Monday, April 28, 2014

What do boys learn in school?

Last Thursday night I got a call from my aunt saying that her cat was really sick and she wanted me to go to the emergency vet with her. I've never been to an emergency vet before and I would be ok with never going again because it was pretty depressing. The cat is fine and really the only reason I'm telling you this is so I can show you this sign that was in our exam room. 

On Friday I got off work at 3 and took off in Bruce Wayne to visit Keith. I took a road I've never taken before and it was pretty barren but kind of pretty. I later found out that part of it used to be called "Death Highway," so that was cool. I took a picture at one point, because it really was pretty, but I should have taken a picture an hour later. Why? oh, because I was on this straight stretch of road that had all these hills and there was N O T H I N G around at all and then all of a sudden I come over this one hill and on the right side of the highway in the middle of nowhere, what did my eyes behold? A food truck. A working food truck with a lit up "OPEN" sign and a man working inside. If it didn't seem like a setting for a really weird horror movie I would have stopped and maybe tried to get a taco or something. But I didn't, because safety and stuff.

On Saturday night we went cosmic bowling until midnight and I KILLED EVERYBODY. Except Keith. I only beat him by one point but I STILL WON and I'm not going to let him forget that.

On Sunday I decided I wanted to take a page directly from Lindsay's book blog and I'm going to share it with you. Last week she posted about how she interviewed her husband, and I thought, "That is hilarious and I need to interview Keith!" So, here.

Juliette: You don't know the name of my blog, do you?
Keith: No... does it have anything to do with your name?"
Juliette: ....I cannot give you that information.
Keith: Why? If you do then I'll finally be able to read your blog!
Juliette: THAT is why I'm not giving you the information. Please do not search for my blog, I'll show it to you when I'm ready, and I'm not. Ok let me ask another question..... uhh....
Keith: Did you not plan questions?
Juliette: NO! I forgot! OH! Lindsay asked her husband what he thinks a fashion trend is for women right now. So, answer that question.
Keith: Looks very serious and deep in thought for a couple of minutes before a lightbulb went off in his head and he very proudly excalimed, Oh! Ugg boots! Are those still a thing?
Juliette: *dies from laughter*
Keith: Are they?
Juliette: They were ten years ago.
Keith: But people still wear them, right?
Juliette: Yeah but that doesn't make them a TREND. You're almost as bad as Lindsay's husband. His answer was hair ties.
Keith: What are hair ties?
Juliette: You know, the things I use to put my hair in a ponytail.
Keith: Oh, like a scrunchie?
Juliette: *dies again* NO NOT LIKE A SCRUNCHIE.
Keith: Well, what's a scrunchie?
Juliette: Something that Jack Berger also thought was a fashion trend. Next question. Do you think I'm funny?
Keith: Yeah you're pretty funny.
Juliette: Just pretty funny? Not the most hilarious person you've ever met???
Keith: I don't want you to get a big head.
Juliette: *rolls eyes* Next question. Am I a good cook?
Keith: *makes mistake and doesn't immediately answer that I'm the most amazing cook to ever grace his kitchen* You're like, 50/50.
Juliette: WHAT?
Keith: What?
Juliette: We're done here.

And it made me feel like this:


  1. Ugg Boots and scrunchies. Sounds like the answers my husband would come up with.

  2. This. Is. Amazing. Also I'm glad you didn't stop for food at the rapey food truck on Death Highway.

  3. I need you to have a reality TV show because you are so.freaking.entertaining. Or at least start posting Instavideos to keep us all entertained with your hilarious stories.

  4. LMAO scrunchies that is tooo funny, sad thing is my mom still wears them and Im like MOM get out of the 80/90s buy some hair ties HAHA

  5. Scrunchie? Where have they even heard that. Roland calls all my hair ties scrunchies and I cringe every time. It's like PESD. Post Elementary School Disorder. Flash backs of first grade and everything.

  6. Hahahaha. I just love you so many.

  7. Do they even make scrunchies anymore?

  8. hahah that is awesome! Scrunchies. Reminds me of dressing up for 80's costume parties. haha

  9. bahahhaahahaha a scrunchie. I love this and YOU (duh) so many

  10. I think you should let him read the blog. But if he's smart he'll just google "Juliette blog", right? Maybe he just has to use his smarts to get here.

  11. What a gorgeous scenery! Love the interview you did with him, his answers were pretty hilarious.

  12. Bahahaha, I love that movie and I love boys and their cluelessness!

  13. so funny! and that part from bride wars is totally perfect.

  14. That is the spookiest sign EVER!!!

    I love that photo but I totally don't blame you for not stopping at the food truck. Like seriously that seems like a total set up or something LOL. I would have been way paranoid :)

    Your interview, priceless!!! I laughed until my side hurt!

  15. I really really really want to interview Justin now.. because your answers and Lindsay's answers both killed me.
    I may steal this... and by may, I mean I'm probably asking him these things tonight.

    Also, that view is SO PRETTY.

    Also also, we're not bowling together. You got a damn turkey and my score would be like 60.