Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stuff my boyfriend says

During the Dodgers/Cubs game when it started POURING in the 9th inning. In LA. In August.
Keith: Wow, this is probably how you feel all the time because you sweat so much, huh?

During a really bad rainstorm that knocked the cable out, causing Keith to have to go up on the roof and check the satellite.
Juliette: Before you go tell me you love me just in case you fall and die.
Keith (holding my face but looking down at his dog): I love you, Clementine.

At the end of the baseball game we went to:
Juliette: Oh my gosh I am SO THIRSTY. I want water. No, Cactus Cooler. No wait, a Sprite. No, a Snapple.
Keith: How are you so thirsty? Oh wait, it's probably because you sweat so much and it dehydrates you.
Keith: Hey I brought some of my work computations home so you can see what I do. Don't worry, there's also a picture you can look at so you can sort of understand something.

When we stopped in Pasadena around 11pm so I could quench my thirst.
Juliette: Don't worry, I have a nail file in my pocket in case anything goes wrong.
Keith: You sound like Sheldon Cooper, afraid of big bad downtown Pasadena.

Most of the time:
Keith: Geez, you shed more than both of my dogs. COMBINED.

Keith: I read an article that makes me want to visit Iran. Would you hate me going there?
Juliette: What do you think?
Keith: You think it would be great and you support me completely?
Juliette: Wrong, try again.
Keith: You aren't thrilled but you can only shake your head and look at me with that look that says I'm impossible but you find it endearing?

Keith: I wore my seatbelt a little bit today. You are welcome.


  1. LOL you guys are so fun! I love the silly things we talk about with our significant others.. :)

  2. I love Keith so much right now. Especially after all those sweating jokes and his Big Bang reference. I officially approve of this relationship (you’re welcome).

  3. This was too funny! I bet you two are just plain hilarious when you're together!

  4. You two are a perfect match because you are both funny

  5. Hahaha yes! More of these posts please.

  6. Haha, this is great!!! Oh boys and the things that come out of their mouths!

  7. BBT reference = perfect. But homeboy needs to where his seatbelt a lot bit!

  8. So funny- I'm betting there are very few dull moments with you two :)

  9. Hahaha, so great! Guys really do say the funniest stuff! Do you not get mad at him bringing up that you are sweaty or is that sarcasm? Because I get really sweaty and I would be mad if my BF made fun of me for it!

  10. I love these type of posts. Because they really do say the most ridiculous things. I get the shedding one frequently, but more so he wishes I was bald. Which isn't funny to me because there WAS a time I was bald....jerk.
    There used to be a link up "Sh*t Men Say" and I'm sad it's gone because I could contribute quite often.

  11. hahhhaha I love this! My boyfriend says incredible things too. Like once when we were talking about the gym, he told me i could "tone up a bit." Ummm excuse me?!

  12. I WAS WAITING FOR THIS. The first comment about you sweating was pretty cool but when he went for round two, I lost it. Snaps for Keith (second time today I gave snaps to someone, don't judge me. I'm not sure why)

  13. My supervisor looked over at me and asked me what happened since I started laughing so hard! Thanks for sharing this!

  14. and this just goes to show you that you guys are forever perfect together. I actually LOLed.

  15. Oh man, Keith sounds so much like my other half. I swear he's not trying to be funny and sometimes I don't think he realises he's being an arse hat... but its still funny.
    I dish it right back though!

  16. i was unaware of your intense sweating until this post.
    so thank you to both of you for making me aware.