Friday, July 25, 2014


*This post is sponsored by Cottonelle but, as always, all opinions are my own*

Have I mentioned lately that it's been really humid where I live? I'm just kidding, I know I have. Today I'm going to get a little TMI with you and talk about something that we don't usually talk about openly: what goes on behind the bathroom door. #LetsTalkBums

Most of my friends and family know that I appreciate good, quality toilet paper. I don't want to do my business and then feel like I'm using sandpaper to clean up! I also hate it when toilet paper doesn't hold up, and when it's hot and humid I like to feel fresh and clean all over my body if you catch my drift. Well, Cottonelle offers a solution to any and all problems I may have had with that! First, their toilet paper holds up under pressure and is soft and gentle. But Cottonelle also has a new product that I think I'm obsessed with: Cottonelle Fresh Care flushable cleansing cloths. Seriously, these things are amazing.

At times when I'm feeling like I need a refresher but I don't want to take a shower, I just whip out one of these great cleansing cloths that come in this convenient upright container, give myself a swipe, and I feel great! Trust me, you want to try this product. And today is your lucky day, because Cottonelle is offering YOU a coupon which you can find here. Do it. 

I love the flushable cleansing cloths so much that I took a selfie with them. I love that they're flushable because I have horrible aim and I know if I were to toss them in the trash, I'd miss pretty often. (I told you there would be TMI in this post!) So it's great that I can just flush them away and not have to look at them again. At first I was skeptical of flushing the wipes, because I've always heard that it's really bad to flush anything other than toilet paper. But Cottonelle uses safe-flush technology, which I didn't even know was a thing, but it makes me feel a lot better knowing I'm not going to clog up the sewer for my entire neighborhood!

Don't forget, Cottonelle is offering you a coupon if you want to try these out for yourself. Just click here. Or here. Or here.


  1. i feel like i can share this with you because you're you.
    but the amount of times shitler shits in a day is obnoxious and we go through toilet paper like whoa.
    as a result i sometimes buy the worst feeling toilet paper as a punishment for shitler and his shitting.