Sunday, July 13, 2014

One thing I can't live without

Today's prompt is "one thing you can't live without." I have no idea how to answer this question.

Should I go obvious, and list my cell phone?
Should I be serious, and say water or sleep?
Should I be a lush, and say mimosas?
Should I be romantic, and say Keith?


So let me just go with something simple: Mr. Quackers.

Dear Mr. Quackers,
     You have slept with your tail beneath my belly for 11 years, and I have loved every sleeping moment. You have snuggled with me and endured my morning breath, you have traveled with me, and you have been thrown off the bed when it's been too hot to cuddle. Your paws are ripped and your fur is dingy, but I love you and I can't live slash sleep without you. Who(m?)ever I marry had better get used to you because I'm never telling you goodbye.




  1. Love Mr. Quackers!! I have a "ducky" that went everywhere with me (even though he really was a platypus).

  2. Love it!!! Until I met my hubs I slept with a stuffed animal my whole life!!! The only reason I got rid of it---hubby is a snuggler :)

  3. I can't live without my pillow pet, Garry. Or brunch... Its a tough choice

  4. Awww, Mr. Quackers! I'm a sucker for stuffed animals. Currently on my bed is Mr. Wiggly :P
    Though, whenever I have my SO sleeping over, he isn't too fond of "sharing the bed" or me hugging the stuff animals.

  5. i have a blankie that i have slept with since i was a baby and i sleep with it every single night and i my husband hates it because the blankie is so old and gross now. but its my blankie! and i'm not ashamed! i even took it on our honeymoon!

  6. Ha- I love this
    I have a stuffed dog (which is oversized) named Barkful. He sleeps with my Hubby and I every night and has for the last 15 years :)

  7. Mr. Quackers is so cute! :)

  8. I have a tiger I sleep with every night! But Nick can't judge me because he, too, has a tiger he sleeps with ;) Not from our childhoods, but from each other. After 5 years of long distance, it became habit to sleep holding them so instead of breaking the habit, we still sleep with them. Plus, they're better to cuddle than each other because the tigers don't radiate heat lol

  9. He is adorable! I had a bear (named Teddy) that my grandfather gave me. I slept with him every night, and when I went on vacations (when I was a child), I would create him a shoebox house so he could sleep comfortably during the car rides. He doesn't sleep in my bed anymore, but he's on my nightstand :)

  10. I feel your pain, I literally cannot live/sleep without Howard. My Teddy Bear of 24 years. I have slept with him since the day after I was born and the poor thing looks rough, but I love him nonetheless and will have (sleep with) him forever (no shame!)

  11. I feel like Quackers looks pretty good for being 11 years old. Just saying.

  12. ^^ you should really contact tony harton. obviously. ^^

    also mr. quackers seems like a true gentleman.