Friday, December 3, 2010



The past couple of years I haven't really liked the term "best friend," because I think it's hard to classify what a best friend is. I'm close to a lot of people.

Like Lisa. Lisa is my roommate, my friend, and my sister when she goes to the doctor so that I can have full access. Ha. And she listens to me complain and puts up with my messiness.

And Jacey. I hardly ever see Jacey, since school took us states away from each other. (Ok, Arizona and Orange County aren't THAT far apart, but we're busy people!) But Jacey and I can text or talk and pick up right where we left off the last time. We've made it through fights in high school, boyfriends, and sleepovers. And I love this girl.

Karen is my other mom. And she's fabulous. And she knows almost everything about me.

I can't find a picture of me and Cristen ... I guess that's telling me I should be better at organizing my photos. But this is Cristen's son, Maddex. He's five now! Cristen is one of my dearest friends... sadly we're hardly ever able to talk, and I haven't seen her in far too long, but I love her. Cristen and I became close when she was pregnant and I was infatuated with a boy. And the first year of Maddex's life, before I went to school, I practically lived at Cristen's. I love her.

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