Friday, October 11, 2013

Say "crack" again

          I am in A MOOD today and I have some men to blame for it. And I'm going to tell you the WHOLE story because obviously it needs to be put out in the open. This is mostly so I can vent about it and get it all out there, but it won't make me feel bad if you tell me how much of a badass I am [not] for how I handled this situation. FYI, this might be boring BUT there are some pictures of the apartment sooo.....stay tuned.

     Remember when I went bed shopping mattress shopping and had a less than awesome experience? Well, a few days after that I went to a different store and was pleasantly surprised and impressed by how nice the man who helped me was. I decided I definitely wanted to buy a mattress from that store, and a week of cuddling with Jacey in her mattress on the floor later, I did. I told the manager (we'll call him Chris) and another employee (we'll call him Dustin) about how narrow our stairway is and how I wasn't sure if they'd be able to get the queen-sized box spring into my room, but they assured me they could. I told them I was excited to see them try, and they said:

"Oh, we've never not been able to get a box spring into a bedroom."
"We've taken windows out before."
"Don't worry."
"It'll be fine."
"They'll be able to get it up."

     Since they were so sure they could get my box spring up, I asked them if they would be able to try getting Jacey's box spring up also. They had no problem with it, and even made a note in the computer and on my receipt that they would do it. I was pretty stoked.

     The delivery guys were supposed to come the next day between 4-7pm, and they were supposed to call me a half hour before they got there, but they called at 4:15 and said "OH HAI WE'RE AT YOUR DOOR AND NO ONE IS ANSWERING." So I groaned and said "Well if you had called like you were supposed to I would have had someone there to let you in." It turns out that Jacey was home, just upstairs, and didn't hear them knocking. So she let them in and kicked my underwear out of the way to make room for the bed while they watched.

     Then I got home. And these two guys tried to get the box spring up, and we were sitting downstairs watching and giggling like schoolgirls because it was the funniest thing ever (it really wasn't, but that's what happens when you get four girls together to watch two guys who are kind of cute try and be strong and manly but fail miserably). After about 20 minutes of them trying and failing, they came downstairs and said, "So, we can't get it up." (and I immediately snickered because I am a jr. high boy.) "We're going to call one of our other guys who is the best and I'm sure he'll be able to do it. He'll be here around 6:30, is that ok?" Fine. Yeah. Sure, fine. Whatever. I signed my name on their form and they left.

They tried. I know they tried.

     So, 6:30 rolls around and we just sat there twiddling our thumbs and drinking chardonnay. Around 6:45 I got a call from one of the guys who said that they would be there in an hour and a half. AN HOUR AND A HALF. Fine. Whatever. We could wait UNTIL ALMOST NINE O' CLOCK AT NIGHT. I WANTED TO SLEEP IN MY OWN BED.

     A little before 9, the two guys showed up and start trying to maneuver my box spring upstairs. We heard some grunting, shoving, and general noisiness, and then one of them came downstairs and asked,

"Is it ok if we make some brown scuff marks on the wall?"

"Sure, just don't put a hole in the wall!" I said, half joking but also like, dude seriously, don't put a hole in my wall.


     Then they tried working on Jacey's box spring. Apparently her's has a "solid frame" so it was a little bit harder. But we were pretty excited because we had faith in these men and their magical maneuvering skills. 
     This box spring was taking longer than mine, and it sounded a lot louder than mine, but we just sat there and giggled let them do their thing. After a while they came rushing down and said "Okay, it's done!" So we said "OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH HERE'S $10 GO BUY YOURSELVES A 6 PACK!!!!" And they left. And I didn't sign anything.
      When we went upstairs to jump on the bed casually be excited and sit on the beds like adults, we looked at the wall, and found THIS. And my browser isn't letting me enlarge this picture so you'll have to squint.

     It's hard to tell, but that's a definite dent and crack (say 'crack' again) in our wall. A definite dent and crack that sure wasn't there before these two mattress "pros" showed up. A definite dent and crack that matched up perfectly with the way the mattress would have dented and cracked the wall.
     I. Was. Pissed.
     The next day I called the store and had to speak to the delivery manager, "Eddie" and explain what had happened. I started out being pretty polite (sugar vs vinegar and all that, you know) but it soon became clear that Eddie didn't believe me.
"My guys told me that you said it was ok to scuff the wall."
"Yeah, I did say that. But this isn't a scuff. It's a DENT AND A CRACK."
"Well they write down everything that happens and they said that after they were done you went upstairs and sat on the beds, thanked them profusely, and then gave them $10."
"Well, I don't remember going upstairs after they took the second box spring up there. I do remember being really excited that they said they did it and handing them $10 as they walked out the door, but they left in a big rush and we didn't inspect the walls and I didn't sign anything."
"I have your signature right here."
"I signed a paper after the FIRST set of guys came, but I didn't sign anything after the SECOND set of guys came. Do you have two signatures?"
     We were getting nowhere. In the end Eddie told me that someone would come look at the wall the next week and I just couldn't handle arguing with him about it anymore. So the next week I called Chris (the manager who sold me the bed) to explain the situation to him. I just felt like Eddie thought I was a liar, and I was frustrated that they were making this so difficult.
     Chris told me that Eddie was actually one of the guys who got the bed up to my room. Ummm, why didn't he tell me that when I was talking to him?? Chris said this to me: "He didn't want to call you out over the phone, he wanted to talk to you in person." Call me out??? Okay Chris, what I just heard you say is that you think I'm a liar and Eddie wants to tell me how big of a liar I am in person. NO THANKS. RUDE.

