Monday, October 21, 2013

The weekend of devastating heartbreak

     Let's start with something happy this morning because this weekend was basically the worst weekend of my entire life and if you think I'm being dramatic well, just keep reading and you'll understand. First though, let's just look at the cutest little baby in the entire world. It happened on Friday so it counts as the weekend.
     I have a feeling she's going to be a little high maintenance when she's older but I mean, can you blame her? Also is there anything cuter than babies wearing adult clothing/accessories? No. There's not. I can't wait until she's a little older so she can pretend to try on my high heels.

     I miss that baby.

     So, Friday started out great and Jacey and I were stoked to go watch the Dodgers crush the Cardinals and stay alive in the NLCS while we drank beer hard cider. And maybe I pregamed with a bottle of champagne and maybe we also chugged champagne in the car before we went into the bar because maybe we're balling on a budget. I don't know though. Maybe. It might have happened.  Things started out pretty great: it was a good hair day, I had my cider, the amount of Dodgers fans in the bar outnumbered the Cardinals fans, and I had a good feeling about the game. Um, if nothing else, Friday taught me that I'm definitely not a psychic.

     I have a tendency of being a little mean to people in general when I'm watching baseball because I like to talk shit and tell people to suck it. Jacey wanted me to be nice so we decided that if I was being mean, she'd say "coconut prawns" and I'd have to stop being a huge ass. Why coconut prawns? WHY THE HELL NOT. If you were on Twitter you know how much the game affected me. And since I apparently want to relive my pain here's some aggression I took out on Twitter.

(That should say "if you CAN'T field a ball," but I can't be bothered with spelling when I'm knee-deep in ciders and losing.)

(This is almost as good of an idea as when I said cops should start pulling people over for wearing a seat belt or not talking on the phone and giving them $5. POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT.)

(Baseball is dead to me right now.)
(No it's not.)

I think we left around the 8th inning because it was embarrassing.
Seriously. We ended up losing 9-0. NINE TO NOTHING.
We were on such a high because we were staying alive (staying aliiiiiiii-hii-hiiiive!) and I had high hopes for our huge comeback. I felt like I was standing on top of the Empire State Building and then somebody froze my heart and threw it onto the ground where it shattered all over the pavement and then a steam roller ran over it a billion times and I just lost the will to live care about baseball.

     My anger/sadness/fuming rage led to me texting several people about how much I hated baseball and how the Dodgers had broken my heart and crushed my dreams and how I couldn't believe it. And I wasn't about to say anything positive about the Dodgers because they didn't deserve any nice words.

     So I'm done with baseball until April. It was a HUGE letdown. I mean, we haven't won a World Series since 1988 and we had such a great comeback this year that it just seemed winning the World Series was our destiny. Well that destiny went outta the ballpark along with like, four home runs the Cardinals hit over the fence which led to us losing NINE TO ZERO. ZIP. NADA.
     Moving on...Saturday I did my new favorite Saturday activity: I cleaned, and drank coffee, and watched movies. Jacey and I watched Wedding Crashers (you shut your mouth when you're talking to me!) and drank peach mimosas and ate sour straws and I didn't hate it. I did hate it when Jacey dropped a beer on the walkway. What a waste of alcohol!! At least it was a beer though and not a bottle of champagne. THAT would have been cause for tears and devastation.

      That's all. Sunday I went to church and took a nap and we watched a lot of Modern Family and ate some more sour straws. The end. If you need me I'll be sobbing quietly into my baseball glove and drowning my tears in champagne. 
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  1. omg. i'm so sorry. believe me I'm a rangers fan so I understand heartbreak. and I HATE the cardinals. DANGIT. feel your pain. at least you have cute baby pics to look at.

  2. I'm so sad baseball is over until Spring training. i guess I'll have to drown my sorrows in Angry Orchard cider and turn on hockey mode (even though my hockey team is shitting the bed). I feel you, girl.

  3. Haha. "I can't be bothered with spelling..."
    I'm sorry for the loss! My OU Sooners are doing pretty crappy this season, so I feel your pain. :( Boo, sports, BOO.

  4. Being a life long Cardinals lover, I probably shouldn't even comment on this post.. BUT I remember this time last year and feeling exactly how you're feeling now! I hated it and was heartbroken and couldn't let it go! Now I'm just really happy that this year wasn't a repeat! :)

    1. Ahh so glad that I wasn't the only Cardie that read this and wanted to post.

  5. It could be worse hun. You could be a Cubs fan.

  6. That baby is so ADORABLE I CAN'T STAND IT. Sorry about the Dodgers. Sorry I like football more than baseball.

  7. Found you through Sami's linkup:) I love baseball too and my team, the Royals (is that anyone's team??), has been out for awhile so I feel your pain. Baseball is way better than football though.

  8. i love your love for the game. dodgers had a good run. made a come back in august and september after sucking it up most of the season. i'm bummed baseball is over and have to wait like 4 months until spring training. ugh.

  9. That baby is so frkn adorable!!!!! Ah... yah I watched that game... oober depressing. I am a Yankees fan (and partially a Mets fan) so the pain your feeling I totally relate to. And I was hoping the Dodgers would make it all the way, them starting from Brooklyn and all that jazz I always rooted for them as long as they weren't playing the Yankees♥

  10. Sorry about your Dodgers...I know it sucks to be that close and it just slips away. LOVED that baby in the sunglasses pic...adorable!

  11. I see your babies dressed like adults reference in there!! I'm telling's an addiction. PS: Sorry about your Dodgers.....#I'msorrynotmnotImlyingImabigliarGoCardinals

  12. Ha if it makes you feel better (it won't, I am already sure) I had to watch the Braves lose to the Dodgers with the 3 year old son of a Braves player. Believe me, there were real tears when his dad struck out.

  13. I know how you jays fan over here

  14. Love the baby picture to start it out! I'm a Cards fan so I read this with a bit of a grin, but I still loved reading it nevertheless! And like someone already said... at least you don't root for the Cubs!!

  15. You are a crazy, die hard fan. Your Friday night texts scared me a little. But I still like you.

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