Friday, September 5, 2014

A Happy Camper

Let me go ahead and be upfront about this post: It's a bunch of pictures from my Labor Day weekend in Yosemite and you are under no obligation to look at them. I'm mostly just posting these for myself because I don't think it's enough to have them only saved on my phone, in dropbox, in my e-mail, on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Keith's computer. Obviously they need to be recorded on the blog as well. Just so you know, there are well over 100 photos from this trip and I'm ONLY posting 22, so like, you're welcome.
I'll try not to bore you with too many details (we all know that's a lie, it's not a secret that I like to ramble) and just let the pictures speak for themselves. Keith and I met at his parents' house in The Valley on Thursday night and drove up to Yosemite on Friday morning. He decided we were going to leave at 7am, which meant that even though I didn't have to work I still had to get up when it was still dark outside and I was really happy about it.

We ran a bunch of errands in Fresno and he bought me a bagel and also one of those cool tin camping mug cup things from REI so then I was ... wait for it ... A HAPPY CAMPER HAHAHAHAAHA.

The drive to Yosemite is really curvy but I succeeded in not getting carsick and not taking pictures. There's a REALLY LONG tunnel that you HAVE to hold your breath through, and I was doing awesome and held my breath for a minute and eighteen seconds but literally 10 feet from the end of the tunnel traffic was backed up and we had to stop and I had to let my breath out and it was stupid and a letdown but THEN we emerged from the tunnel of despair and got to see this INCREDIBLE VIEW. I think El Capitan is on the left and if you look REALLY CLOSELY you can see Half Dome in the back. Don't worry, you'll see more of Half Dome later because we're only like 3 picture into this post.
Our campsite was as close as you could possibly get to the dumpsters and the bathrooms, which I thought would be a huge pain in the butt because hello, NOISE, but it actually turned out to be really nice to be so close to everything. I was a little nervous about setting up the tent because in the movies it always looks really difficult but um you guys, it's really not. I'm totally a natural at it. I mean hello, look how comfortable I look standing in nature with a sledgehammer resting daintily on my shoulder.
Two of Keith's college friends joined us for the weekend but they weren't coming until Friday night so Keith and I decided to do a hike during the afternoon. It really wasn't so much of a "hike" as it was a "walk around Yosemite Valley" and if you need photographic evidence of how much I enjoyed it, well, here you go:
Really though, I loved it. It's hard not to be happy when you're in such an amazing place.

Because California is in a severe drought, the water levels were all REALLY low. But since I've never been to Yosemite before I didn't have anything to compare it to and I thought it was still beautiful. The water was so beautiful that I had to go off the trail and touch it. And Keith was a great boyfriend and took a picture of me that he says looks like I'm "taking a dump." Romantic.

We walked for what felt like forever, and I was a little cranky toward the end. This was due to the fact that I hadn't eaten since my 10am bagel and we had already finished the water that tasted like plastic because the bottles had been in Keith's truck for probably like two years. I believe Keith's words about me were something like, "I feel like this is what it would be like to have a four year old with me right now." Whatever. I was fine once we had dinner and I got to drink some non-plastic water.

Keith's friends got there around 1030, which was after "quiet hours" had begun, but they still had to set up their tent and everything. We were ridiculously loud and people kept shushing us and I felt a little bad but what are you gonna do?

Saturday was our big hiking day. We hiked to Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls. Since I've been hiking kind of a lot lately I felt really prepared for this hike and it was nice to not feel like I was going to die every five minutes. Plus we had a lot of non-plastic tasting water and that was really helpful.

I thought this next picture was on the bridge by Vernal Falls but now that I'm looking at it again I'm not too sure. I don't care though. I love this picture.

Keith likes to do dangerous stupid adventurous things like climb over railings and onto rocks where the chances of him falling and dying are pretty good, so when we saw this sign the only reasonable course of action was for him to climb over the railing and display his stupidity adventurous nature.

This is Vernal Falls. Apparently the waterfall is usually like 10 times wider. 

When we [finally] got to the top of Nevada Falls I decided that I wanted to be adventurous so I climbed out onto this rock that looks really dangerous and I told Keith, "I want to take a really cool picture." And when I did this pose he just started laughing at me because I looked really awkward and not the least bit cool. But I didn't fall to my death, so I win.
The next three pictures are the view from the top of Nevada Falls.
On the way down we figured it was probably a good idea to get at least one photo of our whole group.
We were all exhausted when we got back. The hike was around 7 miles I think, and most of it was really steep. I absolutely could have fallen asleep on the ground right when we got back, but instead we decided to throw a football (GUESS WHAT, I CAN THROW A FOOTBALL WITH A BEAUTIFUL SPIRAL) and drink hard ciders (me) and beer (everyone else). For dinner we grilled bratwursts and burgers and do you know what you should bring when you're going to be grilling? Grilling utensils. Like tongs, or something. All we had was plastic silverware so the guys were trying to flip burgers with plastic forks and the forks melted and they burned the hair off their knuckles but the burgers still turned out okay.
AND THEN S'MORES. The general consensus was that the cookies and cream s'mores were better than the Reese's. Keith even tried a s'more with cookies and cream chocolate and a Reese's inside, but he said the plain cookies and cream was better. Say cookies and cream one more time.
On Sunday we had to be gone by noon, so we packed up, said goodbye, and Keith drove me up to Glacier Point, where you can basically look out over all of Yosemite Valley. That's Half Dome RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE.

