Thursday, May 15, 2014

Keeping Up With K

Today I have K, from Keeping Up With K... on the blog answering some questions! I've had a blast checking out K's blog and reading her tweets and I love her answers to the questions I asked! I responded to some of them in italicized parentheses so if you're wondering what's going on with that, well, now you know. Read here, read her blog, and then go follow her on all the social stuff because hello, I said so. Glad to have you here, K!!

(Comments have been turned off so you can go leave some love over on her blog. Commenting is blogger currency, remember?)

-Why did you start blogging, and what has made you want to keep at it?

I originally had a different blog that I started back in 2006, when I moved away to College. My best friend and sister had just had babies, and almost all of my friends were scattered in different areas, so we all started blogs to keep in touch with one another. We had no idea that strangers would want to read our blogs, and our blog posts were more like long diary entries of everything we had done in one day. Eventually we all stopped blogging, and the others deleted their blogs. I kept up with mine sporadically, until September of 2012 where I decided I wanted to start fresh - which is when Keeping up With K... was born. I've always loved to write, I once had grand plans of being an author, so it's nice to have a creative outlet for my writing.

- I also love How I Met Your Mother. What is your favorite recurring joke (slap bet, red cowboy boots, etc)?

Robin Sparkles. All the references to Canada, no matter how ridiculous they are, always make me laugh, even if I've seen the episode 20 times (which I probably have).

(Just thinking about Robin Sparkles cracks me up!)

- On your blog you mention your desire to one day move from Canada to NYC. What is it about NYC that captivates you so much?

I was born and raised in a tiny, tiny town in SE Saskatchewan. Tiny as in population of about 1,000.  The nearest 'city' is 45 minutes away, and most people wouldn't even call it a city. We don't have a bowling alley, movie theatre, clothing store, etc, etc.  We don't even have a single fast food chain restaurant. When I finally visited NYC I just loved how much there is to see and do, and the convenience of everything. At home if I get a late night craving for Sour Patch Kids, or run out of champagne at midnight, I'm SOL - everything is closed. I just love how alive the city always seemed, and I  felt at home while I was there. That's not to say I don't love Canada - I'm very proud of where I come from, but I would love to get to fully experience life in the big city.

(I grew up in a town of 14,000 people, and I thought THAT was small! I totally get the draw of a big city... I moved to a big city for school in 2008 and I'm so glad I got to experience that. Also... you mentioned Sour Patch Kids which is one of my very favorite candies NOM NOM NOM you have good taste.)

- What's your favorite post you've ever written?

One of my favourite posts was a post I did to link up with a fellow blogger for an 'I Wore What?!' link up. I posted some old photos of myself and made fun of everything I was wearing - and of the people unlucky enough to be in the pictures with me. "If you can't laugh at yourself, life's gonna seem a whole lot longer than you like".

(Please excuse me while I scour your blog to find this post...I FOUND IT I FOUND IT. Hahahahha. Guys. Click on this, then come back. We'll wait.)

- If you had an extra $5k to spend on anything (other than bills), what would you buy?

Would $5000 buy me Adam Levine? If not, a plane ticket to NYC and a DSLR camera would be my next option.

(I feel like Adam Levine could totally be bought... he seems like that kind of guy. No?)

- Do you have any weird secret talents? (For me, it's being strangely good at separating an egg yolk from the white.)

No, and now I'm super sad :( Does being a really, really fast reader count? 

(YES IT TOTALLY COUNTS! I used to have reading contests with a friend and I always won and bragged about it because I'm super humble. Now our only option is to both go to NYC and have  reading contest. Obviously. Bring your DSLR that you bought with that imaginary $5K.)

- What's your favorite form of social media to use to interact with others (Twitter, Instagram, Gchat, etc)?

I've never used Gchat - wouldn't even know how to (does that make me a bad blogger?!). I check IG obsessively, but prefer Twitter for interacting with other bloggers,  because I have fewer people I know IRL on Twitter. I feel like I can promote blog posts on Twitter, whereas most of the people who follow me on IG are from my tiny town, and I cringe every time I think of them reading my blog.

(Gchat is amazing... I actually think I would die without it. I agree with your feelings toward IG and Twitter... I keep blog related posts to Twitter instead of the 'gram!)

- You're from Canada but you've been to the US... what was the biggest difference you noticed when you visited the US?

Ok, this answer is terrible, but I've been going to the US since I was really young (it helps that I live so close to the US border) and whenever we went anywhere my siblings and I always complained about the fact that we could never get any of our favourite junk food while we were there - no Old Dutch Ketchup (mmmm) or Dill Pickle chips, regular iced tea, or our favourite chocolate bars. It's a real problem.

(EXCUSE ME WHAT IS DUTCH KETCHUP I THINK I NEED TO GOOGLE IT... it's chips? It's not some kind of sauce that you put on hamburgers? I'm going to need a moment to process this.)

- We're going to happy hour (YAY!). What do you order to drink?

If it's just a run of the mill bar during happy hour, then a vodka and orange juice. If it's a bar that has a drink menu with all sorts of different concoctions I'll probably make my way through the menu, trying different things, until I've tried one that was not so good and I fall back on my trusty vodka OJ.

(When we go to happy hour we will have your vodka and OJ, but we'll also pour champagne in it, because Ninja Mimosa. But actually what will probably happen is that we'll go to a bunch of different bars and have to try something random at each one. Sound good? K good.)

- You have 8 10 tattoos. Do you have plans for the 9th 11th (that you're willing to share)?

I actually currently have 10 tattoos (guess I need to update my tattoo post with the newer ones - whoops!) and have plans for many, many more. I just went with my Mama to get her first tattoo and have her addicted to tattoos now too - she just told me she wants to get a mother/daughter one so that will probably be my next one - stay tuned!

(I will stay tuned but I hope I don't have to for long because I need to know what tattoos you and your mom got!)