Monday, October 14, 2013

Pass the Pig

     My weekend was pretty great. Saturday I didn't make any plans, and after 13 days of living in our apartment I finally got unpacked! But let's back up and talk about the whole weekend because well, why not? ...and how we saw Drake's look-a-like, had the meanest cab driver ever, and how I didn't wear a bra at all on Saturday.
     On Friday after work I went to get a flu shot (I have pictures but don't worry, I'm not posting them) (I couldn't even feel it).
1) A peach mimosa Jacey had waiting for me...we were pregaming before we watched the Dodgers/Cardinals game at a sports bar.
2) Food and dranks.
3) Selfie because well, obviously. There was a guy who looked JUST LIKE DRAKE sitting at the other end of the bar and if I'd had one more pear cider I probably would have gone over to him and taken a picture but...sober Sally failed.
4) We lost, on Friday and Saturday. I'm not pleased.
     We thought ahead and knew we wouldn't be able to drive (hashtag responsible), and we called a cab around 945 (hashtags grandmas). The cab driver was such a jerk! On the phone he said, "You're ready RIGHT NOW, right? Because when I get there you need to be outside, waiting, right when I get there. I'll be there in four minutes. You're ready RIGHT NOW, right? RIGHT NOW!" So I was like, "Wait, I have to be outside RIGHT NOW or in four minutes? YOU'RE CONFUSING ME!" JK, I was a little buzzfaced and I said, "Uh, sure."

     Then on the drive home we were giggling in the backseat and the driver said, "WHAT'S GOING ON BACK THERE" and we shut the hell up and I said, "Oh uhhhhhh we're just coughing because I've been sick this week but it might just be allergies I'm not really sure or it could be that I'm sick but we both have this like weird cough thing going on." Cough cough. And then he was like...
     When he dropped us off at our apartment I paid with my card (help me I'm poor!) and I had to sign on his phone but I couldn't reach it so I tried to hold onto it and he yelled "JUST SIGN IT!" so I did and it was traumatizing and we left REAL QUICK.
     Then we went to bed. It was 10:15pm.

      Saturday morning we went to my new favorite place: Sally Loo's. It was basically a hipster's many beards and skinny jeans and beanies and oversized glasses...but I still loved it. We split a waffle and a side of bacon and that waffle was supposed to have nutella hazelnut spread on it but they were out. Jerks. Their fresh squeezed orange juice was one of the best things I've ever put in my mouth. I WANT MORE NOW.

    After breakfast I spent some quality time unpacking and it took forever  but when I was done it felt so good! Then I succeeded in running some errands and making sure our sofa had a permanent imprint of my butt while I watched some of the Office, Devil Wears Prada, Napoleon Dynamite, The Dark Knight Rises, and Pitch Perfect. AND I TWEEZED MY EYEBROWS. It hurt so bad.

     And I didn't wear a bra once the entire day and life was good.

     Sunday I went to church, did some laundry fo' free at my parents' house, had lunch with my dad, saw Cristen, and went home and finished The Dark Knight Rises and then Jacey and I went to BevMo for their five cent wine sale (buy a bottle and the next is only FIVE CENTS) and bought champagne and went home and turned Pass the Pig into a drinking game while we watched Date Night. Then I had to Instagram because it had been a while since my last 'gram. FYI Pass the Pig is where you take those two pigs, roll them, and get points based on how they land. It's really fun when you have peach mimosas.
      Basically it was SO relaxing and I watched SO many movies and drank SO many mimosas and it was great. And today I'm posting on The Blog Baton's Instagram so if you're not following along it's probably time for you to do that. That's all. 

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  1. I will take all the waffles. I can't wait to eat waffles with you in 2 weeks.

  2. I need a five cent wine sale. That's insane.

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  4. This may be really dumb but what is pass the pig??

  5. omguuuuuh wafflessss. They look so good!

  6. I would like waffle, and mimosas, and pass the pigs.. and I need all of that to not be all the way in California. KTHANKS.

  7. FIVE CENT WINE SALES?? Sounds like the greatest thing ever. Why do I not live in California?!

  8. I watched the game too - go cards! Also, what a horrible cab experience! How terrible!

  9. I need to move because 5 cent wine sales? Hello heaven!

  10. those waffles!! and i hate wearing bras - period. although i had to get some because the ONE BRA i own is old and the elastic is shot to shit and it's not appropriate to go braless at work with your nips all pointy and shit. boo.

    Vodka and Soda

  11. Oh my gosh! Seriously, you had about the best weekend ever! Pass the Pig &&&& 5 cent wine?! HELLO, AWESOME!!

  12. ok, but my favorite part about this was the no-bra-ness because that is my idea of the perfect day.

  13. That cab driver sounded like a jerk, but other than that sounds like you had a good and productive weekend! I would have loved to go a whole day without wearing a bra. And that waffle looks freaking delicious!


    Also, that game sounds interesting... even fun, with alcohol.

    I don't know if I've gone a full day without wearing a bra in at least a year. Sad but true story.

    I'm like really really mad at you for not taking a picture of MY FUTURE HUSBAND, aka Drake. Even if it was a lookalike. /rantover

  15. ughhhh I really wish you were uglier ;) freaking gorgeous girl!
    I'm jealous of your sunday. any no-bra day is a GREAT day in my book

  16. will you be a bridesmaid in my wedding because your eyes would go super well with the dress...

  17. Pass the pigs is the GREATEST game ever. Everyone I tell about it has never heard of it. You've inspired me to make a drinking game out of it.