Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Proposal?

So yesterday I got home from work and immediately dressed in my hiking gear and climbed a mountain (are you getting sick of hearing about the mountains yet?), expecting to come home and go to dinner and have a margarita with Jacey. Totally normal evening, right? It was. Especially because I fell a little down the mountain. Like I said, normal, right?
When I came in all hot and bothered sweaty, Jacey and I talked for a few minutes and then suddenly said, "There's a piece of paper on the computer desk I need you to look at." Immediately I was afraid, because I figured she had found another page of my journal where I wrote embarrassingly emo entries about my ex boyfriend. But that's not what I found.
I found a receipt that her boyfriend had left there. A receipt for an engagement ring. And we may or may not have gone a little tiny bit Bride Wars upon my realization of what I had just seen. MAYBE.

It's not even like he tried to hide it, so she totally didn't go all Kate Hudson in Bride Wars and go searching through his stuff looking for it. It's just sitting there on the desk out in the open. It's not even trying to hide. We went to one of our favorite places for dinner and discussed proposals over a margarita. A deliciously strong margarita. Also fries.

There are some ways I would not like to be proposed to. These ways include but are not limited to:

-skydiving. Because I will never go skydiving.
-with the ring hidden in a cake. Seriously, I will probably end up eating the ring because I'll be so excited about the cake. Hello, it's CAKE.
-with a flash mob. No thanks. Too many people. WUHAYYYY TOO MANY PEOPLE.
-by making me think he's breaking up with me but instead he's proposing. That's a surefire way to get a swift kick in the family jewels. And then get dumped.
-By taking me to some kind of insect/arachnid zoo and making me put my hand into a bowl full of spiders. If you do that then I know you're not the one because you clearly have no idea how I feel about insects/arachnids. And you're an idiot.
BUT, I do know some ways I wouldn't mind being proposed to. So if anybody ever asks you for ideas, please refer them to this post:
-by giving me a cat (I WANT A CAT) and tying the ring around the collar. But don't name the cat for me. I need to name the cat. I may name it Voldemort.
-by taking me to Tiffany's like McDreamy did to Reese in Sweet Home Alabama and saying, "Pick one." But I could do without the crazy mother-in-law, thanks.
-by doing it like Jim and Pam and getting down on one knee in a gas station parking lot in the rain. But only in the rain. And it will only work if we're dating long distance and we've met in the middle because we just HAD TO SEE EACH OTHER ASAP.
Ok, I'm done talking about this. So if you need me I'll be looking at that receipt and googling everything possible until I figure out what the ring looks like. 


  1. This reminds me that I should really, one day, tell the story about the initial plan my ex-fiance had to propose to me... it was by far the worst idea anyone way ever thought of to propose to someone. It included convincing me he was getting arrested... WHY?

  2. this made me lol so damn much.
    three cheers for mine. which included a hangover from too much champagne and me being naked.

  3. and now I want fries.. bitch.

    don't you love that THAT'S what I'm taking from this entire post?

    p.s. I wouldn't want to be proposed to by any of those awful ways either.

  4. pbj forever. i personally like when jim keeps faking her out and then ties his shoes over and over again!

  5. I add being proposed to on a Jumbotron or at half court of some sports game. No thank you, too much attention.

  6. How exciting for Jacey!
    I love your ways to be and not to be proposed to!

  7. Ahh so exciting! The proposal from Sweet Home Alabama is the dream!

    Crumbs & Curls

  8. Oh wow, I couldn't even imagine a guy acting like he's going to dump you then propose. That has got to be the worst of them all.

  9. Well...I got proposed to when we were already planning a wedding. It involved an awkward dance and the question 'so...you wanna be my wife?' RED FLAG!!!!

  10. I just didn't want everyone I knew to be around. I didn't want everyone watching me. So instead, a whole bunch of people I don't know where around.

  11. But it's kinda not like Bride Wars because Anne Hathaway gets proposed to FIRST and unless Kevin is a fast mover...... Also. Feel free to share the picture of the ring when you find it.

  12. My husband convinced me we were just making a stop-off for lunch on our way up to see my parents, and we picked up food and ate it out in a state park (we like parks) and he surprised me by asking me. He had a bottle of champagne and everything. Then he surprised me even more by the fact that when we finally got to my parents house, it was for our engagement party, not just to hangout for the weekend. He dun pretty good.

  13. I found the shipping box my engagement ring came in, however I'm not engaged yet. I have tore my apartment apart trying to look for it & it's no where to be found. I know how your friend feels like...the waiting game sucks when you know it's coming

    1. I went shopping with the bf, he bought the ring.... And I still don't have it. Waiting game officially sucks !

  14. I know your friend must be equally excited and anxious all at the same time!

  15. Hahah this is amazing! Those gifs are perfect.

  16. Ahhhhhh. So exciting for Jacey ! I wonder why he didn't try and hide the paper.... Eh well. Maybe he'll enlist in your help to ask her!? And yeah none of those awful ways seem like a good way to ask someone to marry you.... Just no.

  17. those all sounds like horrible proposals. I really loved mine: in the desert on a camping trip. just the two of us. perfect.

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