Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogging things I'm bad at

     I think the title gives enough of a description that I don't need an introductory paragraph, but I do need to apologize for ending the title with a preposition. My brothers would be so mad at me, but "Blogging things at which I suck" just sounds pretentious in my opinion. Also, you just got an introductory paragraph so apparently I'm a liar and no one asked for all these words. STOP TYPING JULIETTE.

Blogging Things I'm Bad At
AKA Blogging Things At Which I Suck

Scheduling posts.
     One of the things college taught me was how to be an AMAZING procrastinator. My friends and I would stay up all night to finish a paper/study for a test for a class the next morning and we'd waste all night looking at YouTube and Facebook and taking pictures and then when we had a couple of hours left we'd get it together (sort of) and do what needed to be done. One time we finished a 10-page paper at 7:50 and it had to be in our professor's mailbox by 8. We RACED to his house and there was this stupid SLOW magenta car driving ahead of us and we were freaking out that we were late and then the car turned out to be our professor. So we jumped out of the car and begged him not to mark our papers late (it was like 8:03) and he didn't because he was a pushover. All that to say that I have finished a post early exactly one time. All the other times I pretend to write them at night while I watch Jeopardy or Mad Men but then I actually work on them the next morning. It gives me less time to change things.

     Until this week I had no idea how to add buttons to my sidebar. Erin did my blog design back in June (AND I STILL LOVE IT) and I was so afraid of messing something up that I didn't touch anything until this week when I finally added some buttons to my sidebar and that's about the extent of my knowledge. Which leads me to my next point...

Basically anything technical.
     It took me forever to figure out how to change being a no-reply blogger. Then it took me forever to figure out how to get comments sent to my e-mail. Then I made an actual blog e-mail address ( if you're interested) and tried to link my account to that e-mail but I've failed miserably, so now I have to sign in to my blog with a hotmail account and open a new window if I want to reply to comments. It's all annoying but I haven't had time to fix it. And by that I mean I've been too busy reading Buzzfeed and tweeting and stuff to figure it out.

     Also I have no idea how to add those cool tabs at the top of the page. That's partially why I don't have an about me page or anything. It also goes along with the procrastinating issue because I'm always worried I'll forget to write something really important that you just have to know about me in that section. Sorry.

Responding to comments.
     See the e-mail thing ^^. I leave my blog tab open most of the time and the comments go to my blog e-mail but if I open that e-mail it logs me out of my blog and it's all really annoying and I hate it but not enough to try and fix it, apparently.

Writing posts that aren't full of lists.
     Sorry. I like bullet points and lists. I'm kind of wordy (you haven't noticed, right?) and I like tangents and rabbit trails and digression so sometimes I try to have a train of thought and then I just end up thinking about the time I rode a train home on Halloween weekend and the train hit a person on the tracks and this girl thought we hit a bird because of the sudden stop. She was coming from a college in Santa Barbara so she was probably already drunk. And those train tracks of death are another story for another time and wow I'm sorry I'm putting you through this no one asked for this.

Figuring out a not-awkward way to end my posts.
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  1. HAHA It took me awhile for some of this..and I am still bad at some....high five friend!

  2. I got that card for my birthday... and I love this post! It's hard for me to find a non-awkward way to start my posts so I feel ya.

  3. I think about all of these things EVERY DAY. Especially the lists one! I THINK in lists, so it's so hard to translate those into coherent paragraphs that i can put on the internet. Also, some of my funniest/most well received posts were lists, soooo writing real paragraphs just seems like a huge hassle.

  4. Same here. :/ I said to myself I would post four times a week and I've been semi good about doing that...except more often or not I post all four posts at the end of the week. *oops*
    Have you found that there's an ideal time for posting blog posts? One that will get you the most comment views and comments?

  5. i'm with you on responsding to comments. i do but i have 2 emails (and maybe 3 now..) and its awful. just so much time.

  6. I'm so glad that I'm not alone in the confusing bloggy world! I got the app mailbox and it alerts my phone when I've received an e-mail, unlike the normal mail app that just tells you that you have 'x amount' of e-mails. So I just respond right there from my phone.

    Maybe try that?

    XOXO Fal

  7. I looked for your about me page the other day, now I know where it is!

  8. I am with you on the emails. I have like 3 and depending on which one I comment from I am scrambling trying to login to all of them to respond. Crazy!

  9. Thanks for adding my button to your blog, girlfriend! I feel loved <3
    Also, I NEVER schedule posts... maybe eventually I'll get around to it, but NAHHH not yet. Agreed with Fallon above, try the mailbox app, it's a gem! xo

  10. Your list and mine are identical. Also I'm really bad about telling the readers that I'm going to write about something in particular, then go M.I.A. for several days...only to never write about it. I'm pretty awesome like that. And, starting and ending a post are the worst.

  11. i think i have the same email issue. i created my blog with my personal email. and THEN made a blog email. so now comments on my posts go to the blog email. BUT replies to comments i put on other blogs go to my personal email. it's like i'm two people and i have no idea how to fix it. at least i'm a gemini so it's fitting.

  12. I was really nervous when I started playing around with HTML too, and for a while my blog looked like a kindergardener designed it. But I think teaching yourself how to do something is the best way to learn. UR PRETTY KBYE.

  13. I've been blogging for heading into three years. HTML is the devil. I'm terrified to touch things on my blog, and it needs a big overhaul. I think the comment thing is ok because you're pretty active with your readers on da twitter :) Besides we clearly like your blog just how it is :)

  14. hahahah I'm on the same boat as you in some of these.
    Procrastinator is my middle name. and Html is kind of my worst enemy! :)

  15. I have no idea how to end posts. I'm really thankful Erin designed my blog so I can just use my signature as the end. Also commenting on blogs? I suck. I say I'm going to do better every week but then I get distracted and blah blah blah, I never do it. Scheduling posts is the only thing I'm really really good at because I don't have the time in the morning to type. Anyways. You are hysterical and this was very random. #sorrynotsorry

  16. I'm a list person too! There's just something I love about lists. It helps get the point across, and if you're guilty of verbal diarrhea, like me, it helps you stick to the point without going overboard.

  17. Ha Ha Ha this is honestly everything I struggle with too!
    Love this post.

  18. I comment with one email and my blog comments go to another. i am too lazy to try to figure out how to merge the two. I basically have 2 gmail accounts...oh well

  19. Ahhhh if you ever figure out that horrible HTML make your blog look amazing thing PLEAAAAAAASE help a sister out! I am so clueless when it comes to this haha.

  20. can you please use that ending on all your blogs? i really love it.