Monday, July 15, 2013

Shenanigans at the Aquarium

   In March I won a radio contest and got two tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Yesterday, Jacey and I finally got our schedules worked out and planned a day trip up the coast to look at marine life. It's only about a 3 hour drive each way, so we got our Starbucks, blasted Lady Antebellum, and drove our maxi dress bods North.


We had to stop about halfway through because Little Miss Peanut Bladder (you can guess who that is) just couldn't hold it (bazinga, it was both of us). So we went to a 7-11 and asked the cashier where the restroom was and she said, "Back there. KEEP IT CLEAN!" Uh, lady, your bathroom smells like something died and the sink has black grime all over it...what are you smoking??

Oh, and this was on the side of the road.
Cabbage farm.

Finally we made it to Monterey and succeeded in not paying $30 to park in a sketchy parking garage.
The beach is behind us but you can't see it because I accidentally edited it out I think it was overcast.

We looked around for about a half hour trying to find the jelly fish show, but for some stupid reason the jelly fish show wasn't by the jelly fish exhibit, so we missed it. Whatever. We still got to see a bunch of really creepy looking cool scientifically amazing jellies.

Can taking pictures with iPads please stop being a thing?
You look ridiculous, and you're in my way.

There were bat rays, sea turtles, anemones, sea otters, sharks, and a bunch of other stuff that my iPhone 4S camera didn't capture quite as beautifully as I would have liked, so if you have a strong desire to see sea creatures you just go ahead and click on over to the google (after you're done reading, of course).

Look at the penguins!!!
Is it just me or does his eye look suspiciously googly eye-ified?


We went back an hour later and the eyes were still there, so I think that's a WIN.

I'm trying really hard to take more horizontal pictures, because those are a lot easier to use in blogs but a lot harder to remember to take. 

Then we went outside and looked at the water and the sky, which was a lot prettier in person.
And pretend like you can't see that dark patch of hair. The last three hairstylists I've gone to have failed at highlighting that section. I don't get it. I'm convinced though that most salons give you wine just so that you don't pay attention to your hair and when they leave a chunk like that you're too warm and fuzzy to notice.

I did NOT flash the octopuses. And since when is it 'octopuses'? What happened to 'octopi'? 

If I ever do online dating again (HAH!) this will be my new profile picture.

We walked down the street to Bubba Gump where we had amazeballs popcorn shrimp and clam chowder NOM. And Jacey officially doesn't hate my googly eye obsession anymore. Putting the eyes on the shrimp was her idea.

Then we went to Ghiradelli and split a $10 rocky road split. And you guys, I'm severely disappointed in myself because the two of us weren't even able to put away half of the split. 

Juliette the Genius decided it would be a great idea to take Highway 1 home, because everyone talks about how beautiful the drive is. It's a winding highway with rocky mountains (not the Rocky Mountains, it's CA not the eight states that actually contain some of the Rocky Mountains) on one side, and a cliff and the ocean on the other. Sometimes they give you guardrails. How sweet. I googled some pictures so you could see what I had to deal with.

This wasn't google, this was when I pulled off the road and made Jacey take a picture of me just for YOU.

It really is beautiful, but it's also absolutely terrifying.

I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely terrified of bridges. I'm always afraid that they're going to collapse and I'm going to plummet to my death. Nothing but warm and fuzzy thoughts over here! HWY 1 has so many bridges, I almost thought I was being punked. And there's construction so we had to come to a complete stop on more than one bridge. I almost hyperventilated.

But we survived, no thanks to a jerk in a silver Chevy sedan who flipped me off and passed me on a CURVE. It was a brilliant move that let him speed ahead of me...for about 7 seconds until he got trapped behind another car who was driving safely (i.e. the speed limit). This idiot was tailgating like there was no tomorrow, flipping people off left and right, and passing like nobody's business. It was insane and a really big part of me hoped he got pulled over and slapped with a huge fine. 

About an hour north of my town is San Simeon, the home of elephant seals and Hearst Castle. Elephant seals are not the same as manatees, which I learned the hard way after I tweeted that they're the same and Jacey was basically like, "OMG you're dumb where were you during 4th grade science?" And then she googled it and Wikipedia told her I was wrong. 

The next time I go to Monterey, I'm spending the night and kayaking with sea otters.

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  1. Wow that sounds like a fantastic weekend, I love the aquarium but there isn't one too close to me. But I guess if you drove three hours then I can too. Those sea elephants or whatever they're called are awesome! There's so many!

    PS. I hear Hwy 1 is aaahhmazing, so jealous of you!

  2. Sounds like a fab weekend! I would love to drive where there's the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other but Florida doesn't have mountains so I'll just have to deal, lol. I do love when people pass me and then I catch up to them...suck-ahs!!!

  3. So like you're really pretty. Sooo stop that because now I feel ugly.

    Anyways.. aquariums freak me out. Especially in the rooms where the glass is above your head and there are like sharks. I'm like cool this is definitely going to break and I'll get eaten alive. Oh, and I want to come play in California!

  4. This whole googly eye thing has me laughing, pretty much all the time. Every time I see something with eyes I think about googly eyeing it. Also, highway 1, gorgeous! And yea, a little terrifying.

  5. AHH so cool!! I love aquariums!I wish we had one closer to me!!

    Thumbs up for not parking in sketchy parking garages!! Looks like a pretty fab weekend!

  6. Jealous of your awesome weekend! The googly eyes on the Bubba Gump shrimp is my favorite one so far I think.

  7. How fun!! I'm glad you had such a great time. And you had me laughing about the Ipad joke... like please, use your phone. too far!

  8. I spent Sunday on the coast but I was the ass hole tail gating the slower drivers (in my defense they were doing 15 mph under the speed limit and slamming on their brakes every time they saw the ocean).