Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Currently I'm looking at llama GIFs

Today's prompt is, "Currently." I really wanted to find a GIF of somebody yelling, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" but I'm like, extra lazy today and didn't feel like searching too hard so when this GIF of Michael Scott popped up I was like, that works for me and my low low standards. Also, a bonus goat GIF.

Here is a list of the prompts for the remainder of July. I do need to tell you though that I probably won't be participating in tomorrow's "Throwback Thursday" prompt, and I'll explain why at the end of my currentlys. Go ahead and start reading and be enthralled.

Reading: First Family by David Baldacci. It's ok, but not my favorite of his books. I also have a stack of old Cosmos my sister gave me sitting on the back of my downstairs toilet but I just can't take Cosmo seriously anymore. Not because of anything in particular, I just get bored reading the magazine.

Writing: This post? Nothing in my off time at the moment because my computer decided to quit turning on. THANKFULLY everything is backed up, thanks to my genius brother-in-law. Seriously, he's an actual rocket scientist. Also if you know of anyone selling a laptop for like, $60 let me know. It would be great if it was brand new. I can dream, can't I?

Listening to: I just listened to "Big Balls" by ACDC because Lindsay mentioned it to me and I've never heard it before. It was not a mistake.. I breathed extra loud out of my nose while I listened to it.

Thinking: About my dream last night. I dreamed that it was the night before my wedding and as I was drifting off to sleep I realized I hadn't hired a photographer and the person I was marrying (was it Keith? I think so but he wasn't actually in any of my dream) didn't care AT ALL. And then on the morning of the wedding the heater was on and my makeup was sweating and my dress was a top and a skirt and it was ugly and my veil was red and I had to do my own hair. I blame the spinach and ricotta pasta I had for dinner last night.

Smelling: My body.

Wishing: That I hadn't worn these pants. They're just a leetle too tight and they're digging into my stomach and I'm wondering if drinking coffee is going to make my situation worse.

Hoping: That I don't forget to renew my car registration this month. I'm pretty sure you can get in trouble for not renewing your car registration.

Wearing: Stupid tight black cropped pants from Express and a black top and a light purple sweater from Target that's really really faded and probably shouldn't be worn anymore.

Wanting: For Friday to get here really soon because that's when I go visit Keith and it's been 3 weeks since we've seen each other and that's too long and I hate it. I also want my pants to not be tight anymore.

Loving: What does it say about me that this question is really hard to answer? I'm loving these lime popsicles I found at Trader Joe's. They're amazing.

Needing: Coffee. It's time for coffee.

Tomorrow, Amber and I are hosting a link-up, and I'm really excited about it.

Mr. Thomas & Me

We're talking bodies and confidence and self-esteem. We're talking weight and frustration and exercise routine. Basically, we're talking anything that's got to do with your hot bod. So, steal that button from Amber's page and join us! We'd love to have you.



  1. Big Balls made the blog!!!! I have never been so excited. “Smelling: my body” made me breathe out of my nose extra hard.

  2. I have to renew my registration too, and I had this conversation with a friend yesterday. apparently it's against the law and they will tow your car. BUMMER BUMMER

  3. It's always time for coffee. Except when its time for wine...

  4. Did you forget deodorant again?

    Just kidding, I'm sure you smell like flowers.

  5. BLEH - all my pants are too tight. ALL OF 'EM. Also I saw the Michael Scott gif yesterday and I was ON THE FLOOR. New fave.

    I did a post a couple of weeks ago about body image and all that related crap. It was brutally honest and in no way uppity or motivating, so I'm excited to see what y'all have to say!

  6. You can host multiple link-ups Juliette, come onnnn.

    The goat kills me every time though, just FYI

  7. Hahaha your dream sounds like all of my dreams!! Some off the wall crazy scenario caused by eating cocoa puffs in bed


    I mean, just a thought.

    Also, it would be really creative and McGyver of you to Throwback and Body Talk in a single post. Just saying (which is code for I DARE YOU).

  9. I love hearing about people's dreams! They're always so random, and then you pretend to analyze them and make up even more bizarre real life applications. And Big Balls is hilarious. I approve.

  10. Glad I am not the only one that has ridiculous crazy dreams LOL

  11. Number 1: I can't believe you've never heard big balls. Or maybe I am just a little overly enthused about AC/DC to he a 24 year old girl.
    Number 2: I can't wait for this link up!
    Number 3: I am so glad I get to wear pants with an elastic waist band for my job.
    That is all.

  12. I love that jumping goat. I think its time for coffee, round 2, at my house!

  13. Haha love the gifs and this post was too funny!!

    xo, Taylor

  14. I used to lifeguard and we would always read Cosmo on our breaks until we realized that pretty much every single month the magazine is the exact same. Also I'm pretty sure they reuse articles from previous months, because I KNOW that I had already read some of those articles. Probably why it's so boring haha

  15. ahhh, I keep having crazy wedding dreams, too! Probably because my wedding is in exactly one month minus one day. :p Funny enough, mine also revolved around my dress being ugly and my makeup being a mess. Guess that means my appearance is what I'm most nervous about? lol