Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What I like about me

I spent a good two hours deciding if I wanted to do this announcement at the beginning or the end of today's post. Just kidding, I spent a good two hours playing tetris and watching The Mindy Project, not making that decision. I don't need that long to make a decision. Unless I'm trying to decide whether to watch When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail. Anyway, I'm going to make the announcement at the beginning of today's post. you know we've been doing this linkup all July, and it ends on Thursday. We felt like Friday may have felt left out and that made us sad, so we're hosting a link-up on Friday also.


The exciting part is that Lindsay is joining us and hosting this link-up also! We're doing a vlog link-up, and we have Kay to thank. It's an accent link-up so we can find out the weird ways words are said in different part of the world and stuff. So here's the button and a list of the stuff you have to record yourself saying. If you want to enjoy a Ninja Mimosa while you're doing this, feel free. I'd actually really enjoy that.

(Also, you guys should know that as of today I have no way of posting a vlog so there's a small chance I won't be able to make it to the party.)
The Other Juliette
1. Your Name
2. Where you're from.
3. Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminum, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope
4. What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
5. What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?
6. What do you call gym shoes?
7. What do you call your grandparents?
8. What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
9. What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
10. What is the bug that when you touch it, it rolls into a ball? How about the one that lights up at night?
11. What do you say to address a group of people?
12. Do you speak any other languages? If so, say something in that language(s).
13. Do you think you have an accent?
14. End by saying any 3 words you want.

Now, let's get down to business. I'm supposed to write five things I love about myself, and I'm really bad at these kinds of posts but I'm going to give it my best shot.

1. I'm a good listener. I like to think this is because in college I majored in Communications, and I had entire classes devoted to the art of listening. It's not as easy as it sounds. But really, if you have a problem and you need a listening ear, I can be that.

2. I can be funny. Ok, funny slash sarcastic. I'm really sarcastic. So sarcastic, that at this one job I had a co-worker said, "If I didn't know you were being sarcastic I'd think you were the biggest bitch I'd ever met." Aww, thanks Jillian, you were a peach.

3. I'm good at memorizing. I've always had a pretty good memory that unfortunately I think has started to fade as I am struggling to remember if I turned off my flat iron this morning.

4. I can go a long time without washing my hair, which saves water, which is good because California is in a drought. A couple of weeks I think I had day 6 hair and YOU COULDN'T EVEN TELL.

5. I'm good at finding GIFs. I pride myself in this.


  1. Yeah, that llama GIF is good. I dig it.
    Also, I need your hair. I have to wash mine every day and it's a real inconvenience.

  2. You really are the best at GIFs. Also I am pumped for this new link up!

  3. Oh. You will participate. We will make it work.


  4. You are the GIF master!!
    6 day hair - now that I am super jealous of!

  5. seriously I love this!! since moving to WV everyone says I talk funny. I don't think i do but oh well.

  6. Oh, you can be funny?

    I have to be really careful with how sarcastic I am. Sometimes people just think I'm being mean. Whoops.

  7. That llama gif was the perfect ending to this post.

  8. I admit I will go the longest time possible without washing my hair.. but it doesnt get greasy or oily. Zero cares.

  9. I'm super jealous that I can't go more than a day without having to wash my hair :(

  10. Yay for this post and yay for the link up! I want to participate! Can't wait!

  11. California is not in a drought. UCLA has just taken all the water.

  12. I wish I could go 6 days without washing my hair. I hate washing my hair

  13. great ones! i have sarcastic humor,too :)

    love your blog!

    the mind project is HILARIOUS,it is one of my favorites!

  14. You forgot your supreme ninja mimosa-making talent. It’s impressive. It should be on the list.