Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How To: Make Oven S'mores

This picture works for this post because it involves marshmallows and an oven. Plus my hair looks really good.

Did you guys know I went camping over the weekend? Probably not because I've like, hardly talked about it or Instagrammed it. Really, it all started when I posted the ingredients for my gourmet camping s'mores on Instagram. Thanks to this post on Buzzfeed, I had like a bajillion ingredients I wanted to bring to make fancy s'mores in Yosemite. Thanks to my checking account kindly reminding me to calm the eff down, I ended up with the ingredients you see right here in front of your face.

Once I posted that picture, people kept saying that they really wanted to go camping/build a campfire and make s'mores. And I kept telling people YOU DO NOT NEED AN ACTUAL FIRE TO MAKE S'MORES IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME. I'm sorry Juliette, excuse me? You'd make s'mores without an open flame? What's wrong with you? That's basically an insult to smoky melty marshmallows.


I was going to actually make oven s'mores last night and take pictures like a good blogger, but did you know the grocery store doesn't sell ingredients for just one single s'more? And I couldn't be bothered to actually buy an entire box of graham crackers and an entire bag of mallows and an entire chocolate bar because if there's one thing I lack, it's self control. And you'd better believe that I would have eaten probably like 8 s'mores, and then after I ran out of chocolate I would have just eaten graham crackers and mallows and then my pants wouldn't have fit this morning and I would have had to come to work in sweats and my boss would have fired me and then I'd have to get a job at Rite Aid with the creepy cashier who always tells me how he likes to take bubble baths in the evenings while listening to Justin Bieber CDs.


So, if you're craving s'mores but you don't have a gas stove or a fire pit in your backyard or the desire to put a lot of effort into your s'mores, then this brilliant oven s'mores plan is for you. YAY!

What you need:

-S'mores ingredients. I thought that was obvious. But you could make it interesting and swap out the chocolate for cookies and cream chocolate or Reese's or something if you're feeling adventurous.

-An oven with a working "broil" option.

What you do:

-Set your oven to broil. BROIL. 

-Put some tin foil on a baking pan. It does not matter what kind of pan. It actually doesn't even need to be a pan. You could use a cookie sheet if you want to. You actually probably don't even need the pan and you could just use tin foil, but I haven't done that so I can't speak from experience.

-Put some marshmallows on the tin foil. I don't care how many you do, it's up to you and how much happiness you feel like putting inside your stomach.

-The oven doesn't take very long to heat up when you set it to broil, so it should be ready by now. Put your lumps of gooey happiness in the oven and keep an eye or two on it.

-If memory serves me correctly (which it might not), you only need to leave the marshmallows in the oven for like 15-20 seconds. I think. Basically just keep your eyes on the oven and when the tops of your marshmallows start turning a beautiful golden brown it's time to take your marshmallows out of the oven.

-Create your s'mores.

My absolute favorite part of oven s'mores is that there are no dishes to wash! Because you used the tin foil, all you have to do is ball it up and throw it away and wait for your pan to cool (if you used one) and then put that back where it came from. AND THAT'S IT. Doesn't this sound WAY easier than setting up a campfire and using old wire hangers to roast your marshmallows? Don't get me wrong, roasting marshmallows is WAY more fun than broiling them in the oven, but for those nights when you just want seven one little s'more, it's perfect.

Just don't make them every night. That takes away the magic.

Also, for your information, the general consensus during camping was that the cookies and cream s'mores were way better than the Reese's s'mores. So now you have to make them yourself and tell me which one you like better. AAAAAAAAND GO.

 This is quite possibly the least appetizing picture of a s'more I've ever seen. I think the burnt marshmallow really helps with the aesthetics or something.


  1. I think I'll have smores for lunch. Thank you.

  2. HOLY CRAP. Is it sad that I'm considering going to the grocery store right now strictly for s'mores ingredients? I can't resist.

    1. I was just thinking the same thing! I'm dying to try one with a Reese's cup.

  3. Uh I think I need to do this TONIGHT. Ok it might be this weekend by the time I get around to it but really, why have I never thought of this! I didn't have a single s'more this summer and it is so depressing. Thank goodness you shared this idea!

  4. You are currently my favourite person in the whole entire world. (I didn't spell that wrong; I'm Canadian.)

    S'mores are a totally acceptable thing to eat for dinner, right?

  5. Sounds yummy.....I think that the hubs will be super excited when he gets home to see these....also one more reason I don't have to go outside to camp! LOL

  6. I have some left over candy corn from last year... Thanks to your beautiful brain now I can add them to s'mores instead of just eating old candy corn by itself.


  8. I haven't tried cookies n cream smores. I don't know if I can believe that they would be better than Reece's. Must do a taste test.

  9. Holy hot dog I need this in my mouth hole (#twss). I want to try the cookies & cream version first but like you said I'm afraid I'll eat 8 and then my pants won't fit.

  10. Totally trying this!! #yummy

    xo, Taylor

  11. I actually like burnt marshmallows. Weird I know. I love making s'mores at home.

  12. Burnt marshmallows are my favorite. When faced with an open flame, I usually wait until they're on fire before adding the other "ingredients." Definitely going to try this out!

  13. I've always microwaved my s'mores. Is that going to give me cancer?

  14. This, 3 days after I quit processed sugar :( *tears*

  15. My mom did this for me once, except I think she used the microwave. And I was really excited because s'mores are SOOOOO good. Well she made mine first and I bite into one and it definitely has an odd taste, but I had never had s'mores not made over a fire before, so I figured that was the issue. Plus I didn't wanna be all "I know you took the time to make these for me but they have a slightly odd taste so I'm gonna complain". Well my mom then eats hers and she said they taste weird. Come to find out, the graham crackers were from 2012. TWO FREAKING YEARS AGO. Now, can you make me some s'mores that aren't old please?

  16. Ohhhhh that is a great great great idea! I will definitely have to try it!

  17. Girl, I'm dying right now. I JUST WANT CHOCOLATE!!!

  18. Nick has a night flight meaning I'm alone and my dinner shall be s'mores!!!!!!