Tuesday, May 7, 2013

J3 and the Heffington Wedding

Growing up, one of the best parts of the year was the two weeks I was able to spend at summer camp.
Jenna and I met in 6th grade at Awana Scholarship Camp. We became friends with Jade in the years follwing, but it seems like the three of us have always been friends. (That may or may not be because I have a really bad memory prior to 8th grade.)


One year during high school the three of us were able to get together for a weekend in San Jose, which was where the above photo was taken. (You never realize how much you've changed until you see a photo from when you dyed your hair red and then tried to get it fixed.)
I haven't seen the two of them since our last year at camp in 2006. But thanks to social media I've been able to feel like I'm still a part of their lives (that sounds eerily similar to stalking).

We were reunited over the weekend for
Jenna's Wedding!

It was beautiful.
Set in the Exeter, California, in front of friends and family, Jenna and John exchanged vows and promised their forevers to each other.
(Mushy. Gross.)
But let's back up, shall we?

After my issues with getting to Clovis on Friday night I figured my travel woes were over.
HA! I should know better.
I realized about ten minutes into my drive to Exeter that I didn't have my wallet, so I hurried back to Cristen's house, where my wallet wasn't, to Cristen's car, where it also wasn't, so she generously loaned me $20 of emergency cash and I rushed down the freeway at speeds that I will never tell my father.

Thankfully I arrived with plenty of time to spare and was able to visit with Jade for a bit. We went to this awesome coffee shop called Capella in downtown Exeter.

They were playing K-Love on the radio and they had all the Left Behind books in the cafe!

I had an iced vanilla latte.

They also had this cool table that had all these carvings on it.
(I felt like such a hipster.)

I am a bad planner and an exceptional procrastinator and I hadn't gotten a gift bag yet, so Jade and I did a tiny bit of exploring in Exeter to find a gift bag. We walked past this mural that was really really big, but you can't tell because my photographing skills are nill.

We found a gift bag (and tissue paper) inside this random little store that was somewhere between a thrift store and a Rite Aid.

Finally, FINALLY, it was time for the #heffingtonwedding!!

It was beautiful. There were so many little details!
John and Jenna chose the hottest weekend so far in 2013 to have their wedding. It was in the 90s which, for this coastal girl, was the WORST. I felt like I was melting. 
I wanted to rip my spanx off.
Do NOT wear spanx in extreme heat.

But then Jenna began walking down the aisle with her dad and suddenly it didn't seem so hot anymore.
All that mattered was that they were so beautifully in love that I wanted to cry.
Just kidding.
I could still tell how hot it was.

The look on John's face was priceless.
And thanks to 27 Dresses I feel like a total cliche for noticing that.

They had a short and sweet cocktail hour - only about 40 minutes between the end of the ceremony and the beginning of the reception! They were on top of things.
I don't understand how the two of them were able to look so calm and NOT SWEATY AT ALL.
I guess the happiness sucked all the moisture into them?

As the sun set, the temperature cooled, and we were treated to this beautiful backdrop.

They had these cute DIY centerpieces on every table!

Instead of a traditional cake, they had a cupcake bar, which was amazing! The cupcakes were delicious!

John and Jenna
May 4th, 2013

This was the small cake they used to for the ceremonious cake cutting.
Poor John's figurine got to warm and his head melted off.
I want to make a joke about that but I'm trying to have some tact.

There was open seating, which I really appreciated because I thought it would make it easy for me to choose an eligible bachelor to take home with me.
I was a little wrong.
 Our table was filled with seniors, BUT we all got along really well.
This lady, whose name I never knew (because apparently I'm rude and don't pay attention to anything unless it's food) gave me tips on crocheting.
Then they tried to get me to go to a new church and convert to Protestantism (but I think that's mostly because there is a new young pastor at a particular church. THANKS FOR THE HELP *Sarcasm*).

"How would you like your meat?" I was asked.
"Still moo-ing, preferably," I replied.
"HAHAHAHAHA," everyone* said, because remember, I'm HILARIOUS.
*No one said that

It was wonderful seeing these ladies again, especially for such an exciting event!
At the reception Jade and I stared at Jenna for about 3 minutes trying to get her attention before she finally saw us. When she did, she screamed and jumped up to hug us and we laughed and laughed.
That made me tear up a little bit.
But then I realized it was actually just a couple of beads of sweat.

Top Left: At camp
Bottom Left: In San Jose
Right: The wedding (Jenna's husband's finger made a special appearance which is fine because we wouldn't want anyone to feel left out. PS thanks for ruining the picture just kidding.)

Jade has a way of pulling off red lipstick that makes me extremely jealous.

Can I just say that this was one of the first weddings I've been to where I didn't feel any bitterness or jealousy? It was just complete HAPPINESS for my friend, and that was a good feeling.
It would have been even better if it had been twenty degrees cooler, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

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