Monday, December 29, 2014

Being my own Zoltar: a 2015 prediction linkup

I'd like to take a moment to thank Amber, my co-host and internet friend and future IN REAL LIFE friend, for coming up with this link-up idea because without this prompt I would not have a cohesive post. Actually let's be real: I probably wouldn't have blogged today at all.
If you haven't heard, Amber and I are hosting "2015: A Fortunate Linkup" today and we and all of you are predicting what's going to happen in 2015. You can predict what's going to happen, what's definitely not going to happen, what you wish would happen but you realistically know won't actually happen... it's up to you!
Let's get down to business (to defeat the Hunsssssss.....)
By the end of 2015...

- Keith and I will have gotten engaged and married (he said this one doesn't count because it's so obvious but he's not the one with a blog so I'm still putting it on here because it's a thing that is happening in 2015)
- I'll be involved in church again
- I will have gotten a passport
- ... and used it to go to Seattle and Vancouver
- ... and on that trip I will have finally met Brittany and Faith
- another niece or nephew will at least be on his or her way (I hope my siblings don't read this)
- my grandma will have passed away (she'll be 99 in 15 days)
- hike Potato Chip Rock with Amber (we live an hour and a half away from each other, it's ridiculous that we haven't gotten together yet)
- I will actually know what I'm doing in my job and I won't have nightmares about getting fired anymore

- Krista and I will be good friends and I will have joined her bowling league. It's kind of insane we haven't hung out yet considering we live FIVE MINUTES from each other
- I will have won NaNoWriMo again
- I will have worked on editing one of my finished novels
- after I actually go beyond the 50,000 minimum and write endings
- I'll lose the last 20ish pounds
- I'll stop being such a bad texter and actually keep up with friends back home more than once a month
- Lisa, Matt, Keith, and I will have finally gone on a double date
- I'll get my own pet (I'm aiming for a dog, cat, or hedgehog)
 And now a short list of things that I'm almost certain will not happen in 2015:

- I will not eat sushi
- Baby Kate will not stop being adorable
- I will not move away from the mountain
- I will not dye my hair blonde again
- This giant stuffed bear from Costco will probably not have stopped being an alcoholic
To me it looks like this bear imbibed a little too much on Christmas.
A Costco employee said I should have put a bottle of vodka next to him
and I really wish I had.
Next time.

That's all for now (unless I update this list throughout the day which is entirely likely). Go ahead, predict your year and link up with us!


  1. GET A PIG. My mom has a pig and he's adorable. Which really, is all that matters.

    ALSO POTATO CHIP. Eat them while we hike and after we hike and ALL THE CHIPS.

    Also, why do I sort of want that bear to be mine?

  2. You know you don't need a passport to go to Seattle, right? Just checking.

    I WANT A HEDGEHOG. Justin won't let me have cute things and it's stupid.

    If you come to Vancouver and you get married in 2015, that means I GET TO SEE YOU TWO TIMES NEXT YEAR AND THAT MAKES MY HEART SO HAPPY.

    I'm intrigued by this potato chip rock thing.

  3. It's cool that coming to Colorado is on your list of things.. oh wait.

  4. You forgot the part about where you come to Texas to visit Lindsay and I. It's fine we forgive you. HONEYMOON HERE WITH US AND YOU CAN GO TO SIX FLAGS AND MY HOUSE IT WILL BE PERFECT.

  5. We absolutely will meet and be bowling besties, duh and I can't wait!!! PS I may have to jump in on your Canada trip, because I heart it there!

  6. Engaged AND married in 2015?! That makes me anxious because I wanted lots of time to plan and research and work out deals haha. But that's also a SUPER exciting prediction!!!!

  7. A HEDGEHOG. If you get one, you would need to post at least once picture a day and I would be obsessed from afar.

  8. MARRIED?!? I can't wait to see the married Juliette!! This is the best thing from this prediction post!!

  9. I have a hedgehog. I highly recommend them as pets. But. They are not cuddly.

  10. Yay NaNoWriMo!!!!!!! And I know in 2015 writing is definitely top priority for me! I want to get this novel finished and revised this year. And I want to get a passport too. I keep meaning to but I just never have and that's silly. How am I supposed to randomly run off to Europe someday if I don't have one?

  11. I am so glad you and Amber hosted this--these posts have been SO fun to read. I DO love me a good resolution post, it's so fun to see what people want to accomplish. But these, these are even better. YES TO THE ENGAGEMENT AND MARRIAGE! AH! And win #NaNoWriMo, girl. I'm joining in in 2015 too! Cheers to 2015!

  12. WHO doesn't like sushi?! Preposterous!

  13. I am hoping to do quite a bit of wedding planning in 2015! How excited about the engagement :D Yay!


    oh snap.