Monday, November 24, 2014

My GPS is out to get me and my first snow

The past five days have not been the best.

On Thursday, I decided I needed to go to Target because I needed some necessities, so I googled the closest Target and saw that I could get there in about 30-40ish minutes, which isn't bad considering that about half that time is me driving like, 25mph down the winding mountain road. I plugged the address into the GPS on my iPhone and headed off, listening to 1989 (but skipping "Welcome to New York") for about the 187th time. I had been driving for about an hour and had already passed a Target on the side of the road and when my phone told me I had reached my destination and it was a small dead end road, I realized something had gone wrong.

The GPS on my iPhone had changed "1234 Sterling AVENUE" to just "Sterling ROAD." And I had driven literally twice as far as I needed to, and every time I tried to put "1234 Sterling AVENUE" into my GPS it kept changing it to "Sterling ROAD" and I still have no idea why.

I turned around to go back to the Target I had seen on my way to the wrong location, and eventually figured out that the Target I originally wanted to go to was less than 2 miles off of the freeway at the bottom of the mountain. I didn't even care that it was an old Target that didn't have the plastic carts or the grocery store section, because it was Target and they had the makeup that I needed and I also bought a box of Cheez-Its and ate half of it on my way back up the mountain and then I had ninja mimosas and it wasn't the end of the world.

THEN on Friday evening I was supposed to something up here in the mountains for a potential job, so I stupidly plugged the address into my phone again and headed off, eating more Cheez-Its on the way. Guess what happened?


My phone again changed the address, and took me to a general area that was in no way specific to where I needed to be, and it was dark, and my eyesight is poor in general but in the dark it's like a billion times worse, so I was driving around trying to find a spot to park to reprogram my GPS. When I finally found a spot, I looked at my phone and I didn't have reception, so the GPS wouldn't load. So I tried to drive around to find a place with better reception but then somehow I ended up on the highway that leads down the mountain and since I couldn't see very well I couldn't tell where the spaces to turn around were until I was past them, and then there was a barrier in the middle of the road so I had to drive halfway down the mountain before I could turn around.

So then I sat on the side of the highway, sobbing my eyes out into my nearly empty box of Cheez-Its and feeling my mascara drip down my face and not being dramatic at all. By the time I made it back up the mountain it was past 6 o'clock (the event had started at 5:30) and I still didn't know where I needed to go so I just went to Keith's house and he was really supportive of how lost I got and I mean, how could he not be when this is what the roads up here look like:

(I crossed out the name of the lake and a road because some of you might be stalkers, I don't know.)

Then on Saturday I headed to my house (aka Keith's parents' house) for a while, and when I pulled into the driveway there was water everywhere, and it hadn't rained since Thursday night. I immediately freaked out and assumed that the pipes had frozen (even though I had turned the water off and the heater on) and their house had flooded. I freaked out and ran up to the deck and almost cried tears of joys when I saw that their house had actuallly not flooded, but there was snow on the deck. SNOW. THERE, WAS. SNOW. IT WAS MY FIRST SNOW. YAY!



THEN yesterday we drove down the mountain so Keith could go to the fashion district in LA with a friend to get a tux for a wedding he's in in December. I opted to hang out in Panera Bread and work on my NaNo book, and I'm glad I did because the fashion district doesn't appeal to me. Well, we stopped at McDonald's on the way there because I wanted a hash brown and he wanted parfaits, and while we were in the drive thru I was like, "What's that squealing? AH! IT SOUNDS AWFUL!"

Any guesses what it was?

I'll just tell you. It was my brakes. Every time I touch my brakes they squeal and screech and just sound like they're in pain. Keith told me not to worry, that brakes are designed to make noise when they need to be changed and they probably weren't going to go out that day and they weren't grinding so it was fine, but all I was seeing were dollar signs because car stuff is so expensive, you guys. AND I'm supposed to drive home tomorrow for Thanksgiving and well, that just doesn't seem smart to do when my brakes are going out.

So we went our separate ways and after like five hours we got back in the same car and started going back up the mountain and Keith told me that he replaced the brake pads on his truck and he could probably replace them on my car too and it was like angels were singing.

And then they sang louder when we got home because he looked it up and was like, "Oh yeah, I can totally replace those." And I'm not going to tell you for sure but I may have cried from joy when he told me that because like I said, car stuff is so expensive, you guys.

So that's my story of how I did not have a great past five days (except for the snow).

Thanks for letting me rant.

Now look at a picture of Clementine sleeping.


  1. OK. But how am I supposed to stalk you if you DON'T GIVE ME THE STREET NAMES?

    But in real life, my heart breaks for you. I get lost all the time. The other day I got lost going from my apartment to the highway, less than a mile away. Like, really. It happened.

  2. I always skip Welcome to New York too! I have totally had the GPS f-ups too (on my old iPhone) and it took me into an authorized personnel only facility in Seattle while I was trying to find IKEA.

  3. I'm anti-Taylor right now, but why do you skip that one song?

    And are you using Apple Maps? Don't use Apple Maps.

  4. I love the snowball! It's pretty adorable.. And I wish I had a dollar for every time my iPhone got my lost.. I'd be a rich woman.

  5. I hate it when that happens! And I'm with you on not seeing well in the dark, I always joke around about my "night blindness," but really I'm only half joking. haha So happy you'll be saving money replacing those brakes, especially with the holidays coming up! Cheers!

  6. The whole getting lost story just still really makes me sad for you, a lot. I’m so sorry. But I’m with Natalie, how are we supposed to creepily appear at your doorstep uninvited if you won’t give us a complete map screenshot of your surroundings?

    I can’t decide which I like more, the snow or sleeping Clementine.

  7. I'm sorry you got lost and never made it to the event. It's a good thing Keith knows how to change breaks. Clementine is adorable.

  8. I hate being lost, it's scary. Always skip Welcome to New York, that is not my jam at all.

  9. Welcome to New York skipping twins! Does anyone even listen to that song? And that's so frustrating! Those roads are absolutely insane looking. At least you got snow!

  10. I'm jealous of your snow. The end.

    Oh wait, not the end. Since you're going home for Thanksgiving, can we expect to see an Instagram flooded with pictures of Baby kate? Because I would totally appreciate that.

  11. This is all very interesting except that you weren't on gchat like at all ever and I miss you. The end. Also, I'm glad you didn't die when you got lost or when your brakes were squealing,

  12. The other day I plugged a location into my GPS and it started taking me down this old abandoned road and then it legit told me to "get out and walk to my destination." Needless to say, I no longer trust the handy GPS.
    But I am very jealous of your snow!!

  13. It's my first time visiting. I'm here because someone nominated you as a semi-finalist in my annual blog awards and I had to come check out your blog. I'm so glad I did because you are awesome!

  14. Oh my gosh! I swear Iphone GPS gets me lost on purpose ! IT always does that to me!

    xo Showered With Design

  15. I would forever be lost on those roads. Forever.

  16. I hate cars simply because nothing is ever an inexpensive fix! I grew up with a Dad who could fix almost anything, on cars, in the house, electronics, etc. I married Nick and he hadn't ever done any of it so I was like, "welp, there goes living with a Mr. Fix-It". Little did I know that even though he hasn't fixed anything, he somehow knows how. I guess it's that mechanical engineering degree. And he can build things! Need shelving? Done! Need to replace the starter in your car that requires removing half the engine to get to it? He can do it! Thank goodness. Now, can he replace the passenger side mirror that got taken off on the highway this morning??? (He doesn't know about that yet lol)

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