Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend

This Thanksgiving was wonderful, really wonderful. Even though my Grandma kept talking about how this is definitely going to be her last Thanksgiving (she's been saying that about every holiday for 7 years), even though I burned a pie, even though my younger sister wasn't there, it was wonderful. And words won't do it justice so just look at some pictures I took that aren't even that good because I never claimed to be a photographer. I am claiming to be a great cook though.
Every year I name our turkey. The first year he was Carl, last year he was Nigel, and this year he was Hank, after Hank from Breaking Bad. I wanted to name him Heisenberg but my aunt wouldn't let me. *eyeroll* If you ever cook a turkey make sure you do it boob-down. It will be way juicier that way.
The first apple pie I cooked was a disaster and we didn't show it to anybody or eat it and I was really sad, but the second one was perfect. PERFECT. Also there were two pumpkin pies but I forgot to take pictures of them oops. 
We eat off of paper plate because who wants to have to wash ten real plates?
After dinner we played pictionary and for some reason my older sister couldn't stop drawing phallic objects. Any idea what this is supposed to be? Oh my team won.
We had a nice view during dinner.
If you look closely you can see just how inappropriate Baby Kate is.
She always looks so concerned.
Moving on.
On Friday I finished season 5 of Sons of Anarchy and now I don't even know what to do with my life. I didn't wear a bra for most of the day and I didn't do any black Friday shopping because I have zero desire to be around that many people, and in the evening my aunt and I went to see The Book Thief. I'm sure it will win a lot of awards because it's not very popular, it's about World War II, and it's set in Germany so everybody has accents. It was pretty good but I probably wouldn't see it again.
Saturday I went to Santa Barbara to meet my old roommates and great friends and we took this awkward picture in front of a tree. 

Also I went to Aldo and bought a new purse. The purse gods were smiling on me because it was originally $50 but was marked down to $34.98 and then a sales lady told me it was 50% off the sale price and then when she rang it up it came to $9.44. I told her I felt like I was stealing it.

Sunday Jacey and I got our tree and named him Opie. I had to convince Jacey that he's a boy because she thought that "it's going in a girl apartment, it has to be a girl!" but then she told me she's never named a tree before so I won the battle and we named him Opie. As in Opie from Sons of Anarchy.

**Update: Jacey very not-so-kindly just reminded me that we changed our minds and our tree is actually a girl and her name is Luna. I blame the sangria.**

Sunday night Jacey and I made this sangria and played this drinking game. For the shots I just mixed the sangria with a little bit of vodka because we're not that crazy. I may have started drinking before the movie started and we may have stopped the movie and gone to bed before Marv and Harry even started harrassing Kevin.

We decorated our apartment last night and we're having a disagreement about this statue. One of us thinks it's super magical and one of us things it's super creepy and we're taking a poll to find out which one of us is right (hint, it will be me). So ... magical or creepy? And it can't be creepily magical, so don't even think about it.
**the drawing was of a cornucopia.
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  1. Totally guessed cornucopia. I made pies too on thanksgiving. Three pies and my favorite was pecan. Mmmmm. Also baby Kate is adorable and that santana is creepy.

  2. well looks like a great holiday and break! even if the pie was burned. i really like that you name the turkey. like a lot.

    creepy. sorry.

  3. That view is gorgeous! And I love that Baby kate is flipping a bird!!! HAHA did you teach her that?

  4. I think it's kinda creepy cause santa has nothing to do with the religious holiday lol

  5. That food looks amazing! And great steal on the purse!

  6. That sounds like an awesome weekend! I can't decide which tree name I like better. And I want the rules for the Home Alone drinking game right meow.

  7. santa's a total creep show in that statue.

  8. Totally thought she was drawing an airplane. Like a jet. They're totally shaped like penises.

    Also, I agree with Opie. And then a part of me thinks the statue is magical because whoever thought to combine the birth of Jesus Christ with Santa delivering toys? But then the Christian side of me is like, "Christmas is technically derived from the birth of Jesus Christ but, ehhhhhhhhhhh, that's stretching it." So I'm at an impass.

  9. I KNEW IT WAS A CORNUCOPIA BECAUSE I AM A GENIUS. Anyways I love that there are so many olives on your plate, I freaking love olives and I get mad when people say they are gross. I love Hank the turkey and Luna the tree. Oh, and Santa is totes creepy!

  10. hahahaha that's hilarious about the cornucopia. After a night of sleep I've decided the santa is magical, even though he's bald. And that purse is AMAZING!

  11. a tree for under $10? that's so awesome!!!

  12. Beyond jealous of your purse steal!!! I bought a new purse this weekend too but mine was $13 so you win. Baby Kate is adorable--even with her concerned look. I would have named the tree Opie because well I believe that it fits well, I mean the turkey was named Hank. But I guess Luna works too... hmm. And santa is creepy... I'm not a fan!

  13. Seriously -- how cute is your niece!! And I'm glad to see I didn't come from the only family that did olives and pickles and things with their thanksgiving. People here in NC think I'm crazy when I talk about it! That statue? Creepy. Totally totally CREEPY!



  15. I had no idea what that drawing was.. but now that you mentioned it was a cornucopia it makes sense.
    What a steal on that tree! That's awesome!
    & I am leaning more towards creepy.

  16. I thought right away that the drawing was a cornucopia! Do I win a prize?

    And I'm going to vote that the statue is creepy, sorry.

  17. That pie... I want!!!! Home Alone 1 & 2 are by FAR the best Christmas movies.

  18. You finished Sons!!! YES! What can you do with your life?! Well I have all of season 6 dvr'd because I refuse to erase it so feel free to come over and watch cuz DUH. Jax is naked at least 3 times and tonight's episode even had a naked Juice. WIN.
    Also Santa Barbara!?! SO CLOSE TO ME! welllll like 40 min but still. And I almost went there on Friday but then I got lazy and shopped instead.
    And I'm reporting you as a thief because less than $10 for a purse is just CRIMINAL and I am jealous.
    the statue is magical but the missing santa hat is losing some points. or is it because Santa is being reverent for eight pound, nine ounce, newborn baby Jesus?

  19. SOA for life. Like really can I be someone's old lady? Probably not, there are no black chicks in Charming :) Also...I think this thanksgiving was cursed for apple pies. Ours was rough! My grandmother also always tells us this is her last insert holiday here. She's 99. She's been saying this since I was like 12. Looks like you had a faboosh holiday weekend!