Monday, October 7, 2013

I wear my sunglasses at night

     I've said it before but I'm saying it again: I really don't hate Mondays that much. Mostly just because I really like my job, but also because Mondays are probably not going away anytime soon so hating them is just a waste of energy and I'd rather put that energy into something more useful like getting in Twitter arguments with myself like I did on Friday.
     So I had a pretty full weekend and I'll do my best not to make you jealous but my grainy and generally crappy iPhone pictures are going to do an excellent job of making you wish that you were me. Except not on Friday afternoon because that's when I called the mattress store about the dent and crack in my wall and they tried to tell me that it's not their fault and that I told them it was ok to put a giant gaping hole dent and crack in the wall but guess what I'm not letting them get away with that and don't worry because you will be hearing about what happens at the stupid mattress saga continues.
     But on the plus side I have a bed now sooooooooooooooo life is good.
     HEHNEWAYZ. Friday evening I hauled my honkeytonk over to the Central Valley to celebrate Cristen's birthday and did you know that boxed blush wine tastes like juice?? Cristen and I drank our weight in blush and I had serious buzz face going on. We took our buzz faces on a late night walk around the neighborhood and "pulled a Juliette" (guess what I mean by that) (I'm not going to tell you) and we solved all the world's problems in a mile and a half!
     When we got back we ate popcorn.
     In the morning I realized that we had not actually solved all the world's problems because my hangover was like, "ha ha ha, I'm gonna be a problem for you today and you're going to be so miserable," and it was right. I was pretty incapacitated (probably because I didn't have the magical Hoist drinks. BETTER PLANNING NEXT TIME) and was really trying to rally and get myself together but I didn't do a good job.
     There was a group of five girls on Saturday, and we enjoyed mimosas (hair of the dog that bit you is not a real thing), poolside chats, pedicures, a nap for me, shopping, and then dinner and bars.
     Don't worry, I didn't give the 8 year old any champagne. I DIDN'T.
     You know those friends you can go days, weeks, or months without seeing but when you get together it feels like nothing's changed? Cristen is one of those people. We talk pretty often but we're only able to get together once every few weeks/months. Thankfully, we can just pick up right where we left off!
     We went to Macaroni Grill on Saturday night for dinner. This place rocks because they put butcher paper on the table so you have a huge coloring page! I colored and wrote stuff and didn't take pictures of any of it because I was a really bad blogger and I also still had a headache.
      LOOK I ORDERED FOOD and proceeded to eat maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe two bites of it. Guess how much of my glass of wine I drank? ZERO SIPS. WHUT? Get it together, Juliette.
     What's a birthday without dancing? It's a not dancing birthday which was clearly not going to be acceptable! And what you are about to see is some really great quality iPhone pictures


      The black light made our pedicures glow and doesn't everyone love feet pictures? I don't actually, feet kinda creep me out, but LOOK AT CRISTEN'S TOES (on the right)! They're glowing!
     Also, the bar showed the "We Can't Stop" music video and we thought that was pretty weird. I mean right?

     I just realized that these pictures are making it look really empty but it wasn't. It was crowded and they were playing Miley and that "shake it like a salt shaker" and that "move bitch get out the way" song and "bend over to the front touch your toes" and songs like that and you better believe I dropped it dropped it low, girl.

     At one point I went to the bar to get a birthday drink and there was this guy who had a baseball hat on and he was wearing sunglasses because he obviously wanted to watch me weave then breathe my story lines and he was really creepy. He was one of those guys who just wouldn't stop STARING. Like, picture someone staring straight at you for a full minute. That's what he was doing. So I left and he came to the dance floor and I hid from him because I am dramatic.

     We did a little more bar hopping and got home pretty late. It was fun to be out with a bunch of people and dance and celebrate Cristen! The only thing that was missing was a 2am Denny's run. *WINK*

     I had to leave before breakfast on Sunday because Jenni from Monterey was coming through SLO on her way from Monterey to Virginia. I showed them Bubblegum Alley and then we took pictures in front of the Puck statue. Isn't he hot?
     ALSO, yesterday I checked the mail and I had the best housewarming gift from Ashten! I'm so excited to stick those googly eyes all over my new apartment (JACEY YOU WILL FIND THEM EVERYWHERE AREN'T YOU EXCITED) and buy ALL THE THINGS from Target. Thank you so much!!! Also if you guys aren't reading Ashten's blog you should because she even VLOGS and talks about hand twerking which is hilarious.


      AND, don't forget that this Wednesday is the 21st birthday story linkup!! Seriously, don't forget because I will be so sad if you do. I need your stories.
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    And this is why I never go to Fresno.

  2. I am jealous that you dropped it low. I went to the bar with a bunch of lame-o boys and none of them wanted to drop it like it's hot and I was really disappointed in them and tried telling them that the ladies love it when men can shake it like a salt shaker but no one believed me and they just tried to quiet me with beer. Which unfortunately worked because it made me very tired.

  3. I decided that after this post we should be friends. I hope you agree. No but really.

    And yes this post made me happy. Although I am sad it's Monday.

  4. I'm so glad you had such a fun weekend, girl!!!

  5. Your weekend looks soo fun! Also now I just want a mimosa!

  6. I always color & write on the table when they have paper down on it at a restaurant! My friends think it's crazy!


  7. You and your googley eyes!! Well not YOURS, but you know what I mean :)

  8. WHY DIDN'T YOU WRITE ME A NOTE ON THE TABLE AT MACARONI GRILL!????? And cute HTML you've got in the bottom of your post there...

  9. holy fun filled weekend!
    i LOVE the macaroni grill!

  10. I remember getting snap chats from this weekend! Oh, and I'm still like 42% sure that you went to a high school dance and you're trying to make people thing that you're at a club or something.

    like drinking.

  12. Sometimes I like to sing “move bitch get out the way” to fellow drivers during my daily commute. And by sometimes I mean lots of times.