Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Man neighbors and a link up announcement

     We officially moved and it was hard and took a while and well let me give you a little rundown of what's been happening over here.

     We rented a Uhaul. I drove it for approximately 8 seconds when I backed it into the driveway and Jacey did the rest. But obviously I had to take pictures because I felt like a BA (badass). And after these pictures I promptly forgot to take any others because I suck and also my hands were full.

Let's revert to my favorite thing: A LIST of some things I (we) learned during the move.

1. Driving a U-haul isn't that hard.

2. Don't wear flip flops when you're moving because like, what if you have to carry a bed and a sofa and a bookcase and a billion boxes to the car? Your flip flops will probably fall off your feet and your friend will laugh at you and say "why are you wearing those shoes do you need to borrow my Nikes???" but you'll be stubborn and you'll just be like "Hail no I don't need your Nikes I can totally move in flippers," and then you will continue to wear your flip flops but you will regret it.

3. Measuring your space is actually pretty important. We didn't measure anything in our apartment. It looked great, we loved it, we signed, and we moved in. Ha ha joke was on us when we tried to get Jacey's queen box spring up the stairs and into her room.

     I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to describe what exactly happened but I'm having a really hard time because this is the worst visual aid in the world. Basically the stairway and the hallway to our bedrooms is REALLY narrow and no amount of pivoting will get that stupid box spring into her bedroom. We were laughing at ourselves so much that we almost dropped it like eighteen times. We tried to flip the box spring up and over the railing on the top of the picture but it won't flip because the width of the staircase just happens to be the exact same width as a queen sized box spring and now we have a box spring out on our patio just hanging out and being an obnoxious decoration.

4. Apparently your mid-20s isn't too old to have a mattress chilling on the floor. We finally got Jacey's mattress into her room even though at one point I was squished on those stairs with the stupid mattress shoving my face against the wall while I was screaming in a panic, "Get this off of me! Get it off! Get me out! I can't get out! HAAAAALLLLPPP!" So now she has a mattress on the floor while we try and figure out what we're going to do.

5. Unpacking is a bitch. Did you know we only have two kitchen drawers? TWO! At first we thought that wouldn't nearly be enough but it turns out that we have more cabinet space than we know what to do with. I'm not even kidding you. But even with all that space I'm still not a fan of unpacking, because I'm a terrible organizer and I get so distracted. So Monday when we had to line all the shelves with contact paper I knew I'd need a drink which turned into more than one drink which resulted in an all day hangover yesterday what was this number even for.

6. I am a hoarder. Ugh. This whole experience has been a giant why do I have so much shit!? but then when I try to throw away a piece of paper I doodled on in college I develop this stupid emotional attachment to it so back it goes into the same box that has been moving with me from place to place for 6 years.

6 1/2. I'm horrible at grocery shopping and that's why our fridge basically looks like this.

7. I need a bed. Jacey has been reeeeeeally nice in letting me snuggle share her bed but I need a bed. It's going to be fun watching the bed guys try and get the new bed into my room ... I mean, just see #2.

8. I can't think of a number eight.

9. Or a number ten.

10. Oh but guess what we have two man-neighbors (maybors? meighbors? neighmen?) and they're nice and I'm still awkward because when I met the second one I looked like I did in that picture up there with the contact paper and I said, "Hi, sorry my hand is a little damp," and that was his first impression of me and I didn't say anything else.

And that's all I have to say about moving (for today, at least), so let's move on to something else that I'm REALLY excited about!! This is a picture of Rachael, and she was the inspiration for this announcement!

Thanks Rachael for letting Allie borrow this picture that I borrowed without asking but I'm sure neither of you care.

Rachael's 21st birthday ended with her sleeping in a tiara... what was yours like? Did you have four loko? Did your boyfriend drink your margarita and then you had to drive him home? Did you throw up in an alley? Do you even remember it? We want to know! Grab a button and link up next Wednesday, October 9th with Adriana, Allie, Brittany, Juliette and Sami and share your stories!

Feelin' 21 Link Up

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  1. I will never move due to this post and I am so glad we built our house.

  2. I HAVE AN IDEA. When the bed people come to get your bed upstairs, FLIRT with them and convince them to move Jacey's box spring up stairs too! They kinda have to figure out your bed, so maybe by then hers will be a piece of cake. Also, I'm a hoarder as well. You should see my parent's garage. And the maybors... I wanna seeeee dem.

  3. moving is THE WORST. it's why i leave that all up to my husband who happens to love that shit because he's wack that way. i'm also bad at organizing and knowing what is priority when you move. to me, priority is to make my husband set up the tv and give me a chair so i can catch up on my shows while he unpacks. oh, it was also when it was halloween, we had no candy, i basically told all the kids to fuck off because i was too busy catching up on 24 to give out candy. ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. OH my god, I love you. As always. Moving sucks (even just moving every year for college), but I"m so proud of you for doing the adult thing and getting wastey pants. PS you better be watching Mileyz tonight so we can live tweet/text/snap it. KTHANKSBYE. Pretty in Pink, out.

  5. Look at you cuties in your adorable little home. It will come together and look beautiful.

    So happy for you! NOW GET A DAMN BED.

  6. moving does suck!! My dad helped me move and the couch wouldnt fit through the front door to my new apartment and he finally shoved so hard that he put a hole in the wall and yelled "take that bitch" when it finally made it through the doorway!!

    PS Always flirt with the neighmen. It's how I score free Wifi

  7. Sweet baby gold jesus, I HATE moving too. It never gets any better. Except if you move 2937492384 times which ps, prevents you from being a hoarder. Just speaking from a former hoarder. ;) BUT who the eff wants to move all the time? Yeah. It sucks major bootyhole.

    Mattress moving...omg, don't even get me started. You pretty much described the struggle to a T. Ya'll are beasts for finally getting it up the stairs. Damn small stairways....ain't nobody got time for dat.

    Congrats on finally moving though. You made it! Cheers to you, sista!

  8. Congrats on your move and making it out alive! I remember all the things we tried moving to the bedroom upstairs at our house that were total fails, ha ha. Can't say I am ready to move any time soon. Especially since we accumulated so much crap!

  9. Moving sucks. I hate it with a passion and its probably why I've put up living with the in laws for so long bc I don't want to do it again. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS LINK UP

  10. pivvvvvot. pivvvvvot. pivvvvvot. i hope you channeled your inner Ross when you moved.

  11. haha i'm dying over the "sorry my hand is a little damn" comment...too funny!

  12. neighmen! go with that one.
    that college doodle you can't let go of.. get it tattooed on you!

  13. At one point we definitely had to put my roommates mattress in and out through her window on the 2nd floor. Definitely was a problem when that side of the house was full of debris from our house fire

  14. You forgot to say what happened after the moving.. TRIVIA NIGHT.

  15. OMG! I have some ridiculous (and embarrassing) photos from my 21st. And I'd totally share them, if I was going to have computer access that day to link up

  16. Cute post. Yes moving sucks. Glad you got to get a few good drinks in!


  18. Such a struggle haha. And I know that when the mattress guys came, they put a hole in the wall and now I want to know if you blogged about that experience and now I need to get back to stalking, I mean reading, your blog.