Thursday, May 30, 2013

And that was college

Yesterday was the 3-year anniversary of my college graduation.
Three years?? How did that happen??
Sometimes I miss college. I miss living in the dorms, seeing all my friends at the cafeteria, napping on the lawn before class, and going to Molcasalsa or In N Out or Common Grounds in the middle of the night just because we CAN.
I thought about listing everything I wish I'd done differently at school, but 1) that would take too long, 
and 2) that would make me pretty sad. So instead I decided to focus on some good memories and fun times, because that's way healthier for my emotional state.
1) My hall freshman year on a floor retreat. I can count exactly four girls in that picture who I would be able to call or text and it wouldn't be weird. That's kind of sad.
2) Emily (from The Hamberger Wedding), Lisa, and myself at a Christmas party, looking awesome as usual.
3) Cortney's 21st birthday, where it was not a "drink till you have to be carried home" celebration but instead more of a "have a glass of champagne and belt out 'Need You Now' on the floor" celebration.
1) Just being naturally cool at California Adventure. We did this a lot because I worked at Disneyland and am legally bound to keep the description of my job a secret.
2) My first time on Tower of Terror where I cried because I am not dramatic.
3) One of our floor-wide dates where I brought my brother because I was not popular with the men aka the boys I liked had girlfriends.

1) Me and Lisa at that same Christmas party from above being adorable and not weird.
2) More of that 21st birthday party where we sand Lady Antebellum on the floor like normal people.
3) Sophomore RA's Megan and Kaitlyn at a dorm Christmas party where we had juice. Plain juice.

1) The film majors made a movie and it was shown in an actual theater, so my freshman roommates and I got fancy and took a picture with the director 'cuz that's what the cool kids were doing.
2) LaRae, Nikki, Me, and Meggie at our senior dinner where I wore a dress that was way too tight.
3) Sophomore event at a beach. 
3) Floor dinner at PF Changs where we were perfectly normal and I definitely took those chopsticks home with me and I STILL have them.

1) Photoshoot that you can really only do in college because it's the lsat time it's even sort of socially acceptable to have a camera on a timer taking pictures of seven people by a fountain.
2) Sometimes we went to Chik fil A and danced in the car.
3) Freshman roommates going to Midnight Madness I think. We were supposed to dress up in our school colors. Apparently I thought ribbon chokers were still cool (GAG) but I was so wrong.
4) Another floor date (GYRAD) where our group dressed up as superheroes. I'm in the orange. Again, I think college is the last time you can dress up and take these dumb pictures without people thinking you need to be seriously medicated.

Sometimes we got dressed up and went out.
1) A club in Hollywood, also featured in That One Time.
2) LaRae and I at DV8 in Hollywood, gettin' sweaty on the dance floor before the Brazilian man showed her  that in Brazil "we no dance, we keeeeese!!!"
3) Cortney, me, and Lisa at TGI Fridays in Orange getting my mind off a breakup.
4) A graduation party, also getting my mind off a breakup. Also that dress was a size 4 and those were some good days, but I like donuts too much to wear a dress like that again. Sue me.

1) A group of sophomores going out for dinner in Seal Beach.
2) A group of freshman going to a birthday dinner at BJ's in Brea.

1) Snacks for one our our many all-nighters.
2) More snacks for an all-nighter.
3) Karina after one of the all-nighters.

1) Karina, Dr. Muehlhoff, Jimmy, and Me at our Lambda pi Eta closing ceremony. I feel like I should do a whole feature on "The Muehl" because he was by far the best professor and everyone agrees. (Lambda was our communication honors society, FYI.)
2) Me and a friend at our last lacrosse class.
3) Karina, Jimmy, and me at our graduation. Communicating. (Get it?)

1) Karina, Jimmy, Me, Becca (pretend Emily is photoshopped in). Best comm major group ever. 
2) Me and my diploma.
3) Me and Brian (side note: he just graduated from law school and is now a hermit because he's studying for the bar exam.)
4) Me and Dr. Lunde, a Bible professor. This was so awkward:
Me: "Dr. Lunde!!! Can we take a picture really quick?"
Dr. L: "I actually have to be somewhere ...." 
Me: "NO! It'll be so fast!!!!" 
Dr. L: "uhhhhhh...." 

And that was college.

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