     I told Chris that I chose their store because of their great customer service and that I didn't feel I was getting that anymore. Chris wasn't helpful and I was even more pissed.
     Yesterday Eddie and Chris came to look at the wall. I was nervous before they came, because I felt like I was inconveniencing them and like they would be mad at me. FYI CHRIS AND EDDIE, the customer should never feel inconvenienced, especially after dropping a significant amount of moolah on a mattress in your store!!
     Eddie told Chris that he didn't remember the crack being in the wall when they moved the mattress. WELL DUH, because you left so fast you didn't even check! Then Eddie said to me, "Remember, after we did the box springs, I came up here and I showed you these scuff marks on the wall? And you said 'oh yeah that's fine'?" I said that I honestly didn't remember going up the stairs after the second box spring, "I'm not trying to call you a liar, I just honestly don't remember it." THEN they had the nerve to say, "Are you sure that this crack wasn't here...before you moved in?" Uh, NO, dude. If that was the case, our landlord would have fixed it! OBVIOUSLY. I was pretty proud of myself because I didn't waver. I told them that I know it was the second box spring that made the crack and that I didn't remember looking at the wall after they were done. I told them that while I was extremely grateful that they did get the box springs upstairs, it felt like after I gave them my money their great customer service went out the window.

     They're going to take care of the crack, but I know they still think I'm a liar. Eddie made a point of telling me that he remembers showing me the wall and that the crack wasn't there before they left. I fired right back and said that I know for a fact it was the mattress that did that because it was there after they left, and that I didn't remember him ever showing me a crack (say crack again). Christian said that there's no way to know for sure what happened (uh, there is, I just TOLD YOU WHAT THE EFF HAPPENED) but that they'd take care of it and he hopes my view of their business isn't tainted. I told him that I still appreciate all their help and that I'm just glad they're fixing their mistake now.
So now, this is how I feel about them. 
You're a Jerk by New Boyz on Grooveshark

Let's move on from the anger and just link up with a big NOT JERK, Whit.

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  1. Oh gawd girl. I would have given up after the first phone call I think. But my biggest question is--how in the hell is there a two-story apartment where you can NOT fit a bed upstairs?! Like, has no one ever inhabited this space before? Sounds like they have some serious design flaws other than the CRACK

  2. I would have been 100 times less nice than you were. I'm talking the curse words would have been flying out my mouth so congrats on keeping your cool. Men are idiots.

  3. I'm glad you stuck up for yourself! I hate situations like this, & I'm glad they're going to fix it, but I personally feel that them fixing it is their admission of their guilt! They sound like major jerks!


  4. They sound like they need a good kick in the rump and they owe YOU a six pack of beer.
    Pish posh. Men suck. Like always.
    Ps. I wish I knew how to do that dance the New Boyz do in that song. Ugh. Whatevs.

    Happy Friday!
    xo fal

  5. I'm happy that they're taking care of it, but they seriously suck ass. Good for you for not wavering. Disney would be so disappointed in their crappy customer service.

  6. Ugh. I just can't think of anything else to say to that. Oh, other than GOOD ON YOU for not backing down. You go Juiette Coco.

  7. I would be so irritated! They have horrible customer service :( That guy should just man up and admit he put a dent and crack in the wall. Sorry you have to deal with that.

  8. Just listening to stories like this make me mad!! They'll never admit it which just pisses me off. It's called accountability, folks! Mistakes happen. Lets admit it, fix it and get over it.

  9. Just came across your blog thanks to the Blog Baton! Looking forward to following along!

    xo, Zelle
    A Southern Style

  10. This reminds me of the time I got a couch and love seat set from the friend of a friend. It took forever and a day to get them out of his apartment. He had movers put it into his apartment originally, but how they did it is a mystery. The hallway was so narrow and I know this door frame had more than scuff marks by the time we got it out. The point is, if professional people moved those couches into that apartment without causing any damage, then there is no excuse. That was their job and they did it poorly. I would never buy anything from there again. Even more, I would make a point to give them a bad review so everyone knew never to buy something from there (or at the very least, never let them move stuff for you)


    You didn't tell me that they were such massive DOUCHEBAGS about it.
    Rude rude rude, and more rude... I'm sorry, J :(

    I'm glad that they're fixing it, but that customer service is TERRIBLE.

  12. you should have throat punched them, dragged them by their collars to the scene of the crime, and threatened their manhood till they fixed that ish in front of you. and then gave you your $10 back.

  13. I am reading this super late but WTF?!! You shouldn't have even said "I don't remember coming upstairs with you to see the wall" you should have told him that he's a liar and a jerk and that obviously he's trying to cover up the fact that he cracked your wall so he doesn't have to fix it! And then you should have punched him, repeatedly, preferably until you were satisfied. Jerk face! Uggh, this made me so mad. I can punch him for you? I'd totally love to. I've always wanted to punch someone.