Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lists are easy. What/When?

I wasn't sure about what to post today, but then Allie borrowed this idea from Kalyn and I figured they probably wouldn't mind if I joined in on the fun too. Right? Sweet. Cool. Thanks.

What/when was the last...

...recipe I made? Grandma's seven minute icing. I'm making it again on Saturday and have to try and control my taste testing because this stuff is pure refined sugar and corn syrup, two of the best and worst things ever.

...good decision I made? Probably to not run after my hike yesterday. Lately I've been really enjoying lightly jogging (slow like a sloth, fo' real) after I hike, but yesterday I could tell my body was begging me to just calm down and eat dinner instead of doing anymore physical activity. place I went? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I guess to a Dodgers game? I don't know. I don't go very many cool places. Although I did go to Target last night and that was pretty cool. I watched? Parks and Recreation, on the recommendation of Lindsay and Lauren, who know their TV and definitely steered me in the right direction with this show.

...awesome thing that happened? Why are these questions so hard? Cool places, awesome things, and I'm having trouble thinking of answers... I guess maybe I need to go on more adventures and have a more blog-worthy life. Oh, ok I was going through my closet trying to see what clothes fit me and what clothes I need to get rid of, and I couldn't find a dress I bought a few years ago, so I looked for it at my parents house. The first awesome thing that happened was that I found it, and the second awesome thing was that IT FIT. I was legitimately worried. Sorry about the quality of the picture. This was from 2011 when camera phones were way more remedial than they are now.

...thing I bought for myself? Food. Lean Cuisines at Target last night. After I finished eating mine, I licked the container clean. Don't even act like you never lick your dishes. Liar.

...good photo of me? Definitely this one of me and my niece.

...bad decision I made? Eating four pieces of bread and like 17 pounds of tri tip on Sunday. I'm STILL working that meal off.

...time I was really excited? Probably on Sunday, to eat that cake. Oh and I should say I'm excited now to see Keith on Friday but like, that's still two whole days away and being all excited is just going to make the time go by SO SLOWLY. So, cake it is.

...time I had a free weekend? This past weekend. Mostly. Except for Sunday. I don't work weekends but between family commitments and weekends with Keith (hashtag long distance is inconvenient and I hate it) my weekends where I'm totally free aren't all that common.

Okay the end goodbye.


  1. I started watching Parks and Rec and then SQUIRREL or something because I got distracted and stopped for some undisclosed/unknown and obviously really stupid reason. But I want to be in your cool people club so I'll be starting back up now.

  2. You need to stop talking about that cake because I just want to eat all the cake there is when you do! haha :)

  3. 1. Target is without a doubt the coolest place ever
    2. Glad to know someone else licks the frozen TV dinners clean too. hashtag guilty

  4. OMG... cakkkkkkkkkke, I need some cake in my life... crap I want to eat ALL the cake now. Your niece is absolutely adorable!!!! That dress is uber cute too! ♥

  5. That dress is almost as cute as your little niece...ALMOST ;)

  6. It's always awesome finding old clothes, thinking they won't fit, and then being super happy when they do! That picture of you and your niece is adorable. I have a picture like that too... except it's with my two dogs. Because I take selfies with my dogs way.too.much.

  7. That dress is super cute and now I want cake also.

  8. Bread is my downfall. Carbs in general actually. Spaghetti for supper? Sure! But better make sure I have a whole loaf of bread to go with it. I just don't do so well with the "working it off" part. hahaha

    I'm always looking for new shows to start watching. I'll have to look into Parks & Recreation. I've heard good things but never actually started watching!

  9. …I’ll help you taste test the icing… That sounded way more sexual than I meant it. Also that dress is super cute and your waist is about half a centimeter wide.

  10. Eating bread is never a bad decision. I like bread.

  11. Tell me how awful life is when going to Target sounds like a damn vacation... that's where I'm at today. #beingunemployedandhavingzeromoneysuckssofreakingbadandijustwannashop (you're welcome for that one)

  12. do you watch the mindy project? will you watch the mindy project?
    please. bye.

  13. (be ready for lots of emails from me because I'm just now catching up on blog reading)

    Um, so I think you're mistaken on what a cool place is. It's certainly not the Dodgers. GO CARDS!!! ;)
    Also, funny story about them, my roommate in college studied aboard in Mexico for a summer and just loves all things Mexican and Spanish. Upon her return, we were sitting on the couch, watching television when a commercial came on for the upcoming baseball game. "Tune in tonight as the Cardinals take the LA Dodgers" but the LA Dodgers logo was huge and the only thing on the screen. She obviously spent too much time in Mexico because she then responded "la Dodgers? Who are the la Dodgers?"'s in Los Angeles, not "la" as in the Spanish version of "the" I always refer to them as the "la Dodgers"