Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm making a list and not checking it twice because I hate proofreading

     I'm one giant bloatation device today and my uterus hates me (over share, don't care) and I've started four drafts of posts and then just decided "screw it" so I borrowed this idea from Erin because the creative juices are not flowing in my brain today and lists are fun.

Five things I'll be doing over the next week:
1. Meeting my niece. She was due yesterday but she can't be bothered by trivial things like due dates so she's taking her sweet time but the doctor won't let my sister go more than a week past her due date before inducing her so....it's almost time!
2. Maybe possibly hearing some good news about an apartment. (pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease!)
3. Painting my nails because I'm full of excitement.
4. Babysitting an 18 month old for two days and reaffirming in my head that I'm in no way ready to have kids of my own.
5. Realizing I don't have 5 things to put on this list, realizing I don't care, and going to bed.
Four items I need to purchase:

1. A hair appointment. These roots are embarrassing. I'd take a picture but no one needs to see that. Oh wait just kidding I found one to put on here you're welcome.
2. A car wash.
3. Brown boots because I wore the soles off my Target ones.
4. New work pants.
This section just shows how in shambles my personal life is. Fine not really but a little bit. Just the personal care section. Being a girl is hard!

If I knew how to use photoshop I'd circle the roots and cross out my face but since I can't do that you're stuck with this "maybe it's a selfie maybe it's not but it probably is" gem of a photo.
Three shows I can't wait to have come back into my life:

1. Grey's Anatomy. What's going to happen to Richard????????? Ten bucks says he lives. AND I DON'T WANT CRISTINA TO LEAVE WHY COULDN'T SHE SIGN ON FOR ANOTHER YEAR OR HAVE THE SHOW JUST END ALTOGETHER.
2. Parenthood. Because I don't cry enough.
3. Survivor. Because I needed a third show and Awake and Red Widow and Alcatraz all got cancelled and it's BLOOD VS. WATER.

Two reasons I'm excited for fall:

1. It's a cozy season with the cutest clothes and no sweat and I won't have to shave my legs.
2. The World Series because the Dodgers have a solid chance of winning this year.
One thing that's currently bothering me:

1. Other than the too small tank top I'm wearing under my shirt that keeps riding up and making me really angry, I'm bothered that people think being single is the absolute worst thing in the world. It's not, and I don't need you questioning why I'm happy without a boyfriend.
 photo ScreenShot2013-06-23at112320PM_zps46bb1b5d.png


  1. I need Parenthood back in my life. Good luck on the apartment!

  2. Hahaha I'm really loving the pictures that are accompanying this post. Specifically the first (I've been known to empty an entire wine bottle into a tervis for babysitting adventures) and the last.

  3. Parenthood!!!! I'm crying already.

    PS. I'll probably be single forever which is actually fine because I can just come visit my awesome single friend in California and no stupid guy can tell me that I can't. So ya.

  4. I know what you mean about #1. It drives me CRAZY when people "feel sorry" for me because I'm single and/or I don't have a date. I'm not sad, and I hate answering "when are you going to get a boyfriend?" Since when is that a polite question to ask anyway?! haha I actually wrote about this on my blog the other week: http://www.oneeightyblog.com/2013/08/i-wish-i-was-better-person-unorganized.html

  5. Im gettin my hair did this weekend...It's in need baddddd!!!!

  6. I just sucked it up and forked out the cash to jave my hair done being that mt roots had reached my ears.


  7. Ha ha. Over share, don't care ;)
    I love Parenthood, too. We're in the middle of watching Breaking Bad and it's like WAY WAY intense for us... does Walt become likeable again? Because I really need him to be if I'm gonna put up with acid and bodies and meth. Ha ha.

    Hooray for baby niece!

  8. When you paint my face and we drink champagne can we also go look at Target for cute boots we don't need? And then watch Breaking Bad and cry?

    Yes? Ok see you soon.

  9. I love coming to your blog for a good laugh. You are too funny!

  10. Good luck on the apartment!! Can't wait for Parenthood, the last season left me in tears!!

  11. Girlllll, preach on about the single thing. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my boyfriend, but before meeting him...I LOVED being single. Hell, I rocked it out and had THE best time. That's the way to do it. Embrace it, love it, and give errybody else the finger. Do your thang, boo boo.

  12. Being single is my favourite.

    Survivor is still on TV?!?! Is it season 42?

    I don't think your roots are that bad. Seriously. I've seen worse. Okay - mine are worse.

    I stopped watching Parenthood half-way through last season and I just don't know if I can pick it back up. That's just too much saddness for me.


  13. After being tied down, being single again is the greatest thing of my life. Seriously. I may hate it some days when I want to cuddle but that's why I have a sister.

    plus, no shaving your legs: no boyfriend, no problem.


    p.s. your roots aren't that bad.

  14. girl, you are seriously hilarious!! i love your witty/comical writing style.

    also fun that you linked back to your work pants post because i remember reading that laughing my ass off. so fun!

  15. no sweat!!! the only sweat in my life this fall will be sweatpants and that's how I like it!

  16. Haha love the boyfriend comment and photos.


  17. The baby and drinking photo is the best thing ever.

    And I agree. Why do people keep asking us if we're okay being single? yes, yes i am.

  18. that pic of you and the kid both drinking is hilarious. and i just clicked on your pants post and OMFG nearly spit out my coffee. thanks for the morning laughs!

    Vodka and Soda

  19. CHRISTINA IS LEAVING? Well this is going to be an absolutely pointless season of Grey's that I doubt I will even watch (I'm totally lying).

  20. grey's anatomy is still a thing? #TheMoreYouKnow

  21. Grey's. My anatomy only survives to view their anatomy.

    I loved being single. Then I got married and I love that too. In different, but equally fun ways.

    And, I know they're Target boots, but have you thought about getting them resoled? I did that with my boots and the shop reconditioned them and THEY ARE NEW BOOTS but I don't have to break them in. Seriously, it's heaven.