Sunday, July 20, 2014

Would You Rather (sorry for the disgusting GIF on question 6)

1. Would you rather be blind or deaf?
Definitely deaf. If you're blind you can't do anything by yourself and you can't drive... but if you're deaf you can still SEE things and be independent. Plus I took ASL for three years in college.

2. Would you rather be taller than you are or shorter than you are?
Shorter. I'm 5' 9" and I've always wanted to be 5' 7" because right now, regular pants are just a LITTLE too short and "long" pants are way too long. Plus everybody is always asking me to get things off of high shelves for them and I'm lazy and don't want to.

3. Would you rather be a teenager or a senior citizen for the rest of your life?
Senior citizen. I mean, at lots of places you're a senior citizen if you're over 55, and that really isn't THAT old. My dad is 68 and last weekend he ran a 10K and a 5K in the SAME day and won his age group in both races. Plus if you're a teenager nobody takes you seriously and you can't buy alcohol, and I'm actually excited to be a senior citizen so I can yell at kids to "GET OFF MY LAWN."

4. Would you rather have no hands or have no legs?
THIS IS HARD I DON'T WANT TO PICK. Probably no legs. I mean, sure I wouldn't be able to walk, but I could get an electric wheelchair. And if I had no hands I couldn't really text or blog or put on makeup or make myself a ninja mimosa soooooo yeah... no legs.

5. Would you rather lose your front teeth or both of your eyebrows?
Both of my eyebrows because I could just draw them on.

6. Would you rather eat a work or a cockroach?
WHAT SICK FREAKS CAME UP WITH THESE QUESTIONS. (Cough cough it was Allie.) A worm because I wouldn't have to hear it crunch. And cockroaches are just nasty. Also I read a story online about a guy who died during a cockroach eating contest. Well, although I wouldn't want to eat the worm that Bear Grylls ate. This is gross.

7. Would you rather spend a day in the Sahara or in the North Pole?
Easy: North Pole. I HATE the heat.

8. Would you rather have a personal chef or a personal driver?
A CHEF. I like to drive and I hate to cook, and if I had a chef he could make me healthy food and I wouldn't just eat popsicles and bacon for dinner.

9. Would you rather always have to whisper or always have to shout?
Whisper. I'm not a fan of shouting and at some point you'd lose your voice and you wouldn't be able to talk at all. And I know you're probably reading this like, "But Juliette, you're always typing in caps so you're sitting on a throne of lies!" But you guys, I only like online shouting. I need to preserve my vocal cords (chords?) duh.

10. Would you rather not be able to taste or not be able to smell?
Did you guys know these two are linked? Like, if you couldn't smell you wouldn't be able to taste, either? So I'd rather lose my sense of taste, because then I could still smell flowers and candles and chocolates and farts. Just kidding about the farts.

11. Would you rather wipe with sandpaper or with saran wrap?
GROSS. WHO CAME UP WITH THIS?? Actually this was my submission. And I pick saran wrap (I feel like that's supposed to be capitalized? Whatever. I don't want sandpaper anywhere near down there.
12. Would you rather have Twitter shut down for a day or have your blog disappear for a day?
Uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh I DON'T KNOW I DON'T KNOW. I guess Twitter? Because I mostly use it for complaining and I'd just text people and complain instead of tweeting my complaints.

13. Would you rather have the text of your blog screwed up or have all of your pictures be blurry?
Hmm. This is a hard one... they would both really really suck. Probably the pictures? I guess? Because I think if I clicked on a blog and there were blurry pictures I would still read the text, but if the text was screwed up I'd just say "oh forget this" and click the fun red X and nope out of there.

14. Would you rather never be able to post a GIF or never be able to receive comments on your posts?
If you've read any of my posts ever you know how much I love GIFs... I mean there are two in this post alone... you guys would just tweet and text me to tell me how much you loved my post, right? Right. Cool thanks.

15. Would you rather have a permanent wedgie or have the tag on your shirt constantly scratch your neck?
You're a sick freak. (This was my submission.) An itchy tag. Wedgies are the devil.


  1. Bahaha! Some of our answers are very similar. And Bear Grylls is insane but he's also the man! He's fixin to have a show where he takes celebrities with him on his little escapades. Zac Efron is gonna be one it. I'm all over that! :) Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Haha. We had very similar answers! Can we go be the frozen sisters now?

  3. I'm totally with you on the being deaf over being blind, but blindness doesn't necessarily equal a loss of independence. I work with a guy who is blind and you would seriously never know until he told you. He has SO many coping mechanisms and tools to help him navigate the world!

  4. That eyebrowing-shaving gif makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I physically pushed myself away from my screen seeing that. Gah.

  5. The GIFS on this post though....haha. I am a tall girl too and also I agree about the personal chef.

  6. I'm 5'9" too! But in my house, that means I'm the shortest and have to ask other people for help when they put something somewhere crazy, like above the kitchen cabinets!

  7. Finally! Someone who mentioned the smell and taste correlation! So many people picked to keep taste but not smell and I was like NOOOO, if you can't smell you can't taste! So it's a double whammy. :D

  8. that GIF .... vom. makes me rethink my eat a worm answer if that is a worm I might have to eat

  9. I had to scroll past that gif real fast..I was eating and EW I'm done LOL

  10. I really enjoy when you talk to yourself in a blog post. I picture you actually arguing with yourself and it makes me laugh.

  11. While I did enjoy following your sheenanigans, I believe you might of went too far on the "would you rather". People don't choose to be deaf or blind, no hands or no legs. It happens whether by accident or by birth. My grandson was born 4 months ago without hands. Contemplate that one for a little bit......

  12. I never would have known that you were 5'9 - that fact literally just threw me for a loop! I guess its hard to tell height in pictures? Now I'm questioning whether other bloggers are super tall too and I just don't know it (my brain thinks weird thoughts on Mondays...)

  13. Ummm ... I'm pretty sure the GIF on #5 creeps me out even more than the one of #6. Just saying!