Tuesday, October 29, 2013

That's the ish I like

     Last week I wrote about things I don't like and I wasn't prepared for the amount of people who would 1) tell me I don't have a soul, and 2) question our friendship (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). Honestly I think you just don't understand how good it is for you that I don't like certain things. You don't ever have to share puppies with me and you can have all the beer in the room when we're together...YOU'RE WELCOME. I'm just really good at sharing so excuse me for being polite. (J/K sort of not really nope not even a little.)
     So today I'm hoping maybe we can bond over some things I do like because contrary to popular belief, I don't actually hate everything....only most things. And only on days that end with -ay. That was another fake joke.
//Sweater weather and all that it encompasses. Give me sweaters, give me boots, give me warm drinks (just not the PSL), give me a fireplace, and give me rain, and you will have one happy Juliette on your hands.

//Popsicles. I could eat popsicles all day erry day. When I was little we spent every Sunday at my Grandma's house and she ALWAYS had popsicles for me. One day I ate an entire box of 36. Actually I've already discussed this here.
//Bubble gum. I LOVE bubble gum. I used to carry packs and packs of Bubblicious with me in my backpack in college. I love it so much that my old roommate Cortney made me a gumball machine cake for my 23rd birthday.

//Candy in general. Give me all the candy. This is really the only part of Halloween that I like. 
//Margaritas. But this isn't new information.
//Red meat. Like, I could never be a vegetarian because asking me to give up my medium rare steak would be like asking me to give up my right arm. I love it. I can't get enough of it. Chicken or steak IS THAT EVEN A REAL QUESTION?? Moo.

//The humor section on Pinterest. Or just laughing at things on Pinterest. Like this. Or this.

//Brad Pitt. I sometimes forget about him because he's been around for so long, but then I tried to watch World War Z over the weekend and I wanted to keep watching it just so I could stare at his perfectly chiseled body face for 90 minutes but then zombies started happening and I was like "uh, no thanks, not right now." Although I'm still mad at him for dumping Jen for Angelina. Rude.

//Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. But like WHY CAN'T MAGIC BE A REAL THING.

//Shots of jaeger and Fireball. Those are the only shots that I can do straight. No tequila, no vodka, no thanks. Except I haven't done a shot of jaeger in a while and the last time I remember drinking it was at a Jersey Shore party when a guido sang to me when I got sick in the bathroom.

//Sweatpants (or yoga pants, whatever you want to call them).

 //Jeopardy! The hardest part of not having cable is not being able to record every single episode of Jeopary! every night...but that's why God invented YouTube...right? 
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  2. Jeopardy makes me feel smarter than the average human. And also, MAGIC IS REAL YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE!

  3. I knew it wasnt possible for me to be the only person alive who could destroy an entire box of Popsicles in one sitting lol and I soo wish I could agree with fireball..we currently have a love/hate relationship.

  4. Are we twins? Can we eat steak and wear boots with out sweatpants? THAT WOULD BE MAGIC LIKE HARRY HIMSELF. Also, I drank half of a fifth of Fireball once and the smell of cinnamon STILL makes my stomach turn circles. My new goal for myself: GET FIREBALL BACK IN THE LINE-UP.

  5. Um, we can be friends. Jäger is my spirit animal.

    › xo fal • falfindshappiness.blogspot.com

  6. I love love love that cake! How fun!


    XOXO Bunnie

  7. I am obsessed with Jeopardy and will record it to have family competitions. Nerd, party of one right here!

  8. Someone asked my dad once if I was a vegetarian and he flat out laughed at them. I will never EVER give up my red meat!

  9. Between you loving steak, being mad at Brad for dumping Jen, AND loving LOTR and HP and Star Wars? We are DESTINED to be friends.

  10. I wish I could take shots and join the cool kids club, I'm just way too much of a baby. Margaritas all the way!

  11. Mmm steak. I agree with HP and LoTR, but I've never seen Star Wars (don't hate me)! Oh and I'd wear sweatpants everywhere if it were socially appropriate.

  12. That second Pinterest link was the first time I found/saw your blog! I literally lol'ed. I agree with all of these, except Bubble gum. But I love your cake!

  13. Bubble gum is gross.
    Give me all of the red meats. I love meat.

  14. I love friends - the pic made me laugh! And Harry potter is the best!!!


  15. HELLZ YEAH I LOVE A BLOODY STEAK. And you, I love you. And margs on the rocks. No ice (obviously).

    You should write about how much you love Harry Potter tomorrow and link up with me. Or not, whatever floats your boat. (But it would be really cool if you did)

  16. I have to agree with you on the steak front love me some steak! I am a hardcore meat eater as my veggie friend will tell you I have mine rare like it could walk away from the plate if I didn't stick a fork in it!
    Harry Potter utterly amazing that does not even need to be said and popsicles wow!
    Many of the things that I love apart from the alcohol cos I'm not a big drinker unless it's a good cocktail (daquiris and mojitos are my thing)

  17. LotR + Star Wars + HP + Jeopardy = media perfection.

  18. LOTR and Star Wars are everything to me. this one guy at work does not like star wars and i'm like dude, i can't relate to you. go away now.

    Vodka and Soda

  19. Now I want a margarita and to make out with Brad Pitt.

  20. Brad Pitt... he's definitely one that gets better with age!!

  21. Sweat pants and hoodies for the win! Absolutely LOVE them and practically live in them.

  22. Sweat pants, hoodies, and steaks....perfection.