Monday, May 6, 2013

Cristen in Clovis

When I was in high school I spent two years working at Subway. During that time, I met Cristen and we became close friends, bonding over our love of writing and walking to Ralph's for candy. Cristen has seen me at my worst and at my best, and is one of the most loyal and beautiful people I know! She is always ready to go on an adventure exploring a new place or relax with a drink and watch a movie.

Sadly, when I moved to Southern California for college Cristen and I weren't able to spend nearly as much time together, and the times we talked became rarer and rarer. BUT, Cristen is one of those people who you can talk to after months and months and it's like no time has passed. 

Cristen moved to Clovis just before I moved back to Los Osos. It was really some of the worst timing like EVER. Fortunately, she drives to my hood every other week so we try to get together for a hike, some coffee, or a walk down memory lane (AKA the aisles of Ralph's).
Over the weekend I had a wedding to go to in Exeter, CA (separate post), which is about an hour away from Cristen. So I decided to make a weekend out of it and spend three days in California's armpit! (Clovis/Fresno.)

I had a horrible time with traffic. Seems to be a regular thing for me lately.
I finally arrived at 9:30, and Cristen had gotten things ready for a spa night!
Aspirin/Aloe vera gel face mask, coconut oil for the hair, avocado face mask, WINE to heal the insides, chamomile tea hair cleanse or something.

We started out with the aspirin mask.

It's a good idea to have a lot of sparkling wine or champagne on hand to help distract you from how the unattractive the process of getting pretty is.

Don't forget to set Pandora Radio to some relaxing spa music.
(This really made me have to pee.)

It's helpful if you have a kitten around because kittens are entertaining.
But they're NOT fun when they're waiting for you to come around a corner so they can jump out and make you scream and spill your wine and then they bite your toes.

Cristen did the best she could with the avocados, but they weren't completely ripe so it was a challenge to mash them, and that's why instead of a soothing green mask it looks like an avocado just puked chunks on us. Don't even try to look pretty during this process. But I swear, it's worth it.

I was promised that my face would feel soft as a baby's butt, and IT DID. I've read about the aspirin mask on Pinterest (the Bible for beauty treatments/) and have wanted to try it, but I'm way too lazy to go out and get aspirin and then mash it up and ... I'm getting tired just thinking about it.
My hair STILL feels soft from the coconut oil and chamomile tea!

We watched some Downton Abbey (we both got hooked over the weekend!) and talked and called it a night. The next morning I wanted a breakfast burrito so we headed to Sonic because we thought they might have better burritos than the gas station. We were wrong. We were so wrong that I didn't take a picture.

We headed out in our pajamas and pink sunglasses. Then it was on to more Downton before I had to head to the wedding (which was wonderful, by the way).

While the burrito left much to be desired, the watermelon slushie did NOT.

When I got from the wedding we turned on Because I Said So and made up a drinking game.
Drink when: 
1) Millie rolls her eyes
2) Anyone says the word "great"
3) Anyone says "because I said so."

If you've seen that movie you'll understand how quickly we ran out of wine.

The next morning we went to Sandy's Country Junction for breakfast. But before that, we had a photoshoot.

I can't believe Maddex is 7 1/2 already! I have so many memories of him as a baby.

Cristen and I split a waffle and a breakfast burrito and it was a very good choice. Way better than Sonic.
Plus, it was in old town Clovis which is so cute! 
Sandy's reminded me of Carla's Country Kitchen in Morro Bay.

We spent the rest of the day watching Downton Abbey and talking about all kinds of things, and it was so relaxing and fun! Cristen and I are always able to have a good time.

Thanks for letting me crash at your place over the weekend, Cristen!

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  1. As always, Im so glad you came :) we do have a great time together, and I hope one day we live in the same town again!!