching Bridalplasty, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, that Kendra Wilkinson show, and episode after episode of Say Yes to the Dress. We also drank massive amounts of champagne and sometimes our friend Skyler and I slipped some Captain Morgan into her drink to see if she could tell the difference.

She could. She always could. Sorry for that.

We used to eat copius amounts of macaroni and cheese, McDonald's breakfast sandwiches, and popcorn shrimp, and she got me out of my jeans and t-shirt rut and took me shopping at the Irvine Spectruma nd forced me to buy things that weren't plain black t-shirts and Lisa, for that I'll be forever grateful (even though lately all I wear is men's long sleeved shapeless shirts from Target).

We lived together in an apartment in Brea and we have so many wonderful memories from those two years and I can't tell you how genuinely happy I am for her that she's found the love of her live and will be married in ONE MONTH!

You can always tell when two people are really, truly, deeply in love and totally meant for each other, and even though I've only met Matt once I know the two of them fit that description. It's beautiful, inspiring, and so very exciting to be a part of!

SO. The weekend was all about celebrating Lisa and love. And we did.

If you knew Lisa you'd know that she could have pulled off that sparkled engagement ring bow veil headband on any random day of the week, not just at her bachelorette party.
After the wine and fancy animals, we headed to Newport Beach to get fancy and go to Red O for dinner. The maid of honor, Carizza, said, "I need everybody downstairs in twenty minutes, okay?" And we pulled it off pretty well if I do say so myself. (Oh and we all took like 45 minutes not 20 minutes because duh. It was totally worth it.)

Did you know that I'm a good 6 inches taller than Lisa? No? Here's proof.

Lisa and I have a friend who we found out works at Red O, and he happened to be working on Saturday night. We found him, said hello and hugged and gave air cheek kisses, and then were surprised when a waiter came to our table saying he had given us each a glass of free champagne! (Best part was that hardly anybody drank their champagne and guess who loves champagne? ME! I DO! I drank almost all of it.)

They also gave Lisa a celebratory churro, which was just what she wanted. Seriously, when the waiter came bringing her a surprise dessert she whispered, "I hope it's a churro!" Dreams do come true.

Then we headed back to the hotel for the lingerie shower and Lisa looked incredibly appropriate and gorgeous in her bride shirt and I looked totally creepy and awkward in my wine shirt. I'll probably frame this picture.

Is there anything better than sitting in a chair surrounded by bags of Victoria's Secret merchandise? Probably not, but I don't know firsthand so we'll have to let Lisa answer that question for us one day.

After lots of bachelorette party talk most people went to bed at a reasonable hour because they're working professionals who have a reason to get up before noon every day and I was like LET'S KEEP THE PARTY GOING so I took a bottle of champagne out to the hallway and sat down quietly to whisper to Keith on the phone.

And then these loud people came running down the hallway at 1 in the morning and I politely asked them to please be quiet because people were sleeping and they were like "WE DON'T HAVE TO BE QUIET YOU B-WORD YOU'RE NOT EVEN SLEEPING YOU'RE JUST TALKING ON THE PHONE HAHAHAHA WHAT A HALLWAY SITTING LOSER" and I was like, "Well that was uncalled for."

Then I was watching The Walking Dead using my earbuds and cuddling a bottle of delicious champagne and a security guard came up to me and I whispered, "I'm so glad you're here, there are some loud people around here!" and he was like, "Uh, you can't drink champagne out in the hallway" and I was like, "Oooooh this is a very fancy hotel" a la Annie Walker and I said "Ok I'll leave" and one of the loud girls poked her head out of her room and yelled, "WE AREN'T EVEN BEING LOUD WE WERE JUST COMING HOME AND YOU'RE SO RUDE" and I offered her the rest of my champagne but she declined it so she obviously had head problems.

THEN on Sunday morning we went to Lisa's hair trial, and can I just say that Lisa is going to have FABULOUS wedding hair in one month.

THEN there was the bridal shower and it was so pretty! I think my favorite part was probably the dessert table, and if I were a photographer I would have taken pictures of all the desserts but since I'm not all you get is this picture of a s'mores cupcake with a GLITTER marshmallow that Cortney took for me because she's WAY artsier and fancier than I am.

Then we all took a picture together and I would like you to notice two things:

1) Cortney's hair. Corney is wearing the pink dress. LOOK AT HER BRAID.

2) I am a giant.

WOW I think we've made it to the end!

TL;DR Lisa is fancy and I had a great weekend full of glitter and champagne and I used to take pictures with headless grooms and Lisa is getting married in a month and I CANNOT WAIT.


  1. This looks like it was SUCH a fun time! And omg I want that cupcake.

  2. You are very tall, but I do know that when I get married, I'm gonna invite you to my bachelorette party so that when I don't wanna go to bed yet, you will sit with me in the hallway and drink champagne

  3. you're hott and you need to give me your shoes.

    share the cupcakes.

    "ohhhh this is a VERRRY fancy hotel!"

  4. How fun! Looks like you guys had a blast :D I wish I knew how to make cupcakes like that...

  5. zoo and winery?! amazing. i also feel like you handled the hallway-champagne-incident incredibly well because i think i might chucked the bottle in the general direction of the rude, crazy girl.

  6. Stop being so pretty.
    Also... A ZOO AND A WINERY IN ONE? It's like my dreams just came true.
    And I totally agree with Allie... you're coming to my bachelorette so you'll sit out in the hallway and drink champs with my all night.

  7. That cupcake looks amazing! What a fun weekend. :)

  8. I’M SORRY BUT I CAN’T HEAR ANYTHING YOU’RE SAYING OVER ALL THE PRETTY. Stop it, you’re making the rest of us look bad (don’t stop). For real though, you need to wear red lipstick more. And by more I mean always, because it looks amazing on you. Oh and I want to move into the place where you drink wine and play with animals. How much do you think rent is there?

  9. That looks like a pretty epic time. I give her lots of cred scheduling her bridal shower after her bachelorette party.....I soooo would not be making it there in one piece. Ummmm I want that braid hair tutorial!!!

  10. I love the zoo and wine and I'm jealous I didn't have a bachelorette party like that!!!!!!!! I'm sad there are no pictures of tigers in this post. They're my fav.
    And I need that cupcake...STAT!

  11. Why are you so pretty?! I also got excited thinking you got engaged for a hot minute.
    Beardy Heart Beauty

  12. That looks like so much fun! I haven't heard of Red O, but now I totally want to go there and get a churro.

  13. What a fun girls weekend!!! Love your Sip shirt!

  14. Seriously, this Natasha chick has all the cool stories and answers so my comment is going to seem stupid BUT,

    1. BRIDALPLASTY. That show needs to come back STAT.

    2. That bow-ring headband makes me want to get married all over. To Jason again (because I took a really cute picture of him yesterday so I'm really happy with my mate-picking skills).

    3. TELL ME ALL THE RED LIPSTICK SECRETS. Because all I see in the wine-shirt picture is YOUR AMAZING RED LIPS that ARE NOT all smeared on your face.

    And well, that's all because I need to call Natasha's spell caster now.

  15. That braid is AMAZING. I think there needs to be a photo of it closer up! :D

  16. You look the cutest and gurrl you're really tall!!!

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