Friday, May 24, 2013


life rearranged

The stories behind the pictures.
Compared to a lot of people, I rarely post on InstaGram. Compared to others, I post alllll the time.
My rule is that I can't post more than one picture in a 36 hour period.
And if you believed that's actually my rule, we need to be better friends because clearly you don't know me AT ALL.
But really, I probably post a picture every day or two.
Lots of pictures are of food. Lots are of me making funny faces. And lots are of the sky.
What can I say? My life is rich and full.
And almost every one is a picstitch because I mean WHO DOESN'T LOVE A COLLAGE.

My sister is having a baby girl in September!
This is the first niece/nephew/grandbaby in our family and I don't think I could be more excited.
Since this photo I've already bought more shoes, hats, and outfits and I'm not planning on slowing down.
It's really fun when people ask about the baby and they think I'M the pregnant one and I just go along with it because it's more embarrassing to say, "I'm not pregnant I just had two donuts for breakfast this morning."

Morgan (L) and me (R)
Morgan and I became friends when she and her dad were walking through the church parking lot to her house and I think she was carrying a stuffed elephant and they stopped to talk to me and my dad because we were outside grilling something and Morgan and I had a race to see who could recite her phone number the fastest. And FYI I still remember her phone number even though we haven't spoken in years.
I love posting "throwback" pictures.
Throwback Thursday is one of my favorites.
I was really cute when I was really little.
But then things went downhill for a while.

I mean....everyone has their awkward phases, right?
Mine lasted from 6th grade til probably my sophomore year of college.
I thought it was really cool to shave my eyebrows.
(Top L is 14yrs, Bottom L is 12yrs)
Then after I did that I tweezed the *$%@ out of them! I blame Stacie Orrico for that. She was so popular and I loved her "Genuine" song and she had greased hair and chola eyebrows so obviously I had to have that too. Thankfully I learned to let my hair down and my eyebrows grow in, and I learned that Wet N Wild foundation, concealer, AND powder isn't the best and also sparkles all over your face isn't the best either.

Umm...I'm pretty sure this is self-explanatory.
But in case you're confused, this is a collage of me standing next to famous people.
Just kidding. Those are just guys I dated.
Warning: I'm going to use this for another post next week.
Hear that, Jacey? NEXT WEEK sometime. So don't bug me about it please.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand I may not have done InstaFriday the right way, but I don't know if there really is a right way. I found Jeannett's blog the way I find most of them, by browsing and clicking and reading and clicking, and I'm doing that thing that seems really creepy where I just read but don't participate.
Kind of like Latin class in Jr. High.

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