Tuesday, August 12, 2014

10 Dorm Room Essentials

**This is a sponsored post by Kleenex and Wal Mart, but all opinions are my own**

Even though I haven't been in college in four years (HOW HAS IT BEEN SO LONG) and I moved into my first dorm room EIGHT years ago, I remember the stress of wondering what on earth I should bring with me. This was before the days of Pinterest, so I couldn't just search "dorm room essentials" and have beautiful stock images with detailed lists readily available for my needs. If I had, I'm sure Kleenex Expression Oval Tissue Chevron Designs would have been on the list. I'm so bummed these didn't come out until after my college days were over! Here's what I thought a dorm room should look like back in 2006:

Neon colors were my jam. I also had a shag bedspread -- shag on one side and satiny on the other. Super classy, right? By my junior year I had moved away from the neon and into the "PUT EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE" phase of my life. Photos covered the walls and clutter covered the floor. I didn't have all the things I needed because THERE WERE NO GOOD LISTS.

Do you know somebody who will be starting college soon? What about somebody already in college? Are you in college? Let me help you learn from my mistakes and give you a list of your 10 dorm room essentials, all of which you can find at your local Wal Mart Supercenter!

1) A mini fridge. Your college probably has rules on the dimensions for your fridge, but trust me: get a fridge. You'll want to keep your water and fruit cold, and you won't want to have to use the fridge in the common area that everybody else uses. Not only is it probably not clean, but people will probably eat your stuff no matter how much you label it.

2) Snacks. You will get hungry, and you will not want to venture out of your room for snacks. I'd recommend some fruit to try and stay healthy, but you're in college and can afford some cheat snacks and I always loved having goldfish crackers stashed under my bed. Actually I loved knowing that my roommate kept goldfish crackers stashed under her bed and I would eat hers.

3) Kleenex Expression Oval Tissue Chevron Design. These tissues would have matched my dorm PERFECTLY. The bright colors, innovative container design, and chevron are so much fun and they would have looked great next to all the other brightly colored items I had going on! Plus, you just want to have Kleenex in your dorm. Germs get spread fast, and the more Kleenex you have, the better your nose will feel when you inevitable get a cold and have to be wiping your face 50 million times a day.m Check out your local Wal Mart tissue section or back-to-school section to find your favorite color!

4) Earplugs. These were a life saver for me. Dorm rooms are loud, and earplugs kept out the noise so I could fall asleep at night or nap during the day.

5) Shower shoes. Get yourself some cheap flip flops to use exclusively in the shower. The shower floor is a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and general grossness, and if you have your designated shower shoes you can avoid all the gross stuff. DO NOT TAKE A SHOWER WITHOUT YOUR SHOWER SHOES. Check out Wal Mart for some great deals on shower shoes.

6) Makeup removing wipes. Sometimes you don't want to walk down the hallway to the shared bathroom just to wash your face. Give yourself a swipe with some makeup removing wipes and you're set for a night of restful sleep.

7) Bedside lamp. You will have a roommate, and your roommate will have a different bedtime than you do. If your roommate goes to sleep before you, it's polite to turn off the overhead light and use your bedside lamp so she can get as much sleep as she needs. Plus, when you're ready to fall asleep you don't have to get out of your cozy bed to turn the light off. Another bonus is that your Kleenex Oval Tissue Chevron Design will probably look great next to your lamp! Your local Wal Mart Superstore has a great selection from which to choose the perfect lamp for you! 

8) Shower caddy. You can get an actual shower caddy from your local Walmart Superstore, or you can get another bucket with holes in it from the same Wal Mart, and all your shower supplies will be kept together, so when you're walking to the bathroom in your shower shoes you don't have to fumble with all your different lotions and potions.

9) Decor. You'll want to make the room feel like your own. Buy some frames from Wal Mart and bring along some framed pictures of your friends and family, get posters of your favorite movies/celebrities, hang your favorite sayings on the wall.

10) Laundry hamper. Because who wants to be that person carrying a load of loose clothing to the laundry room? You need to keep everything together so you're not trailing socks and UNMENTIONABLES behind you.

You can find all of these items (AND MORE!) at your local Wal Mart Superstore. Click here to find the Wal Mart nearest you! And I'm serious about the Kleenex Expression Oval Tissue Chevron Design. They're affordable and decorative and you won't regret purchasing them!


  1. These are cute. I would have wanted these in my dorm as well!

  2. HAHA I love that you had pictures EVERYWHERE too. Towards the end of the year when the tape was much less sticky, I would always wake up with pictures on my face.

  3. I love when people make sponsored posts something that I can actually read :) I only had to share my bathroom with one person, thank goodness no shower shoes were needed! Gross!

  4. What excellent ideas. And now a days there is so many different yet cute things you can add to rooms.

  5. Still can't believe we went to the same college! Which dorm were you in? There are so many things I wish I knew before I started college!

  6. Something I would always recommend is a basic first aid kit as well as bottles of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and some Dayquil/Nyquil. Getting sick and having to haul yourself to whatever store is available to get something for a sickness is never the most pleasant experience.

  7. Oh yes, people who showered without shower shoes were gross!! I always hoped they got a really nasty foot fungus.