If you want to know a secret it's that a small part of me was expecting Keith to propose even though I knew that wouldn't be happening, but when you're in such a grand and majestic place you start to have unrealistic expectations. It was fine though. Don't tell him I sort of thought that was happening. That would be embarrassing.

When we got back to his parents' house we watched football and had dinner, and on Monday we watched more football and played cards and ate Mexican food and watched home movies from when Keith was in elementary school and those movies were the best thing EVER EVER EVER.

And that's all. If you actually made it to the end of this post, I appreciate you. And if you've never been to Yosemite you seriously need to go. RIGHT NOW.


  1. Great photos! It looks like such a fun trip!

  2. I did get to the end of the post because the pictures are soooo beautiful. And that's all I will see of Yosemite is pictures because I hate hiking and am shocked that you enjoy it. And that you are wearing shorts because holy heck my thighs would get some serious burn from rubbing. Maybe you have a thigh gap though. And if so, then shit on you.

    Ok. I've rambled enough.

  3. These pictures make me happy. I really want to go there, and I want to hike with you - except that hiking seems like a lot of exercise and work and I just don't know how I feel about that.

    Your morning face is so sexy it hurts.

  4. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS but now I seriously want to go back to Yosemite. Except I'm not awesome enough to camp there... you know, bears and gross bathrooms and all. I'm a wuss.

  5. CRACK.....I mean COOKIES AND CREAM. These pictures are seriously beautiful. I'm with Faith ^ -- I vote we all meet there and go hiking to beautiful places together and then we can drink wine and eat delicious food. Also, I think you should always pose daintily with a sledgehammer.

  6. Wow, those pictures are simply breathtaking and you're freakin' hilarious.

  7. Of note:

    - I'm just infinitely jealous that you live in a place that has "a valley"
    - I still haven't made indoors s'mores and it's a real problem.
    - TBF they really shouldn't take us pretty places if they don't want us to expect pretty things. Just sayin' Last year Taylor and I went to Colorado and I'd never even thought about the idea of him proposing and then EVERYONE IN THE WORLD was all like OMG do you think he'll propose?! And I was like WELL I DO NOW. #problems

  8. Loved this post. The pictures are great and I love your humor!
    I've always wanted to go to Yosemite. My husband and I met at a Boy Scout Camp and yet haven't been really camping together - ever! I think I need to show him these and insist.

  9. I want to go!!!! Those pictures are amazing. And I have to admit, I'm a little hesitant to try the cookies and cream s'mores and Reese's s'mores. Mainly because I'm one of those "don't ruin a good thing' and 'don't mess with a classic' kind of a girl. But I love chocolate...and peanut butter...and anything sweet so I know I'll give in to these varieties.

  10. Awesome pics! Def want to go to Yosemite but I have to be honest, hiking just ain't my thang. Even though I hiked the inca trail (26 miles) -- i think it scarred me!!

  11. You totally make me want to go back to Yosemite and go camping!!! That sounds like so much fun!!! Can I come next time? Camping blate!

  12. Holy frigin gorgeous. I am dying to go hike a mountain.

  13. Love the pictures...and the story behind them. My husband wants to go to Yosemite...we live in South Carolina, so once our kids get a little older, we can get that adventure under our belts...thanks for sharing!

  14. Love this post, your pictures are gorgeous!! Looks, like so much fun. I have always, always, always wanted to go Yosemite…maybe someday. And as women, it's ok to have unrealistic expectations…but it would be nice if our boyfriends would actually follow through with these unrealistic expectations…they just don't get it sometimes:)

    xo, Taylor

  15. Awesome pictures. I made it to the end of the post. It looks like it was absolutely gorgeous and a lot of fun.

  16. OK, you're ALMOST making me open to camping. Almost.

  17. Gorgeous!! I wish JB liked to go camping and hiking but alas I've only gotten him to go with me a few times. But that's what friends are for right! Glad you had a good time and didn't fall into any ravines or meet death by bears....

  18. Gorgeous pictures!! How was the whole sleeping-in-a-tent experience?

  19. I had the same thought about proposals while I camping over labor day weekend. I didn't get engaged. HIS LOSS. But I'm really jealous of your trip because I was in North Carolina and it wasn't even close to being that pretty. My loss.

    except you guys standing on those rock croppings gave me horrible anxiety.