Monday, August 12, 2013

The lies I tell myself

      My weekend really wasn't that eventful. We had family stuff and I slept in and watched the Dodger's kick SERIOUS BUTT. Why am I bothering to tell you about it? Here are some pictures.

1. I made the most delicious frosting ever for my aunt's birthday cake but it melted [because maybe I didn't do it totally right] and turned into a total disaster and I cried but then I got a hold of myself and everything was fine.

2. My brother gave my brother-in-law this amazing shirt. The baby is due in 5 weeks!!

3 & 4.  Jacey and I went to dinner on Sunday evening and watched the Dodgers kick Tampa Bay's butt.

     When Jacey and I went to dinner last night, I said I probably won't really drink, I mean, I have to work Monday morning so I should probably be responsible. And I'll probably only eat salad. I mean obviously this wasn't true, and two margaritas in it was evern more obvious that I'd just been lying to myself. So after the two margaritas, we did what anybody would do: we went to a bar, and it was depressing. When we got there (at 7pm) it was moderately busy and kinda fun. Within a half hour we were the only two in there. Have you ever been in a bar when you and your friend are the only one there? It seems like it would be fun, but it's not. It's pretty depressing. And I asked Jacey if she would take a picture of me standing on the bar, but she wouldn't. I mean what kind of friend is that?? So then we left and went to get bubblegum ice cream but Rocky Mountain was closed so we had to go to Rite Aid, and then I realized that the whole I'll hardly drink and I'll only eat salad was really just another lie I was telling myself, and then I started thinking of all the other lies I tell myself, like:
  • Monday, I'll start working out on Monday. Next Monday.

  • If I eat two donuts a donut this morning I'll just have a salad for dinner.

  • I'm only having one glass of wine alcohol tonight.

  • I'm totally getting up at 8 on Saturday and I won't sleep til noon.

  • I don't care how many followers/comments I get, I blog for me just like everybody else does.

  • I'll put 50% of my paycheck in savings. Ok fine, 35%.

  • I'm totally cleaning my room this weekend.

  • The oil in my car will get changed this week. Like probably on Tuesday.

  • THURSDAY is the day I'll get a car wash. Wait no, I'll wash it myself.

  • I'll start studying for the Series 7 NEXT WEEK.

  • I never want to get married. And I totally don't want a boyfriend.

  • I don't care what people think about me.

  • love salad, it's soooooo good and is soooooo much more delicious than fries and cheeseburgers.

  • I'm not addicted to my iPhone at all. I could totally live without it.

  • I could totally live without Twitter, too.

  • These pants don't make my butt look big at all. And my butt doesn't make my butt look big either.
  • I'm wearing sweat pants because they're comfy, not because they're all that fit me right now.
  • I'll just eat four pretzel M&Ms, not the whole entire bag.
  • Green eyeliner is a GREAT idea and doesn't look like the 80s at all.
  • Tomorrow I'll get up at 5:40...tomorrow I'll get up at 5:40 instead of 6:04.
  • I'll get my hair highlighted this week.
  • Yeah I'll totally draft all my blog posts on Sunday night. I won't procrastinate at all.
     Clearly if there were more, I'd post them, but I'm already going to bed an hour later than I said I would (irony or something?) so I'll stop here. Plus I don't want to depress myself anymore. What lies do you tell yourself? Can you related to me at all (please oh please oh please say yes)?
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  1. I always do the "I'll just have one drink" gig. Then somehow I've never just had ONE drink.

  2. "I'll get back to the gym tomorrow."

  3. I always do the "I'll start working out later, ok tomorrow, ok next week" thing. haha

  4. 'I'm going to the gym starting Monday.'-me. yeah right. :)

  5. "I'll wake up early and go to the gym before work."

    "I'm totally not addicted to caffeine."

    "Juicing? PIECE OF CAKE. I don't really need solid food that badly."

  6. Oh hunty...if you're female you're probably telling 95% of the stuff on your list. Lol...and actively lying about the other 5% too. I can relate big time!

  7. All of these. Oh, life. Happy Monday.

  8. Bahaha I love you. Lies I tell myself.. I will not drunkenly use my cell phone to do anything that will embarrass me the next day. Clearly I'm still not over it. Googly eyed donuts make me laugh!

  9. I tell myself many of these lies on a daily basis. The main one being "I'll clean my car/my room/the kitchen when I get home from work today!" Ha. Haha it makes me laugh just thinking about it.

  10. I tell my self I wont keep buying useless make up that i NEVER use.

  11. I lie to myself all the time. My most common lie is, "I am going to clean my room/the house/the kitchen tonight." I NEVER do it.

  12. I wish I could live without my phone! Maybe I should try to rely on it a lot less. It would def be refreshing! Found you from the linkup :) Happy Monday!

  13. was i the only one that rocked white eye liner in middle school? because i swear that was a thing at my school... and it was cool. ugh horrible.

  14. I can DEFINITELY relate to you. I think I tell myself almost everything you wrote and don't follow through on any of it (at first I wrote most of it. Another lie.) Some things I didn't even realize were lies I told myself until I read them on your blog. Now you depressed me, too. Sighhhh.

    Also, I tagged you in a Liebster award thingy that I posted about today. Go check it out!

  15. I love this! I totally tell myself all those lies! The going to the gym and one drink thing are failures ALL the time!

  16. haha I totally tell myself some of those same lies. Especially the wine one. :)

  17. "I'll work out tomorrow" ya not happening.

  18. I can't tell you how many times I have pigged out on food, swearing that the next day I am going to go on a diet and work-out.

    After pizza, chocolate and wine last was supposed to be one of those days.

    Definitely had a soda and chips today :)


  19. Your post just proves we are ALL big fat dirty liars...

  20. The pretzel m&m's... CRACK! (say crack again) I can eat the ENTIRE PARTY BAG all by myself. In like 2 days. At most. It's a talent and a curse.

  21. Yes to every single one of these, girl.
    Also, I totally would've taken a picture of you on the bar... hell, I probably would've gotten on the bar with you.

    Also, a savings account? Ha - that's cute.