Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just be thankful

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, by far, and it's not just because of the food (although that doesn't hurt). I love that Thanksgiving is about family, food, and [why can't I think of another f-word] feeling grateful [ha! found one]. It also gives way to the excitement and anticipation of Christimas, because even though the stores have had Christmas things on the shelves since July, now nothing stands between me and gingersnaps, which tie with shortbread cookies for most underrated Christmas cookies. Before I digress any more, let me just leave you with my Thanksgiving Thankful list because everybody's doing it and I'm nothing if not a bandwagon jumper onner.
Oh that's not wine, it's Martinelli's because we're full of excitement and sobriety.
-My faith. I don't discuss it very much on the blog, but it's a big part of who I am.
-This blog.
-That baby powder doubles as dry shampoo.
-That ombre is a style so I don't have to worry about getting my hair highlighted anymore.
-Blog friends...seriously, you are all amazing.
-My family. Even though sometimes they drive me nuts and make me want to rip my hair out, we have a bond that only gets stronger as we get older.
-That big purses are still a thing so when I go to the grocery store or Target I don't have to buy a paper bag for 10 cents since my county banned plastic bags.
-Baby Kate....and her nonexistent eyebrows (don't worry, I'll teach her how to fix that).

-Sweat pants.
-My car. Her name is Bruce Wayne.
-My city and my apartment.
-My job. Even though I complain about it and sometimes hate the 6am wake up call, I love it.
-My IRL friends, who are irreplaceable, hilarious, thoughtful, and all the good words.
-That I'm finally able to embrace and enjoy being single. It took years, but I'm so so so thankful to be here.

-Diet Coke.
-Bubble gum.
-Funfetti cupcakes.
-Funfetti cupcakes with rainbow chip icing.
-In N Out burgers.
-Pie (duh).

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  1. those are all great things to be thankful for.


  2. It's really so cute that you started out this post by being thankful for me. While I appreciate that I'm 'your faith', you really should share. There's enough of me to go around.

    I love this list though. Even though I already had my thanksgiving this year, I could definitely do it again. Love thanksgiving so much. But now this just makes me excited to go home for Christmas :)

  3. Your thankful list wins. Now I'm hungry.

  4. You have so much to be thankful for (especially funfetti!). Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. So much to be thankful for and for some reason I am really craving Diet Coke, Bacon and pie?!

  6. LOVE this! I'm so thankful I found your blog! You are hilarious and I love it! Hope you have a great holiday! PS - Baby Kate is just the cutest!

  7. all of this yes. my car's name is sylvia. she says hello.

    my life is made that im on your blog roll. like i got very excited.

  8. I agree with you 100%! Thanks giving is the best! You are so pretty in that pic, and the baby is just precious!


  9. So glad you did a post like this too! Such a great list!

  10. You forgot bacon. Because we are always thankful for bacon. Thankfully for you, I am practicing being forgiving.

  11. This is the most Juliette list I have ever read and I seriously love it so much.

  12. Your eyebrows are like perfection.
    But yes, a great list indeed. And I'm glad other people name their cars.
    Malibu Barbie was starting to feel a little lonely.

    › xo fal • falfindshappiness.blogspot.com

  13. that last portion of your thankful list...i'm thankful for all of that too.

  14. Great list. Love your car's name, hahaha


  15. Your gorgeous AND you love Funfetti with Rainbow Chip. I officially have a girl crush on you.