Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I confess that I don't understand

I confess that there are things I just don't understand. Things like...

//Why those inconsiderate jerks on my block decided to have a pow wow outside at 10:30 last night and speak Spanish. I was annoyed because 1) they were keeping me awake, and 2) I don't know Spanish so it's not like I could even eavesdrop and hear any good gossip.

//Why I have so many doppelgangers. My favorite Sami sent me a picture yesterday of a girl she saw while she was shopping and I was like, "Well my hair doesn't look that good but that totally looks like me!" And a few years ago my friend sent me this picture on the right that he found in a grocery store on a poster. It's "me"... being a bus driver.

//Why it has to be almost 100* this entire week. I was sweating at 7am and that is disgusting and not ok.

//Why it's 2014 and we don't have teleportation but don't worry, we have bacon flavored Ritz.

//Why AAA pulled money out of my bank account without warning me. Like, you guys could have sent me an e-mail or something to give me a heads up. I really would have appreciated that.

//Why George R. R. Martin hates everyone everywhere.

Linking up with Kathy because DUH.

Meet Samantha, from It's all in the details.

I'm pretty excited to have Samantha on my sidebar this month! She's currently in the final stages of planning her wedding, and I've been drooling over her Wedding Wednesday posts (check out her inspiration for the reception!) even though I'm not getting married. You'll crack up at posts like the one where she talks about how much easier it would be to be a guy (at first I was like WHAT? but then I was like YES), and then she'll go and write something way more serious that you just totally relate to, like when she wrote about how easy it is to say things we want to say on the internet vs. in real life. Go ahead, click on over to her blog and then browse her internet presence on other social media sites, because you won't regret it. I'm also kind of obsessed with her and JC's love story... their wedding is coming up soon (!!!!) but for their first three years together he didn't ever want to get married! I think that's ironic since they met at a wedding... I mean, right?



  1. LOL that GOT one is so true. I thought Harry Potter hurt my heart but then I started reading GOT and was like welp, fml. Bye emotions.

  2. Ummm. That bus driver one is actually you, isn't it? I don't see how it's possible that it's not....and if it's not, I think your parents may have given away your twin. Go talk to them, asap.

    Thank you for your sweet shout out :) So happy to be on your sidebar this month!!

  3. I honestly thought the bus driver one was you. That s**t cray.

  4. Bacon Ritz, ewe. And I hate it when something is drafted out of my account and they don't give me a heads up email.



  6. That was so totally uncool of AAA. And also, George R. R. Martin needs some anti-murdery therapy I think. I SWEAR IF TYRION DIES IN THE LAST BOOK.

  7. wow thats weird those girls really look a lot like you!

  8. OMFG my neighbors across the street do that ALL THE FREAKING TIME and we get into fights because who sits on their driveway at 11pm blasting music and talking shit all night? my mom even goes out there to give them an earful and we have called the bylaw cops on them too. i hate them so much!!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. ummmm those ritz look absolutely delicious! and i have neighbors like that too! sooo annoying!

  10. Bacon flavored Ritz.... hmm.. I might I have to try (??)

  11. SO many doppelgangers!! how is that even possible?

  12. OMG THOSE DOPPLEGANGERS. people always tell me they find mine and I'm like ok cool but it doesn't look like me THOSE ARE ON FRIGGIN POINT.

  13. I wish that you and your dopplegangers could like switch places whenever you wanted to and then we could go shopping together and I would be the happiest there ever was. THE END.

  14. ok those dopplegangers - definitely thought the one on the right was actually you before I scrolled down!!

  15. I am looking at the tabs on the HP books and I cannot for the life of me think of the other person that dies in Order of the Phoenix besides Sirius?? (I'm so ashamed, since I just read the book)

  16. ok GoT - let's talk about it. how far are you? what do you know? who do you hate? tell me all your GoT thoughts please and thank you.