Thursday, May 8, 2014

A shirt I've never worn

Last night I began the daunting task of cleaning my room. Half the time I was just sitting there looking at stuff I'd forgotten I had (because that always happens when I clean my room, it's like OH LOOK AT THESE PICTURES I FOUND UNDER MY BED AND LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF PAPER THAT I WROTE STUFF ON WHEN I WAS SLIGHTLY INEBRIATED THAT ONE TIME) but the other half was actually productive. I threw away old papers, an empty Cheez Its box, I organized my important papers that had been strewn randomly throughout the room, and I filled up a bag with "clothes to donate."
While I was putting the clothes in the "donate" bag, I thought of this extremely accurate ecard:
I put things in the bag, remembering when I'd worn them. Most of the items I hadn't worn in years, but I kept them because of the emotional significance and the nostalgia I felt when I looked at them. 

That's the dress I wore the night we went out for Cortney's 21st birthday party and we made friends with the bouncer and got a bunch of free Jell-O shots.

That's the sweater I bought that one weekend 5 years ago when I was visiting Keith and I'd forgotten to pack any cute clothes for when we went out to dinner so I went to the mall and found some stuff at Forever 21.

Those are the pants with the broken zipper that I wore in high school and one day I might fit into them again even though they're being held together with a safety pin.

This is the shirt my older sister gave me that I will never wear and it has a hole in it but I really like to look at it.

This is a tea length satin skirt that... wait no. This can definitely go.

And then I came across a shirt that still had the tags on it. A shirt that I remember being given on my 24th birthday. A shirt that holds significance not because of where I wore it or what it looks like, but because of who gave it to me: my younger sister. We've never been close, and we rarely get along, but she picked this shirt out for me. She went through Target and looked for something she thought I'd like, and she gave it to me. At first I thought she just picked up the first thing she saw, but then I was told that she scoured the racks looking for something she thought I'd like, and this shirt is what she chose. It made me realize there's so much truth to the phrase, "It's the thought that counts."
She and I shared a bedroom until I was in high school and we had several of the same friends, but we were never really friends. We were just sisters. We didn't stay up late into the night talking about things; we would fight until my parents would wake up and threaten to ground us if we didn't quiet down and go to sleep. We were opposites in almost every way.
I like margaritas; she sips straight chilled tequila.
She's obsessed with anime and video games; I like fairy tales and Twitter.
I wear makeup every day; she had to be practically forced to wear it for our older sister's wedding.
She's a vegetarian; I would eat tri tip and bacon every day if I could.
I'll most likely never wear the shirt, but I'm not going to get rid of it. It will probably get carted around every time I move, and I'll probably feel a pang of guilt until I make an effort to get closer to her. Until then, I'll probably just ask for gift cards.


  1. I really, really love this. Never get rid of this shirt.

  2. Beautifully written. You should absolutely keep that shirt forever. Also… straight chilled tequila? Cray.

  3. Love this. You're a great writer bunny! I like to think I'm your cool younger sister who is kind of crazy but fun and also we have so much in common so it's perfect.

  4. I have a closet full of clothes that i will never ever wear and they dont even hold any sentimental value I just dont want my closet to look empty. So weird right?

    Yea keep the shirt it will always remind you that at least she tried... me and my brother didnt become 'friends' until I was well into my 20s sometimes it just takes time.

  5. Thank you for reminding me I need to get on cleaning my own room.

    Oh and my younger sister and I are night and day opposites too, glad we are not the only ones!

  6. Everything about this is true. And I love that you can see the value in the situation!

  7. this is so sweet! definitely keep that shirt!

  8. This is the sweetest thing. It's the little things that mean the most, isn't it? My sister and I clashed so much in high school but now that we're older and a LOT different than we were back then, she's one of my absolute best friends. Love this, Juliette!

  9. This is really beautifully written. The way you tied in a simple story of getting rid of clothes (something we can all relate to) and then made it personal. Awesome post today!

  10. I like to think as we grow older, we get closer to our siblings than when we were younger. My younger sister and I weren't really close from middle school on....and now that I am 30 and she is 26....I find myself calling her at least weekly, texting random thoughts to her...and wanting her to be my best friend. I hope the same happens for you!

  11. Gift cards are always the way to go. Or just ask for money. Every time I ask someone to get me something it's always the wrong thing. sigh. I can completely relate. I have tons and tons of clothing and shoes that I never even ware anymore. Some of the stuff is really old and some of it I can't even fit into anymore. I honestly don't know why I hang onto it. Maybe one day I'll go through the stuff and get rid of things I don't ware anymore.

  12. Hate to comment as anon, but am to lazy to anything but...blame it on the tradeshow I just worked.

    Beautifully written post! I could have written the same thing when I was your age. As a previous commenter said, something clicked for me right about 30. Now I talk to my younger sister (we, like you guys, didn't have much in common) at least once a day. I have so many friends, but my sister has truly become my best friend and my soul sister! Great blog - I read you all the time!

  13. This is lovely :) I used to be like this with my sister too and it hasn't been until we are both grown up (and she is still 12 years older than me) that I've noticed any similarities. However, we are still very different. This doesn't change the fact I have kept everything she ever bought me. Sisters, hey? ;)

  14. Sometimes it really is the thought that counts. Maybe one day it will be the thing that helps you get closer to her. If you want to. Sounds like a good idea for a book...if you're into writing books. If not. It makes for a great blog post, like this one :)

  15. this made me feel sentimental things and although i liked them i most certainly didn't enjoy them.