Monday, August 5, 2013

If an Aussie buys you a drink, you TAKE IT.

Um, hey Monday, what the what are you doing here so soon? It's pretty rude how you just show up uninvited when clearly no one wants you here. But whatever, at least I get to link up with the lady who has the prettiest hair on the internet, Sami herself! What are you even doing with your life if you're not doing this too? HUH?

Sami's Shenanigans

     Sorry, I wasn't judging, I promise. I can't judge, after the weekend I had. Probably the most exciting that happened to me was that Netflix e-mailed me and told me that the first half of Breaking Bad season 5 is available, and yes I do let things like that get me way too excited, so sue me. A few weeks ago I wrote about how great I am at sleeping, and over the weekend I did quite a bit of sleeping. Like, Saturday I was pretty much sleeping and reading all day. I think if I'd been out by a pool all day sleeping and reading it'd be way more acceptable than staying inside all day sleeping and reading. But if you ask me, I was being smart by not going out because I didn't subject myself to harmful UV rays sooooo, five points for me. But you don't want to hear about that, unless I told you about my wild and crazy dreams and...just kidding. Jacey has informed me that hearing about peoples' dreams is awful so I won't subject you to that (but I will tell you it involved an ex boyfriend and a baby).

     Jacey dragged me out of my hibernation on Saturday evening with the promise of an adult beverage in downtown SLO, and how could I say no to that? Obviously I couldn't. As we were driving downtown we saw a party bus which is kind of a rare sight in SLO. It was Dave's Bachelor Party, and we looked at each other and knew our mission would be to crash this bachelor party. I mean hello, they had a party bus


     We ended up running into DBP (Dave's Bachelor Party, duh, keep up)  at a bar, and one of the guys game up to us and started chatting. You guys, he had an Australian accent. If an Australian accent doesn't make you immediately fall in love with him, how bout the fact that he handed us $20 and said "Go get yourselves some drinks, and keep the change."? No? Me either. I thought the "and keep the change" part was kind of creepy, but we were definitely ok with letting him buys us drink. So we gave him his change and started talking to the bachelor party, and the Australian (Damien) tried to take our picture ^^ but as you can see he was awful at is so all we had was that blurry mess.Thanks a lot, Damien.      

Damien has the sunglasses on.
     You know how when you listen to yourself talk it doesn't sound like you have an accent? Well all these guys were from all over the world and they kept commenting on our accents. Sander (below) kept trying to teach me how to say his name correctly -- it's Sahn-der, not Sand-er -- and telling us how cute our accents are. Then they all saw my bitchy resting face

Guy: "Whoa, why do you look so bored?"
Me: "I'm not."
Guy: "Why does your face look so angry?"
Me: "....I think that's just the way my face looks."
Guy: "Well, damn, you look really bored."

     They told us about their party bus and the pole inside and the alcohol in my system made me lie. "Oh how cool! I have a pole in my basement, I take pole dancing lessons, and my cousin Jacey does too but she's waaaaaay better at it than me. You're supposed to run and jump on it and hoist yourself up and Jacey can get way higher than me and then turn upside down and spin around reeeeeeally slow. It's so fun." I don't even know where all of that came from but I'm sure not going to apologize for it.

     We abandoned them in a pizza parlor because I was dying for a tri tip sandwich and a margarita. I mean, it was urgent. I needed it.

Then homeslice dropped her sandwich on the floor.
*Cue tears*

THEN we went to Woodstock's to find the bachelor party because obviously we weren't done with them yet because hello it was guys with accents. They weren't ready to leave so we went out in search of dessert and, you guys, I was able to get bubblegum ice cream.

I wish I could explain to you how much I love bubblegum ice cream.
It's my favorite thing ever, and I wanted it on my birthday but THEY WERE OUT OF IT.

So then we were sitting on a bench trying to decide what to do next and guess who we ran into?
DAMIEN. He was all done stuffing his face with pizza and he was allllll ready to get the party started again.
Damien convinced us to follow him to another bar, so of course we did, and of course I took my ice cream in there with me because I was busy having a love affair with it.

Then I went to the bathroom and saw this painted on the wall and I thought, "well how appropriate is this right now?"

     AND THEN...we left, at 9:30. Part of me gets a little bit sad when I'm ready to call it a night so early, but when I woke up this morning without a hangover I was pretty happy with my decision. It was just an all around fun night, and I've really been enjoying myself when I'm not on the prowl for my next ex boyfriend. It's so much easier to just let loose and eat ice cream in a bar than to try and worry about what to say because you want to be a good flirter. Plus, it gives me good blogging material, and what could be better than that?
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  1. Given all the nights activities I definitely imagined it ending closer to 5 am.... If you can pack all that in and still be in bed by 10 I'd say its a successful night!

  2. Haha I was definitely thinking the night started more around 930. That's okay, I love those nights when I get to be in bed by 10 and feel awesome when I wake up in the morning. And boys with accents are possibly the hottest thing in the world.

  3. Gotta love bathroom wall wisdom! Plus it's cute! Oh is there anything better than a boy with an accent???

  4. Australian accents. swoon. Love the bathroom wall art.

  5. Aussies and bubble gum icecream-- doesn't get much betta!!

  6. Breaking Bad season 5 on Netflix is pretty much the best thing that has happened to me in August. Two words: JESSE PINKMAN.

  7. hahahaha I love this! Hilarious at that conversation with "guy", omg really?! And yes if an Assie hands you a $20, you most definitely buy DAT DRINK ;) "and keep the change"...?!?!?!

  8. Haha. "I think that's the way my face looks." ;)

  9. The best weekends are those you can blog about! haha. Have you watched that new netflix series, orange is the new black?

  10. Best weekend ever lmao. I love all of your crazy stories

  11. SUCH wisdom on a bathroom wall, love it!

  12. i would have cried if my sammie fell on the floor...and then probs still eaten it. i get emotionally attached to my food that way

  13. You can't say no to those accents! We traveled to Australia this past spring and I was so in love with their accents!

  14. Haha I am an Australian, I guess you react the same way we react to American accents!

    Is it bad I was interested in your dream haha?

    And how on earth do you eat ice cream when you have been drinking? I am impressed!


  15. Nothing better than a boy with an accent...NOTHING.

    P.S. Oh, hey pretty lady! You're seriously freaking gorggggggg!

  16. You need to stop being so pretty. Just saying.

    I love a good accent, so I probably would've done the same thing - can't even lie.
    I love that after all of this, you were home by 9:30.

  17. If I wasn't convinced already, this story did it for me. I have to come visit you and we have to have shenanigans like this. I mean you just can't make this stuff up. 9:30 for the win!