Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We like baseball. We hate traffic.

I'll do my best to not go on and on and on about the horrendous traffic I had to sit in on Friday when I drove down to Kevin's house... but you guys, it took me SIX HOURS. SIX. And I didn't even stop for In N Out! I did listen to over half of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (is that supposed to be underlined?) and I did manage to limit myself to only one Diet Coke, so I'm pretty sure that's a win for me. Also I didn't have to stop and pee.
Once I got to Kevin's house I was pretty cranky and I figured the only way to fix that was to drink a peach mimosa (not one of the ninja variety). Kevin was like, "I'm not drinking a mimosa on a Friday night. I'll drink Jameson or something." And I was like, "But mimosas are delicious," and he was like, "But they're mimosas and I want something manlier," and I was like, "Fine, more for me."
Kevin is not as good at inventing drinks as I am. He just pulled some stuff out of his fridge and started mixing. He ended up with a weirdly frothy mixture of Diet Coke, Kahlua, and Jameson, which he says wasn't disgusting but I don't believe him because it looked disgusting and I was like no thank you, please do not offer me your gross brown mixture when I have a perfectly delicious mimosa in front of me. Now turn on Jeopardy so that I can stare at the silver fox that is Alex Trebek.
So then we started sipping our drinks and I was like LET'S TAKE PICTURES. But did you know that after you drink a mimosa on an empty stomach it's hard to take pictures that aren't blurry? So then you end up with stuff like this. I know what you're thinking: why would she even put this blurry excuse for a picture on the interwebs?? BECAUSE I CAN.
The next day was full of a whole bunch of sadness and disappointment and I would rather not relive it but I'm totally going to FOR YOU because I'm generous.
We had a plan going into Saturday. Kevin wanted to take me to a sandwich place he loves and I was like YES because hello, sandwiches are my favorite food group. But his house, the sandwich place, and Dodger Stadium are kind of in a triangle, all about an hour away from each other. The game started at 1:10, so we figured we would have to leave at 10:20 to go eat sandwiches and then go to the game and be able to see the first pitch being thrown. You don't really need that information. Whatever.
Ok so sometimes being a girl is hard, and I had to fix my hair and stuff and do my makeup (because I knew I would want to Instagram a picture from the game) and it only took me a half hour but I only had 20 minutes if we were going to stay on schedule. So I kind of messed us up by making us leave at 10:30 instead of 10:20. Whatever. There was no traffic on the way to sandwiches and we were happy and the food was delicious and I took a not artsy picture. And then some random guy at a different table said, "I have to take pictures of all of my food before I eat it too," and I'm not sure if he was mocking me or not but I think it's safe to say that he most definitely was.

People were talking to us because Kevin was wearing Giants stuff and I was wearing Dodgers stuff, and it was all fun and games and then we were like "Oh, it's 11:50, we should go since the game starts in an hour and twenty minutes. It's Saturday and there won't be any traffic, right?"

You can probably figure out where this is going.

There was traffic. And we were both really mad because we knew we were going to miss the first pitch. So I'm pretty sure you could have cut the tension in the car with a bobby pin. I mean at one point it took us FORTY FIVE MINUTES TO DRIVE A HALF MILE.

BUT FINALLY WE MADE IT. And it was a beautiful day for baseball.
The Dodgers lost and I'm pretty mad about it still even though it happened three days ago.
And if you saw me Instagram this picture then now you know Kevin's real name.
When we were walking back to the car a guy saw us wearing rival jerseys and decided to talk to us.
Guy: (pointing to our shirts) WHOA how does THAT work?
Kevin: It doesn't.
Me: We're in a fight right now. 

Then a few minutes later we walked past some people and we heard them say things. "That girl hates her marriage. I bet their relationship is miserable. She's probably contemplating divorce right now."
For now I think it's pretty fun that we like rival teams but I'm going to need the Dodgers to win another World Series pretty soon because I'm getting sick of hearing about how the Giants won "two World Series in three years!"
The next day I had to buy him lunch and that burrito was THREE meals for me.
 The End. 


  1. I want that burrito in my mouth hole. Also, if you come here when the Rockies play the Dodgers I will pretend to be a Dodgers fan.. think about that.

  2. HOW DID YOU NOT PEE FOR SIX HOURS. You’re a wizard, Juliette. Also, I love everything about your blurry picture, but not as much as I love the burrito pictures. Can I come over and eat burritos with you?

  3. Love that picture of you guys! What a fun weekend. Now I'm hungry. Ugh. The struggle is realz.

  4. hahah we have the rivalry going on in our marriage. I'm a big A's fan and he's all about the Angels. It's fun though. :) My hubby wants to make a logo that's half athletics and half angels and put it on the car. hahahaa

  5. Such cute pictures of you guys! I'm sorry that your team lost though.. that's a pain.

  6. Your burrito is huge.
    That's what she said.

    Your photography skills are amazing.

  7. So much loving on every single point in this. Gosh I need a boyfriend this all looks so fun. and I basically freaked out because he has a real name.

  8. A road trip without stopping for food or a bathroom break? What is that!! And I give you props for dating someone who loves your enemy team. I'm not sure how that would work in my relationship.

  9. Hahaha, I like how you took note of all the things that random people were saying about you and then blogged them. I would totally do that, too, except maybe with snarky descriptions of the people because I hold grudges. ;)