Friday, May 17, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

There are really a lot of things I like.
There also happen to be a lot of things I DON'T like. That actually sounds like it could be a way more fun and in depth post than this one, or maybe that's just the pessimist in me. I don't care, I'm definitely going to be doing that. And probably soon.
Oh hey, I may have gotten distracted.
ANYWAY. I like some things. And here are some of them.
Have fun and try not to get too hungry.

If you know me at all it won't be surprising to see bacon at the top of my list.
I don't really think this needs any explanation. I mean, I can't think of anything that DOESN'T taste good with bacon. Wait, that's a lie. I have a tin of bacon flavored breath mints that's been sitting on my desk for over 6 months, and they are absolutely disgusting.
Please go fry some pig fat in oil right now and bring it to me so I can nom all over it.

Funny text messages.
Sometimes they make me groan (^^^), but they're still funny.
If you've read Texts on a Thursday, you'd know this.

This is completely shallow and narcissistic, but I love Twitter notifications. (I mean, who doesn't?)
Someone new is following me? YES!
Someone favorited my tweet about Reese's peanut butter cups? SCORE!
Someone tweeted AT me?? OMG day=made.
(I've had a Twitter account since 2008, and I've got a solid EIGHTY followers. It's not my fault that everybody else is jealous that I'm so popular. Sometimes I feel like the Gretchen Weiners of Twitter.)

When the degrees outside are 70 or below.
I HATE the heat. Hate it. My idea of a great day is wearing sweats and watching a movie or reading a book,  NOT wearing shorts (hello, chafing thighs???) or a tank top or feeling sweat literally drip down my neck and back. There's a nice mental picture for your Friday. YOU'RE WELCOME.

I love flowers.
Roses, gerber daisies, peonies, rununculus, it doesn't matter.
(Hear that, future boyfriend???? Write it down.)

Diet Coke.
I can't get enough. For a while it was regular Pepsi from Taco Bell (because they had the best straws) but now my favorite Diet Coke is from Carl's Jr (again, because of the straws). In college I would stop at Carl's Jr before my 8am class and carry that giant cup around all day and refill it like 5 times. I wasn't messing around. Then in 2011 for some dumb reason I gave up soda for New Year's and from January 1 to October 1st a sip of Sprite was the only carbonated beverage that passed through my lips. That first Diet Coke I drank in the drive through of an Arizona In N Out was like sweet drops of heaven.

Leonardo di Caprio. This picture, especially. More specifically the bottom picture.
Just go ahead and check out EVERYTHING about that picture.
The perfectly styled hair.
The secret behind his smile.
His eyes that are saying, "I'm gonna make her love me."
I even like the wrinkles.

But doesn't everyone?
In college we were all exhausted (duh) and a friend of mine devoted an entire album to "The Sleepers." It wasn't hard to find us asleep in the middle of the day. Sometimes in a chair, sometimes on the floor, sometimes sitting straight up with our hands still on the keyboard. I don't miss those days of being in a long distance relationship and working at 5am and taking 17 units. 

Wasn't this FUN???
If you're anything like me, all it did was make you even more tired and hungry than you probably already are.
So...I'm sorry for that but you're gonna have to get over it and probably bring me some Diet Coke.

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