Monday, March 10, 2014

The one where I climbed rocks with a boy

You guys like pictures, right? Good, because I have pictures of rocks to show you. And also pictures of dogs and some pictures of a boy so just stick around and if you're lucky the next few minutes of your life will be so amazing (optimist over here). If you remember from Thursday's post, I drove 4 1/2 hours to Southern California for the weekend of hiking with the hiking boy.
All I'm going to tell you about the drive down is that I only almost crashed three times and none of them were my fault, and also at one point I heard a huge BANG! come from under my car and I knew I ran over something, but I figured it wasn't anything to be concerned about. But then I heard a sound that I worried was a body being dragged under my car, so you can imagine my trepidation when I pulled into a Walgreen's parking lot to check out the damage and found ...
...a stupid piece of wood. Stupid wood, what were you doing on the freeway? If you screwed up the undercarriage of Bruce Wayne, I will CUT YOU. Or something.
Let's see, let's see. What else do you want to hear about? DO you want to hear about how I found two dogs that I actually like?? Because I did. I let them crawl all over me and I let them lick me (gross, it didn't last long), and I let them sleep in bed with me, and I played with them, and I even gave them goodbye kisses. WHO HAVE I BECOME??

This is what happened on the 27th time I told the girls to "just sit still and look at me for one second so I can take a picture of you two to put on the internet!" Such pretty little listeners.

Kevin lives in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead (if you don't know where that is, it's ok, I didn't either), and oh my gosh you guys... it's beautiful. You like scenery, right? This is what I got to look at when I drove back down the mountain on Sunday.

I think three pictures is enough torture for you. Let's talk about the hiking.
Kevin is an actual hiker. He volunteers for a search and rescue team where he lives so he goes to training weekends and rappels down mountainsides and hikes for like 12 hours at a time and for a measly 90 minute hiker like myself, that was intimidating. BUT I SURVIVED. And he said I redeemed myself from when I was the worst hiker ever 4 years ago, when this picture was taken. I'm rambling so much. I have stories from the hiking, I hope you're ready.

Kevin is adventurous. Like, if you give him the option to stay on the trail or go wandering off in the brush and jumping all over boulders, guess what he'll choose? Duh. So we wandered off the trail (he does search and rescue so I wasn't worried. He's like a Boy Scout, all prepared and stuff. No really, he is. He had Clif bars and Gatorade) and went rock climbing. We crawled under huge rocks (see above) and I was completely terrified that 127 Hours was going to become our real life and boulders would come crashing down on top of us and we'd have to cut our arms off with a pocket knife. Kevin told me I was being crazy. So sweet.
Every 5 minutes I was like, "Hey will you take a picture of this so I can put it on the internet?" And he obliged because he's the nicest. He even took some random pictures of me being adventurous and going out onto some rocks to take some cool pictures for you guys. JUST FOR YOU. ENJOY EVERY SECOND.



I made it out on to the rock. Guys, it wasn't easy and I could have fallen so easily. BUT I DIDN'T, and for a total klutz like me, that's impressive.
On the way back I had to jump from one rock to another, and Kevin was on the rock I was jumping onto, and I lunged and accidentally lunched directly at his thighs and we both went down. We went down hard. It was a good thing he was there because if he hadn't been he said I would have smashed my face on the rock and then he wouldn't have wanted to hang out with me (awwwww). But now I have a huge bruise on my knee and thigh and everybody is going to know about the time I tried to tackle him on a boulder.
Is this the longest story ever? Maybe.

So we made it to the top and then we took a nap on some rocks. Rocks aren't that uncomfortable when you're exhausted, did you know that? Then we looked at the view.

If you don't like nature pictures, sorry. Just keep skipping.
On the way back I definitely jumped across a little creek and completely ate it. Like, I was on my hands and knees in the dirt. Don't worry though, my ego was bruised more than my body.
That night, he cooked. I have pictures of that too. You are so welcome.
It might not look very appetizing but you guys, it was the most delicious meatloaf and cheesy potatoes I've had in my whole life, and that's not just because I'd only eaten a banana and a Clif bar that day. It was SO GOOD. And you can't have the recipe, because I don't know it.
The next day we went on another hike. Compared to the four hour hike (!!!) the day before, this 45 minute one felt like a walk in the park. We took the dogs and got bombarded by about a dozen children (AT ONCE) on the trail who just wanted "to pet your doggies." It's hard being popular, said the dogs.

