Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Anniversary to ME!

My weekend basically looked like this (plus some sleeping):
I mean, you can't ever have too many margaritas, right??
(Regular, on the rocks, no salt pretty please.)
I also went and saw Girl Most Likely, which was good but not as funny as I was expecting.
But I'd had two margaritas so I didn't really care, and Kristen Wiig can do no wrong.

But let's move on to something else (something serious, sorry): I had an anniversary over the weekend. 

Anniversaries are kind of important to me. I remember random dates, like the date of my first kiss and the dates I broke up with my last two boyfriends. I also remember the date I got my tongue pierced (that's a test to see how closely you pay attention). So it just makes sense that I would remember the date I made the 241 mile move from Break back to SLO County. Duh.
July 21, 2012.
I'd been talking about moving back home ever since I finished college, but I just couldn't get it together enough to actually do it. But then Jacey convinced me to do it when, over pizza sandwiches* in her living room in Arizona at 4am I said, "I wish I could move back to Los Osos," and she said, "Why don't you?"
I didn't have an answer. So a few days later I called my parents and basically said, "Hey, I'm gonna move home. No I don't have a job lined up. I can live with you though, right? I'll be there July 21."
And I was. I packed up everything I owned in my little Honda and left Brea.
I left my friends... 
L>R Alyssa, Taylor, Andrea, little girls I nannied, roommates, Karina.
And it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.
When I was making that drive home with my car packed to the roof, I thought a lot about what my life up here would look like. I thought I had it alllllllll figured out. I thought everything would fall into place.
I thought wrong.

I thought I'd have a boyfriend.
Well I did, for two months, and it was awful wasn't as great as I thought it would be.

I thought I'd be living in my own little apartment.
Uh no. False. Why does living alone have to be SO EXPENSIVE?
But I'm working on it.

I thought I'd be going for 5 mile runs along the bluffs at Montana de Oro.

I'm happy here.
I belong here.

Well this got sappy really fast.
Happy anniversary to me.
Gimme all the margaritas.

*A pizza sandwich is when you put two pieces of pizza together and make a sandwich out of them. It's twice the pizza but half the calories according to the special math I use when I drink.
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  1. Twice the pizza but half the calories.. ded. I don't know anything about where and how and what you moved but I do know that I want to come and visit that pretty place. Also.. Darren Criss would never have sex with Kristen Wiig bc he's not straight (okay he is but he's not in Glee) that annoyed me the whole movie. KTHANKSBYE.

  2. Nope, never too many margaritas and it's entirely too expensive to live on your own. Boo! Happy anniversary to you!

  3. #1 we are twins because that is exactly how I order my margarita. #2 the next time I make/order pizza, I'm definitely making a pizza sandwich. #3 those pictures are freakin gorgeous, did you take them?

  4. Hmmm I need some pizza sandwiches then! :)

  5. Ha Ha love your pizza sandwich, never heard of it however I can see your special maths seems legit I should defs try it!
    Have a great week.
    Love Gi

  6. All I need to know is if you really got your tongue pierced or not and if you did and your dad didn't rip it out, do you still have it? I'm asking, because a friend wants to know.

  7. Hi there! I found you through Life of Bon, and as soon as I saw a picture of not one, not two, but THREE margs all in a row, I knew I had to follow you (on GFC, not in a creepy way). I just want to tell you that special math is a legit thing. I like to use it when I hit up Mcdonalds for a Mcdouble at 1am. It's also helpful the day after drinking, when I stuff my face with cheeseburgers to take care of that hangover.

  8. Love your math on the pizza sandwich! I need to learn to do math that way I think.

  9. Awesome I live in Los Osos too. Makes sense since I did a google blog search for los Osos

  10. I'm new to the blog scene and came across yours yesterday. You're hilarious! I grew up in Ventura and moved to Atlanta 3 years ago. I have been so homesick for the last year and a half that most days I feel like packing my car to the brim and escaping. Not sure what is holding me here, except a job. So, this post really hit home to me. I think it's awesome that you just packed up and went home. That's brave. Enjoy all the margs and enjoy Los Osos: the Central Coast is one of my favorite places in SoCal!