The trail took us to "Heart Rock," which is appropriately named. I wanted to go down there but my body was sore from being so badass the day before so we settled for just looking. Then one of the kids spotted some shirtless guys traipsing around in the creek below and he casually said, "Oh look, three naked people," and I almost died laughing.

THEN we walked around a lake. And it was beautiful. 

And then I ate the biggest slash best burrito of my entire life. Actually I only ate 1/3 of it.
Other than the hiking and the eating, here's a quick list of what we did. Ping pong, Jeopardy (which was great because we're both good at opposite categories, like he's good at geography and science and politics and I'm good at food and the Bible and food and food and pop culture), the Olympics which were weeks ago but he recorded them and promised not to watch them until I visited, and then we almost missed church because the time changed and we didn't change any of the clocks and that's why you should always use your phone for your alarm because phone times change automatically. And also I kept playing with his dogs which is just the most surprising thing ever.

And also one night he had to fight raccoons but that's another story for another time.

And if you want to know more about Kevin, stay tuned, because the whole "Kevin and Juliette" story is kinda great. Almost as great as all these pictures of rocks.


  1. i love this! i'm a huge fan of hiking and it's so awesome that he volunteers. you guys are adorable together.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I love me a good nap but I'm just not so sure about napping on a rock. You're making a lot of sacrifices for this Kevin character.

    Also, give me the burrito. So I can (PARTIALLY) live out my dream...

  3. He takes pictures for you and lets you take pictures of him for the internet? Keeper.

  4. I have to admit I am SO excited you loved my mountains! Nerd, party of one over here. We will definitely have to set up a blog date on one of your next trips down, because once you come here, you can't not come again!

  5. I can't wait to see the official Kevin and Juliette storyyyyy <333

  6. there's an official kevin and juliette story?!! can't wait to read. and driving to arrowhead...crazy far drive from SLO. not surprised you almost died! glad to had a good time though!

  7. SO YOU MATCHED ON YOUR FIRST HIKE and I love that. Also one of the holes on "Hear Rock" looks like a heart. DO YOU SEE IT? Now. Can I haz the cheesy taters please?

  8. will you come visit me so i can take you to the burrito eating challenge at my favorite bar?
    no pressure - if you don't win i won't speak to you ever again.


  9. Those nature pictures are beautiful! I'm so impressed you went on a 45 minutes hike, let alone a 4 hour one! I couldn't even go for ten minutes!

  10. Girl, go you! First that is awesome you guys went hiking after not dating for too long. Like he is seeing you hot, sweaty, and working your butt off. LOVE THAT. I also love how you fell on him. That is a total Liz move right there, LOL. I love the dinner he made after and the burrito looks fantastic. Can't wait to read how you guys met - you're a trip.

  11. Those views are amazing!! You are a rock star! (pun intended!) And those cheesy potatoes?! YES PLEASE!

  12. Ohhhhh I love this story!!! :) Very happy for you ! And oh my gosh what gorgeous pictures! Sheesh all I have is a beach LOL, not any of this hiking stuff, I have small trails but nothing like that! I need to visit these places

  13. Goldens are the best at convincing non-dog lovers to love them. Just one look at their face is all it takes.

  14. I'm with everyone and your mom on this one I WANT TO KNOW except your mom prob already knows. 4 hours...thats dedication he better trip on up/down(?) to see your pretty burrito eating bottom

  15. The dogs are adorable. And you and Kevin are adorable together. :) My boyfriend is also very adventurous so we go hiking often.

  16. So I can't beyond all the awesome fun things you did because did i just read you slept together on the first date?! You hussy! Just kidding. That four hour hike sounds exhausting and he cooks too. The dogs are adorable!!

  17. Those nature pictures are gorgeous! Sounds like you had a great time hiking and made some awesome and hilarious memories. His dogs are freaking adorable! I can't wait to hear more about this Kevin guy :D

  18. Adorable!!! I want to hear the Kevin and Juliette Story!!!!

  19. You forgot the sentence that says, "Amber, if you want to know more about Kevin I will TELL YOU EVERYTHING because I was so close to your house except still too far, thus I need to make it up to you by gushing ridiculously." Yes, you forgot that sentence.

  20. okay, I really love this for a couple of reasons. 1) because I'm within an hour of Lake Arrowhead and 2) I used to hate hiking and the outdoors but I fell in love with it because of my outdoorsy man. they bring out the best in us :)

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